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Breathe Better

The following poem is dedicated to Hélène Campbell. She’s an amazing young lady who has inspired the world while undergoing a double lung transplant, while providing a fresh new voice to the organ donor movement.


Breathe Better

A cheerfully sweet lady,
happy and young.
Needed a transplant,
both right and left lung.

From the very beginning,
she defeated her gloom,
Her bubbly personality,
on Youtube would bloom.

She made all of us realize,
and opened our eyes.
That thinking of strangers,
shall avoid many cries.

With her positive attitude,
and cute passion for Reese,
Millions waited anxiously,
for her hospital release.

She believes in keeping,
things in life simple.
Smiling a tonne,
and sporting a dimple.

When we think of her,
we think of brave.
A voice to the donor movement,
she graciously gave.

Her time and her love,
with so many she shares.
Through her joyful heart,
that genuinely cares.

Expect the unexpected,
wise beyond her years.
Being happy is her catalyst,
as she conquers her fears.

She spreads special moments,
and makes many laugh.
Even if her oxygen levels,
are only at half.

She’s family oriented,
they are quite close.
Loves them all dearly,
it clearly shows.

No matter the pain,
her spirits are high.
Her mission of giving,
learned how to fly.

Through her actions and words,
she encourages us all.
With a positive attitude,
no obstacle is too tall.

In two hundred short years,
they’ll find a simple letter,
that Hélène Campbell,
helped many breathe better.



I read all her blog posts, and health updates. Her courage, positive attitude, and remarkable story has inspired me to not only write this poem, but has also convinced me to sign my own donor card.

Hélène made me realize that donating our organs once we pass away are among the greatest individual contributions that we may ever make. Such a simple decision has the power to define our true success in life, surpassing our society’s perception of success (such as a great career or money).

I just want to wish Hélène a speedy recovery, and a beautiful life.

All the best,

Window Poem

Today’s poem is about looking out a window. We all do this, some of us more than others. Staring out the window is often used as a form of day dreaming and deep thinking.

Many of us also stare out the window at work while gathering our thoughts. I do it all the time. If these episodes were fast forwarded and filmed, the end result would be one of those cool clips of the changing seasons.

Anyways, let’s move on and try to write an interesting window poem.


My Window

My window welcomes me,
before the sun wakes.
I lose sight of my work,
and dream of those lakes.

Why do we stare,
at a brown old fence.
Our eyes rarely reach it,
when those daydreams are dense.

My window helps me look,
at the future and past.
Constantly remind me,
that nothing shall last.

I try not to use it,
to cry nor depress.
As I stare at those trees,
they take away stress.

It’s dirty but never begs,
maybe I’ll clean.
Will this change my thoughts,
and make them more keen?

Protects me from the wind,
but not the sun as it serves.
My window and friend,
a nice view, it deserves.



Just like the last stanza hints, don’t we all feel like we deserve a beautiful view? We don’t want to stare at another building. We want something that will inspire us. On that thought, I will end it. Hope you enjoyed my window poem.

Good Morning Poem

This good morning poem is meant to inspire all of us to put on a big smile each morning along with a positive attitude (and of course, say “Good Morning” to everyone we see).


A Simple Good Morning

A simple good morning,
is not hard to find.
Accept it and preach it,
from your heart and your mind.

It’s a positive message,
contagious and sweet.
Respectful and kind,
method to greet.

Positive energy,
each good morning will share.
Say it to strangers,
and they’ll know that you care.

A simple good morning,
has the power to shift,
great inner obstacles,
it’s just like a gift.

Your positive attitude,
it shall help you proclaim.
Don’t ever think,
it’s uncool or lame.

Simple good mornings,
I hope that you spread.
At the end of the day,
your soul shall be fed.



I think it’s very important to be cheerful and happy each morning. If our morning is great, there’s a very good chance that the rest of our day will be wonderful. But if we’re grumpy and negative instead, there’s a good chance that the rest of our day will reflect that.

I know not everyone is a morning person. But that just means that those individuals will need to simply try a little bit harder to maintain and show off that big smile of theirs.

I also believe in saying those magical words, “Good Morning”, to anyone I may bump into each morning. This may be a colleague, friend, or a stranger. Oh, and don’t forget to say, good morning, to your family members each morning. I think it’s a nice and respectful way of showing them that you care.

