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  1. I love your poems!!! I would love to get your feedback on mine!!! Please look at my website!

  2. look i really found the collection of poems made me reflect..i wanna contribute to your poems if you would allow me,of course..the section “submit poem” is not leading me to its desired i had to let this be known to you

  3. My son (Alec) would like to recite your poem, “video games” for a Peach Blossom competition in his 6th grade class. I think he needs to know the name of the author. May we ask your full name?

    Thank you,
    Gina Tashima

  4. Hi I wondered if I could commission you to write a poem about my dad for his funeral? Let me know x

  5. Hii mam, I really enjoying reading all of your poems.. They are beautifully written with perfect rhyming.
    Can u pls tell me how can I submit my poem on your blog?

  6. Dear Mister,
    I’m an elementary school teacher in Taiwan.
    I read some of your poems and found that they would be very helpful to inspire my students in learning English.
    I will be grateful to have your permission to show them your wonderful work.
    Sincerly your,

  7. Can you please tell me who the author of this poem is? It’s really great and I’d like to find more poems written by whoever wrote it. Thanks

    What Does Love Mean?

    If love means to cherish,
    and honor a sweet soul.
    Inscribed on my heart,
    with you I feel whole.

    If love means to be patient,
    cheerful and kind.
    Nothing is more important,
    than you on my mind.

    If love means to be selfless,
    and always forgive.
    A mere glance into your eyes,
    and forever I’ll live.

    If love means to joyously,
    every moment to share.
    For your continued happiness,
    more than anything, I care.

    If love means to always,
    listen and respect.
    With every soft kiss,
    I strive to connect.

    If love means to give up,
    all the mountains on earth.
    I would do so instantly,
    for our love has infinite worth.

    If love means to be there,
    through the thick and the thin.
    With your love in my heart,
    each day I shall win.

  8. Martin,
    I am in charge of putting together Get Well Goody Baskets for our High School football players when one of them gets hurt. I would love a cute poem to include in the basket when I deliver it to them on how they will be missed and thanks for taking one for the team, and of course to Get Well Soon. I am not a poet, but was wondering if you would be interested in creating one for me.

  9. Hi Martin,
    I am taking an american literature course at my highschool and have been asked to write a paper on a poem. The topic I have chosen is hard work, and have found a poem on your website that I think fits it well. The problem is that the author needs to be American, so i was just wondering if you are or not!
    Thanks so much,

  10. I am making a gift for a friend and I am in desperate need of a poem. I have tried for weeks to put my thoughts into words and it just will not come together. I don’t not want any credit for this. Is there any way you can help?

  11. I was wonder if I can use some of the poems on your site to give words to my pictures I am posting on my facebook site Furry Friends Photography. I will give credit to your site for the poem (of course) and credit to my site for the photo.

  12. Hi,
    Are you the author of this poem?
    I’d like to share it with my students, but would like to give proper credit!
    Thank you!
    Ami LaDuc

  13. sophie staats

    What is the full name of the person who wrote the Just Dance poem? I need to know for a project I am doing. If you can, get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks!

  14. Hey I really like your poem, Winter’s Gold, and was hoping to use it in a program of poems for a forensics tournament. How should I give you the credit for this?

  15. i loved your site .

  16. First of all, best wishes for having such lovely, thoughtful poems on the site, the kind that can be so easily understood by all.
    I work as the Head of the English Editorial with the above-mentioned publisher, based at New Delhi, India. We publish school textbooks for children studying in India and abroad as well. We keep looking for material of appropriate levels to be included in our coursebooks. Do you think you could give us permission to use some poems from the website? Full credit and acknowledgment will be given to your website. Giving your poems in textbooks means that they reach out and touch hundreds of school children all over, more so because they are wonderful, simple poems, the kind that children will love to read.
    Though piracy and copyright infringement is rampant but as a policy we don’t include material without getting permission for it.Thank you and hoping to get a positive response from you as soon as possible.

