3rd Anniversary Poem


Today is my brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws 3rd anniversary. So to wish them a happy anniversary, I wrote them this poem:


Anna and Mike's 3rd Anniversary


Three Beautiful Years

Beautiful memories,
three years and growing,
Love for each other,
They’re always showing.

A special bond,
they mutually feel,
It’s truly magical,
yet infinitely real.

Relationship based,
on care and respect,
In three wonderful years,
memories collect.

Wherever they,
decide to go,
The love they share,
will guide them
and know.


Anna and Mike, Anita and I would like to wish you both an absolutely wonderful anniversary. We would like to wish you countless more happy years together, filled with memories that you will both cherish for the rest of your lives.


We love you both,
Martin and Anita



A Poem About Helping Others


Today’s poem will be about helping others in need. Each day we come across many scenarios where we give a lending hand to individuals that we know well. This may be at home, work, or somewhere else.


In most cases, helping someone out that we know is second nature to us. No matter how selfless the act may be, I’m sure subconsciously we are aware of the mutual benefits. We understand that people in our lives will reciprocate and help us when we need assistance as well.


That’s all fine and dandy. We’ve evolved to work as team members of groups and communities, over hundreds of thousands of years. We can say we’ve evolved to cooperate with others to maximize our chances of survival over the ages. Religions also teach us to cooperate and help others.


But what about people that we don’t know? I’m talking about strangers. I don’t think most of us would go as far with helping strangers as we do with family members and friends. I don’t know whether any of us would agree to help renovate a complete stranger’s kitchen (without compensation or a guaranteed favour).


Usually the most we will do is hold the door at a store for a stranger. Sometimes we’ll help boost a strangers car (if we have time). These little acts of kindness require very little effort on our part. So we don’t mind.


You may be thinking, where is this post going? Since today the poem is about helping others, I came up with a personal challenge or experiment for myself. Once each year, I will select a stranger at random (possibly at the grocery store or just from the street) and help this person with something. Something bigger than just holding the door or giving a boost. I’m talking about something that will make a more significant impact on that person’s life.


The act must be completely selfless. I can’t expect anything in return from the person I help (ever). Sure you may end up expanding your social circle, but don’t expect to. Since we all judge others within milliseconds of seeing them, I may need to select the fifth random person that I bump into at a store or on the street. The goal is to help a stranger out for the entire day. This act of kindness will not discriminate between rich and poor.


We’ll see how it goes. Now let’s write the poem. (Time is passing right now but only for me as I write the poem, for you it’s instant, aren’t you lucky, lol, enjoy)


Stranger Fifth

At early sunrise, she went for a stroll,
Anxiety struggling,
with her current goal.

Random stranger,
she must choose.
Even with, conflicting views.

Walking towards,
stranger Fifth,
Shall not judge,
Hussein or Smith.

The first passes,
he is fit.
Instant attraction,
she does admit.

Seconds later, jogs by,
Miss pretty,
A little jealous,
that’s a pity.

Third and fourth,
an older pair,
Changing diapers,
she could not bear.

No more judging,
next one she’ll assist,
If confused,
she will insist.

Fifth approaches,
she looks quite young,
Mission to help,
runs off her tongue.

Once convinced,
Fifth, begins to cry,
An act of kindness,
from where and why?

She helped Fifth,
the entire day,
Enjoyed the deed,
with zero pay.

Fifth just needed,
someone to talk,
and interrupt her
lonely walk.

A Poem About Today


I’m very excited about posting today’s poem. It’s a poem about today. I was inspired to write it after reading some inspirational quotes that talked about living in the present and for today.


We all think about the past and the future a lot. I guess that’s just human nature. But we still need to remember to live and enjoy life in the present. We don’t know when our individual journey will come to an end. It may be today, tomorrow, 3 months from now, or 50 years from now.


I’m not trying to depress you. But that’s the reality of life, and we can’t do anything about it. Sure we can take actions that will increase the likelihood of living a long life. Such as eating healthy and looking both ways when we cross the street. But nothing is guaranteed. The only thing that is guaranteed is each moment in the present, and each breathe that we take right now.


For that, we need to be grateful. We need to cherish every moment we spend with our loved ones. We shouldn’t argue with them as much as we do. We shouldn’t let little things bother us. Like that old saying goes, we should all strive to – “stop and smell the flowers!”



I’m truly grateful
for today,
For my work
and for my play.

About tomorrow,
if I only think.
My life shall pass,
in a blink.

For tomorrow,
I shall not wait,
Right now! Today!
I’ll mould my fate.

Right now!
is the only time I own.
As I touch,
my flesh and bone.

Is it paradise and
roses that I seek?
Yet I have it today,
I should kiss her cheek.

I shouldn’t fear,
that thing called chance,
Ignore it completely,
and ask her to dance.

Yesterday and tomorrow,
I shall never control.
Only today’s love,
that seeps from my soul.

by anitapoems.com


After completing the above poem, I read it a few times, and I just smiled. It has brought me joy, as I sit here today, right now, in peace and with gratitude for all that I have in my life.