There’s one more point, I would like to make regarding those contagious, “Good Mornings!”

A positive, good morning, has the power to change your life. What do you think may happen mentally once you decide to smile with energy and life while saying good morning to others?

They will say, good morning, right back, and that will make you feel really good. Your smile will get bigger and your confidence will increase. All of sudden you will achieve inner balance with your true values.

As a result, you will begin to make decisions in your life that will lead to the type of life that you’ve always dreamed of living. If that means pursuing a certain subject in school, you will be able to do so. If that means switching careers and following your passions, then you will achieve your goals.

Imagine how all of those things, may begin from a simple, “Good Morning!”

Best of Luck,

p.s. I hope my good morning poem inspires you to always say good morning to everyone you see each morning.

I am Baker

I’d like to share a poem I wrote about a special lady named Amanda and her wonderful family (husband Chad, and kids, Colton, Audrey, Parker, and baby Eddie). Her blog is located at, and after reading a bunch of her posts, I became truly inspired by her values, family, and lifestyle.

I hope this poem, and Amanda’s blog also inspires you.


I am Baker

She’s a wonderful mother,
and the most loving wife.
A few words about her,
passions and life.

It’s deliciously obvious,
that she loves to bake.
For each day of the year,
she’s got an idea and cake.

Her baked sensations,
make us all drool.
She’s positive and happy,
now that’s very cool.

Her four beautiful children,
constantly surprise and inspire.
That country lifestyle,
many admire.

She loves them infinitely,
and shall always protect.
With God by her side,
strives to reflect.

She looks at her kids,
they’re growing too fast.
Her collection of memories,
is digitally vast.

With Christian values and Chad,
they’re mutually raising.
Counting their blessings,
and gratefully praising.

Audrey is just two,
but exceptionally smart.
Photos of her,
are prettier than art.

She blesses the world,
through her smiles and joy.
Playing with brothers,
is her ultimate toy.

Colton is caring,
a bit shy and reserved.
He’s a natural athlete,
that’s been observed.

A very happy baby,
his name is Eddie.
For lots of entertainment,
he’s excited and ready.

Parker is a trooper,
makes chairs and catches fish,
To feed his curiosity,
is his adventurous wish.

Last but not least,
is amazing Chad.
A thoughtful husband,
and exceptional dad.

For his loving family,
he always finds time.
Works very hard,
Mount Everest would climb.

As you can see,
she’s lucky and blessed.
But just like the rest of us,
sometimes gets stressed.

We’re excited to taste,
her next creation.
We know where she gets,
her inspiration.

At the end of the day,
she’s honest and true.
Enjoys each day,
with a beautiful view.


A Poem About Rain and Love

This poem is about rain and love. It was inspired by my first date with Anita, nearly 5 years ago. We ended up going for dessert and a movie. We also danced in the rain, which was really special, and remains one of our treasured memories.


Danced in the Rain

I always dreamt
of holding your hand.
A simple act,
for my heart it was grand.

The way those raindrops,
settled on your hair,
I could not help,
but dream and just stare.

A beautiful love song,
arrived by mere chance.
With humble manners,
I asked you to dance.

I’ll forever cherish,
that moment so dear,
Loved holding you,
tightly and near.

As we danced in the rain,
it was truly sublime,
From that beautiful moment,
I knew you’d be mine.



This poem is great example that rain doesn’t always represent or symbolize sadness and sorrow. It may also represent a new beginning, as it did on our first date, along with romance.

We both realized that we had an amazing connection right from that first date. She laughed at all my jokes (good sign), and we just had so much to talk about. There wasn’t a dull or awkward moment the entire evening.

It was one of those moments where you felt like you’ve know this person for a very long time, and you forget that you haven’t.

Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh was the random song that came on the radio, and we danced to it that evening. It was also our first song that we danced to on our wedding day, so it means a lot to us.

I’ll end this blog post with a little bit of advice for all the guys out there. Try dancing in the rain with someone you just started dating, or even your long-time girlfriend or wife of many years. Follow that up with today’s featured poem. If you do that, there’s a very good chance that you’ll melt her heart.

Just make sure she is officially yours, because you wouldn’t want to scare her away with the last line in the last stanza. Good luck!