  17. Dechamma. Chetan

    I would like to submit a poem of mine… how do I go about it?

  18. Who is the author of the poem, “Our Challenges”? I would like to use it in a class of 7th graders, but I will need to include the author. Do I need permission to use with a classroom of students or with teachers in a professional development setting?

    Hope I hear back – -

  19. hi my name is victor u have inspired me on doing poems because for the past six years I have been trying to do poems like you and now I read your blog and its awesome so thank you for inspiring me and helping me. Please reply back as soon as possible

  20. Michael Stubblefield

    Hello there. I am a composer of modern classical music and I am interested in writing a song cycle of 12 Christmas songs. I found a set of 12 Christmas poems that I would love to use for the text. Please let me know if you would be willing to let me use them for my song cycle.

    Best regards


  21. Is it possible to use poems from this site in English Language textbooks that will be published for schoolchildren, mainly in India, for grades 5, 6 and 7.
    We give full acknowledgment to the site, poet, etc.
    Looking forward to a positive response.
    Thank you

  22. Saoirse O Connor

    hi, i am doing a project on comparing and contrasting a song and poem, i have chosen the song ‘happy’ by Pharell Williams and your poem ‘Live life to the fullest’, but for this project i need some back ground information on the poet, for example, when the poem was written, what inspired you to write the poem, where the poet is from etc. I have taken some information from the ‘my story’ part of your website which helped a lot, but if you can provide me with more information asap i would be so greatful!
    thank you for your time,
    yours sincerly,

  23. Hi Martin.

    I’m using one of your poems for my Lit class for an assignment. Is there a last name I can have for proper citation of the poem or would you prefer just for me to use Martin?

    Thanks for your time,

  24. Hi,
    love the site, would like to use one of your poems on a piece of public art, could you e mail me pls.

    Nick Tolson

  25. Hello – I am not sure who this is but I am in charge of putting together a program bulletin each week for the YMCA of the Rockies and our theme is “Nature Inspires”. Some weeks I have more room than I need and I was wondering what I could put in. The thought came to mind, “a poem” about nature. Your website/poems came up. Then I thought that perhaps there might be something illegal about using them in my bulletin (I’m new to the workforce after raising 6 children at home). Are your poems available to use freely?
    Thank you,
    Jenea Poysti

  26. to whom it might concern,,
    This is Mezna from Dubai, expected graduate on Jan 2015 in applied media studies. i am working in a short video about Women and i would love to use some of Anita’s poems in my video, considering i will mention that in my end credit.

    Looking forward to get your confirmation.

  27. Hello! First I would just like to say that your poetry is beyond beautiful. One of your poems about adventure really spoke to me. I was wondering if I could possibly use that poem in a novel I’m working on writing currently and if I could know your name to give credit to. Thank you for considering and God bless!

  28. Hello,
    I have fallen in love with two of your poems. My great nephew, who is only 16 months old, was just recently diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in both of his eyes, there is only a slight chance that they may be able to save his sight in his right eye. I would like your permission to put two of your poems to music that I can give to them for inspiration. The poems I would like to use are “Together” and “You Can”. Thank you in advance.

  29. I am the project editor for an ESL textbook for Les Éditions CEC inc. in Quebec, Canada. We would like to obtain permission to use one of your poems about high school for one of our publications

    Please contact me at the email posted above at your earliest convenience.
    Title: Complex Condition
    1st stanza: High school is certainly,
    a complex condition.
    It starts off,
    as a simple audition.

  30. Please contact me at the email above. Les Editions CEC would like to use your poem “Complex Condition” in a textbook for Grade 7 students.
    Please respond STAT. Our book goes to press Feb. 27.
    We can pay a royalty for your permission, or make a contribution to the breast cancer charity of your choice.
    Thank you for your timely response.

  31. Hi Martin,

    I have chosen your poem, ‘Our Legacy’ for an English assessment task. I was wondering if I could have a bit more information on your poem such as; when your poem was written and your context for this poem.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible,
    Thankyou, Clare

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