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A Birthday Poem for a Wonderful 11 Year Old Girl

Today my niece Juliana is celebrating her 11th birthday. She’s a wonderful little girl (I mean young lady), and a true blessing to all of her family and friends.

This birthday poem is dedicated to her.

Happy 11th birthday Juliana –

Anita & Martin


Eleven Sweet Years

You’ve blessed our hearts,
for eleven sweet years.
Now we are offering,
sweet wishes and cheers.

It’s truly amazing,
how you have grown.
Since you were a toddler,
your kind heart you have shown.

Empathy towards others,
you openly express,
Show constant concern,
for those who have less.

The most beautiful experiences,
in life you deserve.
Today is your birthday,
allow us to serve.

You bring us sweet joys,
with each moment we share.
You are adorable,
we love you and care.

Happy sweet birthday,
you’ve just turned eleven.
You are our special gift,
that came down from heaven.


This truly amazing young lady inspires me all the time. She inspires me to be a better person every time I see her or think of her. She’s one of the kindest and most considerate people I have ever met in my life.

I am beyond grateful for having her in my life, and I know many people feel the exact same way.

55th Birthday Poem for Mom

Today the whole family will be celebrating my mother’s 55th birthday. She is a beautiful lady that has blessed my life since day one.

I just want to say – “Mom, I love you, and this 55th birthday poem is dedicated to you:)”

I decided to call this poem, “Love and Grace”, because my mom lives each day with so much love and grace, and her first name is also, Grace.


Love and Grace

Your journey has reached,
fifty-five years.
There were stories along the way,
with both smiles and tears.

Whenever I look,
into your beautiful green eyes.
I see a compassionate lady,
that is loving and wise.

You share your skills,
with loved ones in need.
Your little grandchildren,
you spoil and feed.

Both the mountains and skies,
I wish I could give.
You deserve happiness,
and a long life to live.

May this birthday of yours,
be joyful with cheer.
I’d like to wish you,
a wonderful year.

Thank you so much,
for your love and your grace.
Deep in my heart,
is your home and your place.



Feel free to share this poem with your wonderful mom.

Best of luck,

Birthday Invitation Poem for Kids

Here’s a birthday invitation poem that is meant to be shared with kids. It’s funny and hopefully it will inspire children to write their own rhyming poetry.


Fun Party

This rhyming poem,
I just wanted to send.
To you my silly,
and happy friend.

If you see teeth marks,
on this invite.
My dog tried to help,
with his tongue and bite.

To my birthday party,
I hope you will come.
We will play fun games,
and the food will be yum.

I will be much older,
another sweet year.
When we see something funny,
we will laugh and just cheer.

Now don’t forget,
to mark this date.
You won’t want to miss,
a party that’s great.


13th Birthday Poem


Today’s featured poem is a 13th birthday poem. It is meant to be funny, so you may wish to include it inside a funny birthday greeting card.



Happy birthday,
you’re 13 years old.
Your teenage years,
can never be sold.

Say hello to your,
rebellious stage.
Be prepared for
minimum wage.

Your high school experience,
will be truly unique.
With brand new friends,
in your own clique.

Just don’t forget about,
the art of learning.
In 13 years, it shall reflect,
whatever you’re earning.

Hope you enjoy,
all your crazy teenage years.
Go have some fun,
and conquer your fears.

I can’t believe,
you’re thirteen right now.
You’ve grown like a giraffe,
I have to say – wow.

Please remember,
you’re still extra young.
Now go annoy your parents,
and get a pierced tongue.



When children turn thirteen, they begin their exciting and often rebellious teenage years. But no matter what age they may be, they’re always up for a good laugh. That’s why I try to improvise and create my own funny birthday cards.

I don’t exactly create these cards from scratch. Instead, I buy greeting cards that are completely unrelated to the occasion. So for a 13 year old girl’s birthday, I may pick out a random 60th birthday card for a grandfather. Then I just cross out certain words and add my own to make it seem like it’s for a 13 year old girl.

As a result, I turn a normal greeting card into a funny one within seconds, by confusing the recipient and adding very obvious modifications. To make it even funnier, I look for cards that have photos on them. So for the thirteen year old girl, I would try to find a greeting card with a photo of an old grandpa, and maybe write something like, “your future husband”.

I hope you get a chance try my greeting card tactic I mentioned above. In the meantime, good luck sharing today’s 13th birthday poem with that brand new teenager on her or his birthday.

Funny Kids Birthday Poem


Today’s featured poem is a funny kids birthday poem. Feel free to include it inside a child’s birthday card to make them laugh.


Birthday Rhyme

Happy birthday,
let’s go play some tunes.
You deserve
colourful balloons.

Which games,
would you like to play,
You can be the hunter,
and I’ll be the prey.

You’re just a kid,
but still getting old.
In a few years,
your toys shall be sold.

I’m not trying,
to get you mad.
Just a little,
angry and sad.

