Imagery Poem

An imagery poem is a poem that creates vivid visual details for the readers. Depicting nature and its physical environment is a good example. The imagery poem featured in this post will be about October. Enjoy!



She strolls gently,
along her path that‘s narrow,
Large oak pointing to the sky,
like an arrow.

Beneath her lie, layers of leaves,
both orange and yellow,
She hears a distant stags,
repeated bellow.

Trees half striped,
green leaves remain,
A few more days,
and they’ll feel a dirty pain.

She picks one up,
and places inside a brown book,
From her narrow path,
this leaf she took.

At it’s symmetry and red veins,
she stares and adores,
It’s outline look like mountains,
or rocky shores.

Then she realizes,
soon she’ll be gone,
She’s just October,
a year’s lonely pawn.



The motivation for this poem came from two pictures. The first is one of a path in the forest during autumn where red and yellow leaves are layered upon this path. There’s a big tree on the left side, and most of the trees still have some green leaves.

The second picture is a close up of a beautiful red and slightly yellow maple leaf laying on a muddy ground.

I love autumn. It’s so beautiful. I’m really looking forward to enjoying it this weekend.

50th Anniversary Poem

Today I’ll write a 50th anniversary poem for all those happily married couples that managed to get along and stay together for 50 long years. That’s a huge accomplishment in my view. Not only does a couple need to love each other very much to reach this milestone, but they also need to remain healthy enough and actually manage to live to that ripe old age of 80+ (unless of course they get married in their 20s).


50 and More

its been fifty years,
We’re so happy,
with joyful tears.

You both deserve,
lots of praise,
Loved each other,
for countless days.

For younger generations,
you’re a great example,
Is there a potion
or a small sample?

We wish you the best,
plus 50 and more,
You’ve both achieved,
a wonderful score.



It’s be a truly fantastic feeling to be able to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. When a couple reaches that milestone it tells me a lot about their character and wisdom.

The fiftieth anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary. I just realized that’s half a century. Wow, that must be amazing. This anniversary revolves around the color of gold. So gifts and decorations should be match this theme.

I think it would also be nice to create a nice photo slideshow that would include moments and memories from all 50 years of marriage.

A Poem About The Weather

Here’s a poem about the weather that we may all relate to. Depending on where we live, many of us experience a variety of weather conditions from day to day. Well I hope this poem entertains you, and remind you about the unpredictable nature of weather forecasts.


Unexpected Weather

Weather depends on the atmosphere
and it’s current state.
Sometimes we love it,
sometimes we hate.

Can we reliably and
routinely predict?
Forecasts are know
to contradict.

At least they can inform us
about hot and cold,
Their precipitation forecasts,
I haven’t been sold.

They say it may be
wet or just dry,
I might as well,
just stare at the sky.

Don’t like when it’s stormy,
I prefer when it’s calm,
I might as well read it,
straight off my palm.

Tell me when to expect,
sunny and clear,
It’s a bit too late,
when those clouds are so near.

Expect the unexpected
with today’s current weather,
Let’s just enjoy it,
we’re in this together.

by Anita


Even with all of this modern technology, it still seems that it’s difficult to predict our day to day weather accurately. Sometimes they say it’s going to rain, but it turns out to be a wonderfully sunny and beautiful days. While other times they tell us it will be sunny, and a storm surprises us while we’re enjoying the afternoon.

I guess over time we get used to our weather and climate conditions where we live. Here in Toronto, I experience four distinct seasons. It snows a lot during the winter, rains enough in the spring, pretty nice (but humid) in the summer, and the fall is nice and cool and refreshing. So I’m the last person that should be complaining.

Others prefer the year round sunny and hot/mild conditions closer to the tropics. I’m sure having very nice weather throughout the year has it’s benefits. It gives people the freedom to enjoy certain activities such as tennis, water-skiing, canoeing, jogging, year round. You’re also not stuck indoors as much, as you’d be in the more temperate regions.

