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A Poem for International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to dedicate the following poem to my wife, mother, sister, mother-in-law, cousins, aunts, friends, and all the women on earth.

I truly hope that this poem helps bring awareness about women’s achievements and current struggles. Overall, I’m also hoping that it will remind all the men out there about the importance of all the women in their lives.


Women’s Day

It’s a time to celebrate,
all the women in our lives.
Our mothers and sisters,
daughters and wives.

We must remember,
to appreciate and respect.
With their beautiful hearts,
how our days they affect.

Each woman is gentle,
caring and kind.
We must respect,
both her body and mind.

Let’s acknowledge and celebrate,
all the things they achieve.
We encourage each one,
when we support and believe.

To their hardships and struggles,
we must open our eyes.
Act with compassion,
when we hear all their cries.

We must always love them,
and genuinely show.
This is the key,
for our relationships to grow.

The celebration begins,
when we are aware.
Our feelings and love,
every day we must share.


I think it’s important that everyone is aware of this day and its significance. All the men out there (including myself), need to make the effort to contact all the women in their lives, and express their wishes and gratitude.

There’s a few gifts I need to buy, and also make many more phone calls. Oh, and I would like to thank Google for reminding me that it’s today.


Christmas Poem for Mom

Here’s a Christmas poem that you may wish to share with your mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re five or fifty. Your mom not only deserves the following kind gesture, but I’m pretty confident that she will love it.


Merry Christmas Mom

Dear loving mother of mine,
Christmas memories we’ve shared.
Those Christmas dinners,
you deliciously prepared.

You work so hard,
to make it happen each year.
With a smile on your face,
you fill the air with pure cheer.

I remember us decorating,
that beautiful tree.
We sang Christmas carols,
and I was just three.

Merry Christmas mom,
from the bottom of my heart.
I pray that on Christmas,
we’re never apart.

You always made Christmas special,
how could I ever repay.
The best gift I shall offer,
is to love you each day.



I truly hope that you get an opportunity to share this poem with your mom.

Merry Christmas,

A Christmas Love Poem

You may wish to share the following Christmas love poem with your significant other on Christmas.


Christmas Love

Shivers greet us,
through December’s chill.
The roads are covered,
with an icy spill.

Amongst the cold,
warmth we find.
Thoughts of you,
fill my mind.

Christmas celebrations,
with your smile arrived.
Each glance we share,
my soul is revived.

During Christmas time,
I often reflect.
As I’m thinking of us,
cheer I collect.

This love that we share,
is our most precious gift.
With you in my heart,
the world I can lift.

Like a golden snowflake,
our love is a rarity.
This Christmas let’s give,
our time and our charity.

If Christmas is joy,
mine shall never end.
For my time on this earth,
with you I shall spend.



Share today’s Christmas poem with the love of your life. Whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, I’m sure your special someone will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Personally, I think it’s really nice of for taking the time to find a Christmas love poem for your partner. Small actions like this show the type of person you are. So based on that, you obviously deserve to share Christmas with someone truly special, and that person is also very lucky to have you.

I don’t think we should wait until Valentine’s Day to express how much we love someone. Christmas is a great opportunity to do something special and thoughtful. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

You may print out the above poem, take your sweetheart skating, and read it to him or her on the ice or while sipping on delicious hot chocolate (at home or your local coffee shop).

I’m sure you can come up with many creative ways to express your love this Christmas. Just don’t forget to do it with a huge smile on your face.

Merry Christmas (and may yours be filled with lots of happiness and love),

Funny Christmas Poem

Since Christmas is just a few short weeks away, I decided to write a funny Christmas poem for you guys. I plan on sharing it with my family on Christmas eve (prior to all those gift distractions).


Santa Got Stuck

They woke up excited,
on Christmas Day.
Both adults and kids,
were ready to play.

Jumped out of bed,
and scrambled downstairs.
They looked like a bunch,
of hungry old bears.

Suddenly they stopped,
and just stared in shock.
Santa was snoring,
and it was six O’clock.

Cookie crumbs and milk,
were stuck in his beard.
The kids gave him a hug,
and joyfully cheered.

Santa realized,
he lost track of time.
He said his goodbyes,
and started to climb.

But then in their chimney,
he really got stuck.
It seemed like Santa,
was short on his luck.

