Oh! Let Little Earthy Sing


the nature itself is a little creature
being sabotaged by human beings
oh! how long will it happen
it’s not less than a bad dream
throw a stone you’ll get a fruit
cut the tree you’ll get some wood
haven’t you deemed about that
mother nature in green hood
oh! how long will we think like this?
the problem is big
no day it’ll take to become a big threat
the future will be all dark
with sky filled with smoke of cars
no tree at all with a barren desert all around
and man as devil crowned
for not keeping the earth safe and sound
oh! what a disgusting scene it would be!
so sad for the leisure to be never found
how would you find a world like this?
how would you stay in a world like this?
I’m sure not good as fairy land
please , wait don’t then
just quickly think to raise your voice
for earthy to sing
you have 1 chance only in life
so don’t think twice
just do it nice
and act wise
but not for you and not for me
but for the little earthy to sing

submitted by Appala Verma

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