Housewarming Poem


This housewarming poem is dedicated to my aunt and uncle, who’ve recently purchased their dream home. We’re actually going to be leaving for their housewarming party in just a few minutes. So I’m glad I finished it in time.


Dream Home

A mutual dream
finally came true,
Beautiful house,
it’s perfect for you.

All these years,
you both worked so hard,
Now you have a
much spacious yard.

We’re so happy,
you love your new nest,
Looks amazing,
we’re impressed.

Colors match,
nice design,
We surely noticed,
the welcome sign.

In this wonderful home,
precious moments you’ll share,
We wish you the best,
love you and care.



Congrats Mariola and Peter. Anita and I would like to wish you many years of wonderful memories and moments in your new home. We’re so happy for you both.

It’s Party time!

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