But personally, I prefer the changing seasons, and all the various activities and occasional nuances that accompany them.

Enjoy your weather while it lasts.


Funny Christmas Poem

This funny Christmas poem talks about the frustrations that go along with Christmas shopping at our local malls. Not only is it nearly impossible to find any parking, but it’s often just as difficult to find that exact toy or toys.


Realm of the Toys

It all begins,
when you try to find parking.
There’s no courtesy,
just competition and barking.

You dash for the entrance,
to the land of the crowded.
With your masterful plan,
your mind is just shrouded.

You must focus your energy,
and all of your powers,
Time is escaping,
there’s only six hours.

Chaos erupts,
there’s just so much noise,
You must locate,
The Realm of the Toys.

A fight for plastic,
among both the young and the old,
Those who win,
are those who can hold.

Pushing and reaching,
that’s nothing new.
A disappointed child,
none wish to view.

One figurine,
sitting unsold,
You dive for it,
it’s more precious than gold.

A collision of parents,
reaches the ground,
In your cradled arms,
the toy rests and is found.

Anger and disappointment,
showcased by the losers,
They quickly turn,
into vicious accusers.

With great effort,
you attempt a quick dash,
No time for bank cards,
you throw down the cash.

They turn into zombies,
as you sprint for the doors,
It’s not safe to search,
anymore stores.

Back in the parking lot,
you jump on your horse,
This awful place,
you wish to divorce.

On your way back home,
you smile with joy.
But then suddenly you realize,
you’re missing the toy.

You begin to sweat,
and frantically scream.
You wake up at night,
it was all just a dream.



We all know that many of the more popular toys are often sold out. Parents become frustrated and end up searching every toy store in the city. If they are unsuccessful, they also try the online e-commerce stores like Amazon. The last resort is often Ebay where bidding wars erupt and parents end up paying much more than the retail price.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to promise our children specific toys for Christmas. I just think we’re spoiling them a bit too much with these promises. Instead, we need to teach them to be grateful for receiving any toy. We also need to teach them that Christmas is about spending time with family and friends.

Well, I hope the above funny Christmas poem makes you laugh, and helps you put things into perspective. Try not to stress too much during your Christmas shopping adventures, and share the verse with family and friends.

I’m Leaving Poem

I really had to think a bit about the best way to write an effective, “I’m leaving poem”. I’ll assume that this type of poem is usually placed in the context of a struggling relationship, where one or both individuals feel like it’s time to end it.


The Time Has Arrived

The time has arrived,
a point has been reached,
Our hearts and bond,
have been breached.

This life of ours,
I can no longer lead,
Filled with emotions,
inside I bleed.

We’ve experienced,
both good and the bad,
For our happy memories,
I’ll always be glad.

I’m so sorry,
I must go, I must leave,
Time shall heal,
the scars that we greave.



When people are fed up or reach their breaking point in a relationship, the most sensible thing to do is to just leave. This is usually very difficult, and emotionally draining, on both individuals. If there are children involved, they suffer as well and more so in a toxic environment, where both parents are constantly fighting.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself and just leave or break it off. Sometimes for those of us who are looking at a couple that broke up from the outside, it may not make any sense. We may think that one or both individuals are being selfish, especially if there are kids involved. However, we don’t know the true state of their relationship behind closed doors.

It’s often very difficult to reignite something that has burnt out a long time ago. I still think people shouldn’t be pulling the trigger so fast, and should work on issues they may have in their relationships. But that’s only to a certain point. If the relationship has degraded to the point of no return, nothing can be done, in my opinion.

Well, I hope today’s “I’m Leaving Poem”, helps you with your decision. Just remember to be honest with yourself, and do what will make you happy in the long-term.

Recycling Poem for Kids

This recycling poem for kids is meant to inspire children to recycle and keep their environment clean.


