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A Poem about Shapes for Children


Today’s featured poem was written for children and talks about shapes. It’s meant to educate kids about some of the different shapes they’ll encounter at school and life in general.



Let’s take a look,
at a few cool shapes.
Some look like boxes,
and others like grapes.

A circle is a shape,
that is perfectly round.
And a sphere is like ball,
bouncing off the ground.

When it has four equal sides,
we call it a square.
While a cube looks like a box,
used for gifts that you share.

A triangle has equal sides,
but only just three.
Looks like one side of a pyramid,
I surely agree.

There are plenty of more shapes,
that you may go and explore.
A rectangle looks like,
a fallen old door.



This poem talks about a few of the more basic shapes. It mentions the following shapes: circle, sphere, square, cube, triangle, and rectangle.

To engage your children, you may wish to read this poem to them while they are playing with these shapes. You may also ask them to draw the shapes, using the clues from the poem. Just don’t forget to encourage them and let them know that it’s ok to make mistakes when they’re learning.

You also spend some time with your kids helping them write poetry about their favorite shapes. To make the activity even more interesting, you may search for things around the house that have those specific shapes.

For example, most books are rectangular, and most clocks are circular. Finding a triangle example may be a bit more challenging. I guess, I’m just not using my imagination enough right now. But I’m sure your little ones will figure it out quickly.

Well, I hope you have fun teaching your kids about shapes and poetry at the same time. Don’t forget to have plenty of fun.

Wishing you a Circular Day,

Recycling Poem for Kids

This recycling poem for kids is meant to inspire children to recycle and keep their environment clean.


Let’s Recycle

Look around,
there’s so much plastic,
Let’s recycle,
it’s fantastic.

Don’t forget,
about paper and glass,
Recycle together,
with your entire class.

We’ll make sure,
we never litter,
Let’s recycle,
we’re not quitters.

When we place our garbage,
in the right bin,
Both us and nature,
will clearly win.

Thanks for keeping the environment
healthy and clean,
Recycling is fun,
and also quite green.



I think children are excellent ambassadors for recycling. When kids become informed about the need to recycle, they often get involved with lots of conviction. It really shows that they care about the environment and all the living things that use it as their home.

I think sometimes kids understand the importance of recycling and preserving our environment more than us adults. Adults often have conflicting views because many of our decisions are driven by money. Children don’t suffer with this dilemma.

Today, I decided to write an extra poem about the environment for all you wonderful kids out there.


Waste and Pollution

We all need to
reduce our waste,
Let’s do it now,
with plenty of haste.

It’s also important,
for us to reuse,
If we’re really lucky,
We’ll be on the news.

Our future,
must be sustainable,
We can do it,
it’s all attainable.

About our environment,
we need to care,
It’s the only one we have,
and we have to share.

Global warming,
and greenhouse gases,
To see the harm,
you don’t need glasses.

As a team,
we’ll reduce pollution,
Caring is
the first solution.



This poem may be for kids, but the message is universal. Kids really do care about the environment. The rest of us just need to catch up and begin caring as well.

Have fun recycling and reducing your environmental impact with your kids.

Sports Poem for Kids

Today, I decided to write a sports poem for kids that will motivate them to get active and participate in various sports.


Choose a Sport

Put on those old,
running shoes,
A sport or two,
we need to choose.

Pick your team,
pick your ball,
In the summer,
or in the fall.

Or maybe you,
just want to ski,
Or swim like a fish,
in the deep blue sea.

Use only your feet,
when playing soccer,
Those stinky gym clothes,
just leave in your locker.

How about football,
or track and field,
If you choose fencing,
you may need a shield.

Have you tried tennis, or
hockey on ice?
Just keep your head up,
that’s my advice.

As you can see,
the choice is all yours,
You’ll get to celebrate,
when your team wins and scores.



We all know that children enjoy being active and running around and having fun. It just seems like kids possess boundless amounts of energy. That’s why getting them involved in sports is a great way for them to channel that energy and remain healthy.

Children also learn vital social and cooperation skills through teamwork and fair play.

I don’t think it matters whether they’re involved in organized or non-organized sports, as long as they participate in something they enjoy. I see it too often where a parent may force a child to play a certain sport. To make things worse, that same parent criticizes and yells at their child during the game. The point is for children to have fun and relieve stress, not accumulate more.

That’s why I’m a big fan of non-organized pickup games. I just think there’s a lot less pressure on kids at pickup games. To me it looks like they have more fun. There’s nobody yelling at them, and it seems like they socialize much more during these more laid back type games.

Finally, let your child choose the sport they wish to participate in. Don’t choose it for them, just because you like a certain sport. Expose them to many different types of sports and be patient with them as they try each one and choose the ones they enjoy the most.