The kids pulled, then pushed,
both of his feet.
But Santa knew,
he had too much to eat.

For the next few months,
in their chimney he chilled.
They exchanged stories,
the kids were just thrilled.

Christmas songs every evening,
they would joyously sing.
Santa was stuck,
until the first day of spring.

They woke up that morning,
and thought he was gone.
Looked out the window,
and saw Santa mowing their lawn.

He thanked the whole family,
as he smiled and waved goodbye.
He was really glad that his reindeer,
still remembered how to fly.



You may also wish to write your own personalized funny Christmas poem. Whenever I do that, I make sure to include family member names in it. When it comes to reading it, everyone ends up laughing since we all understand the, “inside” jokes.

You could start off by writing down a few ideas. You may joke about a cousin that is obsessed with Boxing Day, or a grandpa that is glued to his rocking chair. Just think of all the funny and unique things that you observe during Christmas.

You may also list a bunch of funny things that happened in the past on Christmas. I’m sure if you take a few moments to think about it, you’ll be able to come up with plenty of stuff. Then all you had to do is just add the funnier points to your poem. Don’t forget to use a rhyming dictionary if you need help rhyming.

I hope today’s funny Christmas poem made you laugh. If you like it, then feel free to share it with family and friends. I also hope it has inspired you to write your own personalized version.

Merry Christmas,

A Christmas Poem By A 7 Year Old Kid


Today’s featured poem is a Christmas poem that was written by my 7 year old nephew Sebastian. Just like any kid his age, he’s very excited about Christmas, and expresses his thoughts through this poem. Sebastian would like to dedicate this poem to his wonderful mom.


Christmas Cheer

Ho, Ho, Ho,
Christmas is near.
We’re super excited,
and filled with cheer.

We can’t wait until,
the first snowflake falls.
Boys will ask Santa for cars,
and girls will wish for dolls.

Each Christmas tree,
so beautiful and tall.
While Santa’s elves,
are extra small.

With family and friends,
we share a good time.
Snowy hills,
we get to climb.

We can’t wait until we hear,
reindeer bells on the roof.
All our presents,
are the proof.



Funny Christmas Poem

This funny Christmas poem talks about the frustrations that go along with Christmas shopping at our local malls. Not only is it nearly impossible to find any parking, but it’s often just as difficult to find that exact toy or toys.


Realm of the Toys

It all begins,
when you try to find parking.
There’s no courtesy,
just competition and barking.

You dash for the entrance,
to the land of the crowded.
With your masterful plan,
your mind is just shrouded.

You must focus your energy,
and all of your powers,
Time is escaping,
there’s only six hours.

Chaos erupts,
there’s just so much noise,
You must locate,
The Realm of the Toys.

A fight for plastic,
among both the young and the old,
Those who win,
are those who can hold.

Pushing and reaching,
that’s nothing new.
A disappointed child,
none wish to view.

One figurine,
sitting unsold,
You dive for it,
it’s more precious than gold.

A collision of parents,
reaches the ground,
In your cradled arms,
the toy rests and is found.

Anger and disappointment,
showcased by the losers,
They quickly turn,
into vicious accusers.

With great effort,
you attempt a quick dash,
No time for bank cards,
you throw down the cash.

They turn into zombies,
as you sprint for the doors,
It’s not safe to search,
anymore stores.

Back in the parking lot,
you jump on your horse,
This awful place,
you wish to divorce.

On your way back home,
you smile with joy.
But then suddenly you realize,
you’re missing the toy.

You begin to sweat,
and frantically scream.
You wake up at night,
it was all just a dream.



We all know that many of the more popular toys are often sold out. Parents become frustrated and end up searching every toy store in the city. If they are unsuccessful, they also try the online e-commerce stores like Amazon. The last resort is often Ebay where bidding wars erupt and parents end up paying much more than the retail price.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to promise our children specific toys for Christmas. I just think we’re spoiling them a bit too much with these promises. Instead, we need to teach them to be grateful for receiving any toy. We also need to teach them that Christmas is about spending time with family and friends.

Well, I hope the above funny Christmas poem makes you laugh, and helps you put things into perspective. Try not to stress too much during your Christmas shopping adventures, and share the verse with family and friends.