Birthday Wishes


I hope you enjoy reading and sharing the following birthday wishes. I've tried my best to include a good variety so you could select those which are most relevant for you.

Enjoy the many gifts of friendship on this birthday and beyond.

May your birthday be as sweet as your cake.

Joy and laughter are just the tip of the iceberg of all the birthday wishes that I'd like to wish you on your special day.

I wish you a birthday like never before.

Wishing you the best of times on your birthday this year.

Wishing you countless gifts of love and everlasting friendships on your birthday.

Now here's your opportunity to share some of your own original wishes.

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Unique Birthday Wishes


Here's some more original bday wishes.

May time slow down a bit as you are enjoying your birthday.

Wishing you a birthday wish that will surely come true.

May your birthday include everything you imagined and wished for.

Make a wish for every candle, once you're 50 use a few to change the world.

On your birthday, I'd like to wish you an abundance of play.

The reason it's difficult to write a birthday wish is because even the most simplest must come from the heart. This one is no exception.

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You Could Add These To A Greeting Card

Have you ever tried to figure out what to write inside a birthday card? Well I hope these inspire you and give you some great ideas.

We're here to celebrate your personality, character, kindness, good deeds and all those memories that we've shared together.

May these birthday wishes outlast time itself.

Hope all your birthday cravings are filled with gifts, sweets, excitement and great conversations.

It's your birthday and we've come to share moments of joy and show how much we care.

Your birthday wishes, enjoy and savour, select the size and select the flavour.

Wishing you only the best things in life and on this special birthday.

Hope you enjoyed reading these birthday wishes. Feel free to share them with your family and friends.