Don’t forget to share today’s sports poem with your kids.

A Poem About Science

I’m really looking forward to writing today’s poem which will be a poem about science. My goal with this poem is to encourage young children to find a natural curiosity for science.



Everything works,
because of science.
Even your old
kitchen appliance.

What about your
mom’s car?
Without science,
it wouldn’t go far.

With science we could make,
a computer or phone,
If you want a twin,
just ask for a clone.

Science will explain,
nature and trees,
It’s also used,
to find cures for disease.

Science is cool,
the evidence is clear,
It’s so much fun,
enjoy it my dear.



Another reason that I have a huge passion for science is because I love it and appreciate it (majored in chemistry). But beyond my personal passion for the sciences, I strongly believe that we need to encourage our children to study and find an interest in the sciences.

I know that science has always had this stigma as a difficult subject to learn. Honestly, I think every subject could be difficult if there’s a lack of passion or interest in it. I’ve never been very good or interested in art class in high school. As a result, it was difficult for me.

That’s why it’s critical for us not to discourage kids from giving science a shot. We also probably need to teach it to them in a more modern and progressive manner. I think we should harness currently technologies to teach science in a more interactive/applied manner, as opposed to the traditional boring lecture style that has been used for the past several hundred years.

I think kids have lots of potential to excel in the sciences because they have a natural curiosity about how things work. They’re always asking why and how, and those are two very important questions scientists ask all the time.

Hope today’s poem motivates and inspires that little scientist in your child. You may also try to write a poem about science with your own child. Maybe that will help.

Good luck,

A Silly Poem for Kids

Here’s a little rhyming and silly poem for all you kids out there. Hopefully it’s silly enough. If not, then I’ll just need to increase my silly factor for the next one.



I just learned,
how to fly,
and explore the clouds
in the sky.

I must say,
it’s really cool,
I should try,
and fly to school.

Maybe I’ll fly,
to the moon,
and watch my favourite,
morning cartoon.

Which color should I
paint my plane?
I just hope,
it doesn’t rain.

I just realized,
this story is not real,
I was day dreaming,
in front of my meal.



Children possess the most amazing and limitless imaginations. I’m sure they can write a more silly and unique poem than I can. My 10 year old niece is a prime example. When I look at her role-play in her own little world, I can’t help thinking of myself doing the same when I was her age.

Kids are day dreaming machines, and I think that’s a great thing because day dreaming is like nutrients to their little brains. It expands their creativity, and teaches them how to think outside the box. Those skills will become vital for them later on in life when they’re expected to find solutions to countless problems for the companies they end up working for.

Personally, I’ve always been encouraged to be creative when I was a child. I must admit that my imagination was effectively developed during my youth. I’m convinced that playing with Lego until the age of 12 or 13 helped nurture my creativity.

I also think it’s important for us not only to allow our children to act silly, but also encourage them to do so. We just need to remember that they are still children, and we should let them be children.

Of course, I agree that all children require discipline and guidelines. But as long as we love them and teach them about the importance of respect, they’ll be fine.

Have fun sharing today’s silly poem with your kids, and remember to let be silly.

A Goodnight Poem

Here’s a little goodnight poem that you may wish to share with children or even adults.


Sweet Dreams

You look tired,
you need some rest,
A good night’s sleep,
is often best.

I wish you a deep
and truly sweet dream,
With a waterfall,
and a gentle stream.

Comfy white pillow,
and your warm soft sheet,
Will feel like heaven,
it’s surely a treat.

Hope you sleep,
in total piece,
All your concerns,
your mind shall release.

In the morning,
when you wake,
You’ll be ready,
to dance and shake.



A good night’s sleep is very important for us all, so that we may function properly during the day. It seems the average person is not getting enough sleep these days. I know that many of my friends and family only get about 4-6 hours each night.

Whenever I don’t get enough sleep, I notice that I’m like a zombie the next day. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates the body and mind, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. We’re not robots, we do need sleep, both quality and quantity.

7-8 hours is enough for me. Even though I prefer 8, I don’t always get that many. I just notice that I’m a million times much more effective at work when I do get my 8 hours. So when I hear stories about entrepreneurs that only sleeping 4 hours because they’re so busy, I just wonder about the effectiveness of their 18 hour workdays. I can probably do a better job in 8 or 10 hours, than they do during their 18 hour brain quenching marathons.

Now back to the goodnight poem. It’s meant to be a nice little gesture that you may want to read and share with a child or even someone much older. I actually plan on sharing it with my mom, because she’s one of those workaholic energizer bunnies, that just keeps on going and going. I hope it reminds her to get a good night’s sleep (she needs it and deserves it as well).