Let’s Recycle

Look around,
there’s so much plastic,
Let’s recycle,
it’s fantastic.

Don’t forget,
about paper and glass,
Recycle together,
with your entire class.

We’ll make sure,
we never litter,
Let’s recycle,
we’re not quitters.

When we place our garbage,
in the right bin,
Both us and nature,
will clearly win.

Thanks for keeping the environment
healthy and clean,
Recycling is fun,
and also quite green.



I think children are excellent ambassadors for recycling. When kids become informed about the need to recycle, they often get involved with lots of conviction. It really shows that they care about the environment and all the living things that use it as their home.

I think sometimes kids understand the importance of recycling and preserving our environment more than us adults. Adults often have conflicting views because many of our decisions are driven by money. Children don’t suffer with this dilemma.

Today, I decided to write an extra poem about the environment for all you wonderful kids out there.


Waste and Pollution

We all need to
reduce our waste,
Let’s do it now,
with plenty of haste.

It’s also important,
for us to reuse,
If we’re really lucky,
We’ll be on the news.

Our future,
must be sustainable,
We can do it,
it’s all attainable.

About our environment,
we need to care,
It’s the only one we have,
and we have to share.

Global warming,
and greenhouse gases,
To see the harm,
you don’t need glasses.

As a team,
we’ll reduce pollution,
Caring is
the first solution.



This poem may be for kids, but the message is universal. Kids really do care about the environment. The rest of us just need to catch up and begin caring as well.

Have fun recycling and reducing your environmental impact with your kids.

Patriotic Poem

Today’s featured poem is a patriotic poem that talks about being devoted to ones nation. I think it’s human nature to love one’s own country (as long as it’s free and prosperous). I think, it may be difficult to be a devoted patriot for those of us who live in extreme poverty. But I may be wrong.


Rooted Inside

Patriotism needs,
loyal devotion.
Requires passion for country,
and lots of emotion.

Beautiful flags with the wind,
gracefully fly,
Soldiers sacrifice,
in battle they die.

National anthem is
food for the ears,
Emotions clog throats,
and roll with the tears.

Love for the country,
love for the land,
From busy streets,
to coastal sand.

Chins pointing up,
with honour and pride.
It’s a way of life,
that’s rooted inside.



Wikipedia has a great article about patriotism, which contains some results from surveys that were taken. It looks like the United States is the most patriotic country, followed by Venezuela and South Africa.

Personally, I think it’s a great thing to be patriotic and love the country that one lives in. But at the same time, we still need to remember that we are no better or worse than anyone else on this planet. Everyone deserves to live freely, and peacefully.

How do people show their patriotism? The simplest and most evident way is by showcasing their national or regional flag for others to see. This is often done with stickers on their cars, or flags on their front porches.

Participating in parades, volunteering, and voting are other ways that individuals demonstrate support for the nation they love so dearly.

Well, thanks for reading my patriotic poem, and I hope your love for your country helps others.

A Poem about Marriage

I’ve been married for several years now, so I’m pretty sure I’m qualified to write a poem about marriage. Maybe I’m not as qualified as someone who’s been married for 60 years, but I’m pretty sure I understand the art of marriage fairly well.



A successful marriage,
requires effort and care,
You must be willing,
to be open and share.

It’s not about,
winning or losing,
You won’t get far,
if you’re into accusing.

A marriage allows you,
to spill all your guts,
Your spouse will be there,
to mend all your cuts.

It’s a true pleasure to be
loved dearly and be real close,
To someone that understands you
and exceptional knows.

A marriage is basically,
like a doubles match,
When you find the right one,
you’ll know it’s a great catch.



You may also replace the last two lines of the last stanza to:

When her back itches,
Just smile and scratch.

For those of us who are married, we understand that marriage is definitely not a walk in the park. It takes lots effort and commitment to make it work properly. It requires plenty of unselfishness, empathy, and a great set of ears (for listening purposes).