You’re probably thinking,
about your gift.
It’s super heavy,
watch out when you lift.

This poem is meant,
to make you laugh.
Your cake looks delicious,
please give me half.

Happy birthday,
one more time.
Hope you enjoyed,
your birthday rhyme.



You may also simply email this poem to the birthday girl or boy, or even text it to them (since most kids have cell phones these days). But I’m old school myself, so I would just print it out, decorate it, and then share it, once it’s personalized.

Kid’s birthday parties are a lot of fun. There’s always so much to do and enjoy for all the children attending. So you may want to help your children write their own poem following one of these celebrations. This will allow them to express themselves and how they feel on paper.

Something like that will also enable them to showcase their creativity.

One of my nephew’s birthdays is just around the corner. He’s one of those super energetic kids that is also pretty funny. So I’m hoping today’s poem will entertain him.

Whether it’s you or your kid that is attending the party; good luck with sharing the funny birthday poem. Don’t forget to have fun.

Funny Birthday Invitation Poem


I’m excited about writing today’s featured poem, which will be a funny birthday invitation poem. I think it’s a cool and unique way that we may choose to invite our family and friends to our birthday party. If the invitation is funny and memorable, your guests will laugh and mark the date on their calendar.

Alright, let’s see what we could come up with.


Time My Thief

There’s some bad news,
I really need to share.
Please calm down,
and sit down in a chair.

An awful event,
is about to transpire.
I wish I could stop it,
with water or fire.

We will all need to,
come to terms and accept.
For the past few days,
I’ve cried and just wept.

It’s not my intention,
to confuse nor to stress.
I shall reveal it,
there’s no need to guess.

In a few short days,
I shall lose another year.
It’s my birthday,
for which I truly fear.

I’m inviting you,
to share my grief.
And celebrate,
with Time My Thief.



I just realized that I’ve never written an invitation poem like this one before. It’s definitely not your typical birthday invitation that one might expect to receive. But I think it’s unique and different enough to catch people’s attention. I also hope you found it funny.

The idea for this tragedy style poem came from listening to my friends and family members referring to their upcoming birthdays as something they don’t wish to think about. They see aging as a tragedy of life, and they don’t wish to be reminded.

But I strongly disagree, because aging is something none of us can stop or control. So we might as well celebrate our lives through birthdays. Some people don’t like to be the center of attention. That’s why they may try to avoid celebrating their birthdays.

I think birthdays are very important, because they give us the opportunities to get together and catch up. So it’s not about just the host, it’s about everyone attending and mingling.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading today’s funny birthday invitation poem and remember to use it for your next birthday.

A Funny Birthday Poem for a Friend


Have you ever shared a funny birthday poem with a friend?

I have on several occasions and the typical reactions are usually of surprise and appreciation. I’ve realized that rhyming birthday poetry is catchy and different. Most people will simply share a standard birthday greeting card, where they usually write, “Happy Birthday from – ”.

But if you choose to include a birthday poem inside the card instead, your card will definitely stand apart from the rest.

Feel free to use the one below. Best of luck!


Birthday Test

Happy birthday,
my partner in crime.
I promise, this poem,
won’t take up much time.

Today we must examine,
your exact age.
Along with the cause,
of all of your rage.

Don’t get me wrong,
I don’t think you’re crazy.
You’re way beyond that,
and sometimes you’re lazy.

This birthday poem,
is not meant to critique.
But I’ll admit,
you’re definitely unique.

You’re an interesting,
Human being.
All the doctors and scientists,
are finally agreeing.

Today is your birthday,
so just be yourself.
Even if you look,
a bit like an elf.

I promise to stop,
making fun of you.
The day that pigs fly,
and the cows turn all blue.

If you’re still smiling,
you’ve passed the test.
Now maintain that smile,
that’s my only request.



Another thing I realized is that the age of the recipient does not matter. Whether you share it with a young child or an elderly person, the gratitude is usually the same.

I’ve also noticed that funny birthday poems are quite popular. This means you don’t need to include a purely sentimental poem inside the greeting card. However, you may if you like.

Personally, I usually opt for the funny ones. Maybe because I enjoy seeing everyone laugh as a result. But if you’d like the best of both worlds you may combine a sentimental birthday poem with a funny one.

Hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem, and hope you get chance to share it with a close friend of yours.

Mother-in-Law Birthday Poem

I’d like to dedicate the following mother-in-law birthday poem to Teresa, my truly amazing mother-in-law. She is a very special and loving lady that has one of the biggest hearts on the planet. I’m very fortunate for having her in my life.

If you’d like, you are free to share this poem with your mother-in-law. Best of luck!

Mother and Star

You’re a very fun lady,
to be around,
Always ready to dance,
at a blink of a sound.

Cheerful is exactly,
how I would define,
Your enthusiasm for life,
inspires mine.

Birthday wishes,
you’ve definitely earned,
Don’t you worry,
about the age that you’ve turned.

