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Funny Valentine’s Day Poem

Today is Valentine’s Day and I would like to dedicate this funny Valentine’s Day poem to my lovely wife Anita.

She’s the most wonderful lady, and I hope this poem makes her laugh. I also want to say that my love for her is truly Gigantic.



Good morning sweetheart,
on this Valentine’s Day.
We don’t need much,
just a barn and some hay.

Most want this day,
to be classy romantic.
The love in my heart,
is more than GIGANTIC!

You bring joy to my life,
each day of the year.
Our romantic dinner will include,
french fries and beer.

I don’t intend,
to be lazy nor cheap.
But rather creative,
our waiter’s a sheep.

This Valentine’s Day,
will surely be sweet.
I promise to rub,
your stinky small feet.

My love for you,
is always GIGANTIC.
I have the rest of the day,
to be sweet and romantic.


A Funny Love Poem

Not all love poems need to be serious or just sentimental and romantic. This morning, my goal is to write a funny love poem that couples may share with each other.

I strongly believe that humor is a very important ingredient in any relationship. Without it, life may get too serious and even mundane.

Anyways, have fun sharing the funny love poem featured below. I hope it will make the love of your life laugh today or whenever you decide to share it (maybe Valentine’s Day?).

Our Love

I’m truly grateful,
I can’t complain.
The love that we share,
has infected my brain.

Precious sweet love,
others can’t find.
But we managed to find it,
it’s crazy and blind.

I’m not saying at all,
that our love is weird.
But if it was alive,
it’d have horns and a beard.

The bottom line is
I love you and care.
We certainly make,
a wacky old pair.

You kiss like a monkey,
allow me to share.
When you get upset,
you scream like a bear.

All jokes aside,
I love you my dear.
I know you shall serve me,
for the rest of the year.



Have fun sharing that one with your significant other, whether that’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. I’m sure it will make the love of your life laugh.

Eventually, I would like to create a whole section dedicated to funny love poetry. This will consist of at least 10 funny love poems for you to choose from. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed this one.


A Beautiful Love Poem for Her

It’s a very mild late January morning, and Valentine’s Day is 3 short weeks away. I know that most women love receiving sentimental love poetry (anytime of the year). Since the last poem was written to be shared with guys, today’s is meant to be a beautiful love poem for her.

If you like it, then I hope you end up sharing it with that special lady in your life. Whether she’s your girlfriend or wife, I’m sure she’ll love you for it.

Alright, let’s try to get something sweet and romantic on paper (web paper of course!)


Wind In Your Hair

If beauty had a song,
it would begin with your name.
I sing about loving you,
with joy I proclaim.

My heart rate increases,
as you fuel each beat.
Your beautiful body,
is so tender and sweet.

For all of eternity,
at you I could stare.
It’s a beautiful thing,
the love that we share.

Your luscious lips,
consume my whole mind.
When I’m thinking of you,
I see nothing else – I am blind.

All the beauty on earth,
shall never compare.
To that look in your eyes,
with wind in your hair.



I hope that poem is romantic enough for the love of your life.

You may wish to go for a nice walk with her on a fairly windy day, and surprise her with the poem.

My plan is to take my wife for a walk, but since she’s feeling a bit sick, I may need to create an artificial windy day inside (with a blow dryer). I know that sounds really chessy, but at least it should make her laugh.

Ok, I better go find a blow dryer.

Wish me luck, lol.

p.s. oh, and best of luck with sharing the above, “love poem”, with that special lady in your life.

A Beautiful Love Poem for Him

Today’s category is about a – “beautiful love poem for him”. Guys may seem all macho, but deep down inside most are soft and sensitive. The goal with this love poem is to help you get through the exterior barriers.

Whether you share it with your boyfriend or husband, I hope it creates an emotional response.


Amazing Man

Thank you for always being,
right by my side.
As the love of my life,
I may easily confide.

To each of my days,
happiness you bring.
Because of your love,
my heart learned to sing.

I’m lucky and blessed,
you’re an amazing man.
From a simple kiss,
our journey began.

We share more than love,
as we naturally connect.
I feel safe in your arms,
you always protect.

I love you so dearly,
with my heart and my soul.
If your soul is my food,
then your heart is my bowl.

Where our future may take us,
I have no clue.
But I simply can’t wait,
to spend it with you.



Just want to wish you the best of luck with sharing this love poem with that wonderful guy in your life. May your days together be filled with joy, health, and lots of love.

Long Distance Love Poem

Since Valentine’s Day is just a month away, I’ve decided to write love related posts from now until February 14th. Today, I’ll try to write a long distance love poem for all those couples out there who live in separate cities or even countries.


Long Distance Love

You’re someone special,
thoughtful and kind.
The very center,
of my heart and my mind.

The fact that we’re often,
so far away.
Brings me sadness,
to my night and my day.

But whenever I hear,
your beautiful voice.
My smile appears,
as I instantly rejoice.

Those nights I’m feeling lonely,
when you just seem so far.
I look up to the sky,
and make a wish to your star.

I hope and wish,
with my most honest tears.
That we will conquer distance,
right now and not years.

I promise to be patient,
and I passionately believe.
There’s nothing in this world,
together we cannot achieve.

For our love is truly magical,
and our bond is stronger than steel.
The dreams that we share,
shall soon be beautifully real.



Honestly, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be involved in a long distance relationship. But there are millions of couples that try to make these types of relationships not only work but also last.

The circumstances surrounding these types of relationships vary significantly. Often times the couple will meet while on vacation, at school, or while traveling for business. They make every effort to see each other as often as possible, which is never enough.

Modern technologies like Skype help a lot, but in the end it’s just a temporary solution. Long distance relationships are usually temporary. Once the relationship becomes more serious, the goal is to be with one another every single day.

That’s where important decisions and sacrifices need to be made. If a couple loves each other, they should be prepared to move, switch jobs, and leave their extended family and friends to be together.

If you’re currently in a long distance relationship, I hope the poem above helps you express some of your feelings to your partner.

I just want to wish you best of luck and hopefully your long distance relationship will become a close distance relationship in the very near future.