I hear stories all the time of couples struggling through the first few years of marriage. This is normal, since couples use this time to learn more about one another, along with all those annoying little bad habits that just appeared out of nowhere.

At the end of the day, Marriage is truly a beautiful union. It preaches love, commitment, trust, honesty, and encouragement. I know that being marriage to my wonderful wife, I feel like a better person. She not only inspires me, but also encourages me and believes in me and my dreams. We also share dreams, goals, and many views.

You may be thinking that a couple does not need a piece of paper to feel this way. I agree with you, they don’t. But I just feel with marriage comes a certain amount of responsibility and expectations that are important to me.

Hope you enjoyed today’s poem about marriage.

Best of luck,

Sports Poem for Kids

Today, I decided to write a sports poem for kids that will motivate them to get active and participate in various sports.


Choose a Sport

Put on those old,
running shoes,
A sport or two,
we need to choose.

Pick your team,
pick your ball,
In the summer,
or in the fall.

Or maybe you,
just want to ski,
Or swim like a fish,
in the deep blue sea.

Use only your feet,
when playing soccer,
Those stinky gym clothes,
just leave in your locker.

How about football,
or track and field,
If you choose fencing,
you may need a shield.

Have you tried tennis, or
hockey on ice?
Just keep your head up,
that’s my advice.

As you can see,
the choice is all yours,
You’ll get to celebrate,
when your team wins and scores.



We all know that children enjoy being active and running around and having fun. It just seems like kids possess boundless amounts of energy. That’s why getting them involved in sports is a great way for them to channel that energy and remain healthy.

Children also learn vital social and cooperation skills through teamwork and fair play.

I don’t think it matters whether they’re involved in organized or non-organized sports, as long as they participate in something they enjoy. I see it too often where a parent may force a child to play a certain sport. To make things worse, that same parent criticizes and yells at their child during the game. The point is for children to have fun and relieve stress, not accumulate more.

That’s why I’m a big fan of non-organized pickup games. I just think there’s a lot less pressure on kids at pickup games. To me it looks like they have more fun. There’s nobody yelling at them, and it seems like they socialize much more during these more laid back type games.

Finally, let your child choose the sport they wish to participate in. Don’t choose it for them, just because you like a certain sport. Expose them to many different types of sports and be patient with them as they try each one and choose the ones they enjoy the most.

Don’t forget to share today’s sports poem with your kids.

A Poem About Science

I’m really looking forward to writing today’s poem which will be a poem about science. My goal with this poem is to encourage young children to find a natural curiosity for science.



Everything works,
because of science.
Even your old
kitchen appliance.

What about your
mom’s car?
Without science,
it wouldn’t go far.

With science we could make,
a computer or phone,
If you want a twin,
just ask for a clone.

Science will explain,
nature and trees,
It’s also used,
to find cures for disease.

Science is cool,
the evidence is clear,
It’s so much fun,
enjoy it my dear.



Another reason that I have a huge passion for science is because I love it and appreciate it (majored in chemistry). But beyond my personal passion for the sciences, I strongly believe that we need to encourage our children to study and find an interest in the sciences.

I know that science has always had this stigma as a difficult subject to learn. Honestly, I think every subject could be difficult if there’s a lack of passion or interest in it. I’ve never been very good or interested in art class in high school. As a result, it was difficult for me.

That’s why it’s critical for us not to discourage kids from giving science a shot. We also probably need to teach it to them in a more modern and progressive manner. I think we should harness currently technologies to teach science in a more interactive/applied manner, as opposed to the traditional boring lecture style that has been used for the past several hundred years.

I think kids have lots of potential to excel in the sciences because they have a natural curiosity about how things work. They’re always asking why and how, and those are two very important questions scientists ask all the time.

Hope today’s poem motivates and inspires that little scientist in your child. You may also try to write a poem about science with your own child. Maybe that will help.

Good luck,