Funny Christmas Poem

Since Christmas is just a few short weeks away, I decided to write a funny Christmas poem for you guys. I plan on sharing it with my family on Christmas eve (prior to all those gift distractions).


Santa Got Stuck

They woke up excited,
on Christmas Day.
Both adults and kids,
were ready to play.

Jumped out of bed,
and scrambled downstairs.
They looked like a bunch,
of hungry old bears.

Suddenly they stopped,
and just stared in shock.
Santa was snoring,
and it was six O’clock.

Cookie crumbs and milk,
were stuck in his beard.
The kids gave him a hug,
and joyfully cheered.

Santa realized,
he lost track of time.
He said his goodbyes,
and started to climb.

But then in their chimney,
he really got stuck.
It seemed like Santa,
was short on his luck.

The kids pulled, then pushed,
both of his feet.
But Santa knew,
he had too much to eat.

For the next few months,
in their chimney he chilled.
They exchanged stories,
the kids were just thrilled.

Christmas songs every evening,
they would joyously sing.
Santa was stuck,
until the first day of spring.

They woke up that morning,
and thought he was gone.
Looked out the window,
and saw Santa mowing their lawn.

He thanked the whole family,
as he smiled and waved goodbye.
He was really glad that his reindeer,
still remembered how to fly.



You may also wish to write your own personalized funny Christmas poem. Whenever I do that, I make sure to include family member names in it. When it comes to reading it, everyone ends up laughing since we all understand the, “inside” jokes.

You could start off by writing down a few ideas. You may joke about a cousin that is obsessed with Boxing Day, or a grandpa that is glued to his rocking chair. Just think of all the funny and unique things that you observe during Christmas.

You may also list a bunch of funny things that happened in the past on Christmas. I’m sure if you take a few moments to think about it, you’ll be able to come up with plenty of stuff. Then all you had to do is just add the funnier points to your poem. Don’t forget to use a rhyming dictionary if you need help rhyming.

I hope today’s funny Christmas poem made you laugh. If you like it, then feel free to share it with family and friends. I also hope it has inspired you to write your own personalized version.

Merry Christmas,

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