You’ve blessed so many,
with your beautiful soul,
Your heart feeds others,
it’s just like a bowl.

Today we celebrate,
your journey so far,
You shall always,
be our mother and star.



Honestly, I don’t want to brag. But I really am very fortunate for having a great mother-in-law like I do. She’s one of those people that will go out of her way to help (or cheer up) others.

She has lots of friends, since everyone enjoys her company, and they know that she is always willing to listen and offer advice.

She also doesn’t judge or stereotype others. That’s one of her many great qualities that I look up to and try to learn from. She also has an amazing passion for life and lives for the moment, with a huge smile on her face.

She’s one of those ladies that will say hello to strangers and is always friendly to everyone.

I know I’ve learned a lot from her over the years (which I am grateful).

I’d like to finish by saying, “Teresa, you are the most wonderful mother-in-law that I could have ever wished for, and I’d like to wish you a fantastic birthday, with plenty of health, happiness, and success.”

your son-in-law (martin)

1st Birthday Poem for Baby Girls


Yesterday, I promised to write a 1st birthday poem for baby girls today, and I’m committed to keeping that promise. When I think of baby girls, I think of cute pink outfits. I’ll run with that idea and see what I could come up with.

Hope you enjoy it and share it with a beautiful baby girl that is just turning one.


Little Princess

A little princess,
from a far off place,
You light up the room,
with your little cute face.

It’s your first birthday,
a royal occasion,
Your smile attracts many,
it’s like an invasion.

Today is your day,
we’ve arrived to serve,
Hugs and kisses,
you always deserve.

As the princess of the
highest court,
To your playground,
we’re here to escort.

Little princess, we
wish you the best,
May your journey,
be joyful with zest.



That baby girl poem is based on a princess theme. I’m sure a lot of parents can relate to that, since they see their baby girls as little princesses.

A baby girl’s first birthday is definitely a big deal. We all know that it doesn’t take much for a little baby girl to attract others attention. All it takes is a cute smile and her natural magnetism is able to attract and put a smile on the most serious individuals.

A few days ago I was sitting at a local Starbucks and doing some work, when a mother with a baby girl and her grandpa sat down across from me. She was probably around one, and seemed like the most happy little baby girl.

You should have seen the amount of attention she attracted. There were about three other ladies sitting close by that were completely mesmerized by this little baby girl. One of the women couldn’t take her eyes off of her, and kept on teasing her.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s 1st birthday baby girl poem, and have fun sharing it with that wonderful little baby girl in your life.

1st Birthday Poem for a Baby Boy

My sister loved the invitation poem that I wrote for her yesterday. Today, the goal is to write an actual 1st birthday poem for baby Christian.


newborn baby boy Christian

In this pic baby Christian is just a few hours old


If your baby boy or someone else’s is celebrating his first birthday, then this poem is a wonderful and memorable gesture. I plan on framing it with a picture of baby Christian, prior to giving it to my sister (hopefully she doesn’t read this post before his birthday).

Don’t worry tomorrow’s post will feature a 1st birthday poem for baby girls (if you need one for a girl).


Adorable Baby Boy

Happy birthday,
adorable baby boy,
Hope you enjoy,
this little cute toy.

Time flew by,
it’s been a full year,
We love you so much,
you’re precious and dear.

Blow out your candle,
it’s your very first,
You look beautiful,
affectionately nursed.

It’s just the beginning,
you’ve had a quick taste,
A long healthy life,
live and embrace.

Happy birthday,
adorable baby boy,
Loving you,
we truly enjoy!



I hope you liked that poem, and will share it with a special baby boy in your life.

Now I just need to figure out which picture of Christian I should use for the frame. Maybe I’ll use the cute pic from the previous post. I know I have some more really cute ones of him, I just need to find the sd card that they’re located on.

I’m gonna go find the pics now, and add a few to this post.


baby Christian at 11 days of age

Safe and warm at 11 days


He looks very serious in that pic, lol. He’s probably thinking, “why am I strapped into this thing? and what are you pointing at me?”.


baby Christian at 5 months of age

Extra happy at 5 months of age

Looks really happy in this one, and looks older than 5 months in my opinion.

baby Christian inside a basket

looking so happy inside a basket at 5 months (who needs toys?)


Hope you enjoyed these pics of baby Christian. I will post a current pic of him closer to his 1st birthday. But first I’ll need to take one.

These pics remind us how fast babies grow. That’s why it’s important to constantly take pictures and videos of them. They change week by week, and we need to make sure we record those precious memories.

It’s also nice to show them their baby pictures when they’re a bit older (or much older). It’s something every person will cherish.

Our baby pictures may also be used as a reminder that there was a time when we were a lot less serious, and filled with so much joy. They could help us put things into perspective.

Anyways, good luck sharing the baby birthday poem featured today, and make sure you give lots of hugs and kisses to that special birthday boy.