A Poem for Shy Children


Here’s a little rhyming poem that I wrote for all those shy children out there. I know I was a pretty shy kid when I was growing up, so I could relate to how shy kids feel. They may feel isolated and afraid in certain situations.


Sarah The Shy Bunny

Sarah was a very shy bunny,
She was afraid to go outside,
even when sunny.

In the morning,
her mom took her to school.
Sarah was worried,
she won’t be that cool.

Sarah entered her class,
slowly and shy,
She was shaking all over,
ready to cry.

Then all of a sudden,
Jacob the frog,
Began barking,
just like a dog.

All the kids laughed,
and giggled out loud,
Sarah smiled,
and joined the crowd.

Ellie the giraffe,
said hello!
Welcome Sarah,
added the horse named Joe.

Sarah no longer felt,
afraid or shy,
She met Susan the bird,
who knew how to fly.

With all these new friends,
Sarah learned quite a bit that day.
During their lunch break,
they all got to play.

At the end of the day,
Sarah said goodbye,
She was so happy,
she wasn’t shy.

by anitapoems.com


I think the best thing we could do to help shy kids is be there for them and listen to them. This type of support is critical, because these kids often hold a lot of emotions and thoughts inside. So they need release some of that energy and clear their minds.


I know from my experiences, it wasn’t always easy being a shy child. It was tough. I felt like I needed to speak out so many times, but I just couldn’t. Maybe I’m making up for all those silenced thoughts now.


If you have a child that is shy, you could also surround your child in situation that makes him or her comfortable. This is definitely a confidence booster. For example, if your child enjoys art and is good at it, maybe an afterschool art class would be the right scenario.


But let’s make sure we don’t try too hard to change our shy kids. Being shy is a part of their personality. We need to show them that we love them and accept them for who they are. That’s the simplest and most important strategy I could think of.


Inspirational Poem for Kids


Children are often very sensitive little human beings. The wrong choice of words may discourage them, resulting in a loss of motivation to do something. So today’s poem is meant to be an inspirational poem for kids. It’s meant to inspire them, give them confidence, and ignite their curiosities.


The truth is, it doesn’t take much to inspire a small child. At the same time, it won’t take much to discourage them as well.


Just like any person, a child may be easily inspired through praise, and discouraged through criticism. Adults need to remember that children are just children. They will often make more mistakes than us adults. We need to accept that, and make sure that we don’t criticize them when they do. Because criticism will just discourage them, and they’ll lose a little bit of confidence each time they experience it.


When kids make mistakes, we need to reason with them, explain to them why it was a mistake, and show them praise that we believe in their abilities to make things right and do good. This will definitely inspire them and they will be motivated to prove to us that they can do it. The same applies for adults. I found a great article which talks about the different words we should be using when trying to inspire kids.


Now, let’s take a look at this inspirational poem for kids. Hope you get a chance to share it with all those wonderful children in your life.


My Child

You’re a great kid,
I’m so proud of you.
You eat all your food,
and vegetables too.

I enjoy listening,
when you say,
things you learn,
every single day.

Where did you get,
your HUGE imagination?
We always have fun,
when we go on vacation.

I know you work hard,
when you’re at school.
Learning new things,
is fun and real cool.

Just remember,
it’s great to explore,
Singing is fun,
when doing a chore.

What are your favourite
stories to read?
Thanks for asking nicely,
when there’s something you need.

All those ideas,
in your mind,
Are very interesting,
where did you find?

With all your friends,
you play games and share,
That shows me,
you really care.

It’s ok,
to make mistakes,
No big deal,
when something breaks.

I know you always,
try real hard.
I smile with joy,
when you make me a card.

I love you my child,
just wanted to say.
Lots of hugs and kisses,
I promise each day.

by anitapoems.com

Poem About Autumn


Today’s poem talks about the beginning of autumn. It’s two days away, and I’ve already noticed some of the leaves changing colors.

Many of us may feel depressed thinking that summer has finished and winter is right around the corner. In doing so, many of us spend the beautiful autumn months sitting around during our spare time and dreading winter (like it’s a huge truck that is about to collide with us).

TV shows begin around this time of the year and we use them as a distraction.

But shouldn’t we be enjoying and experiencing this beautiful transitional season. All we have to do is put on a sweater and we can experience things such as:

  • Go for walks or jogs in our local parks (and take pics)
  • We can still barbeque with family and friends
  • Volunteer at downtown shelters
  • Check out interesting and fun festivals
  • Watch entertaining live theatre shows
  • Taste new beers during Oktoberfest
  • Go to the museum or art gallery (since summer was too nice for that)
  • and the list goes on


My point is: Let’s not waste our autumn months doing nothing. Let’s continue to live and experience things, and have fun by interacting with others during these cooler months.

We can all create wonderful memories during this time of the year as well. Memories and good times are not restricted to the summer months. So let’s not depress, but go out there and live.


When Autumn Begins

A summer to winter transition,
creatures prepare,
for limited nutrition.

Night sneaks up, suddenly and early,
with its chilly friend,
North Wind the Burly,

Harvest memories
of those midsummer days,
Sand between toes,
while playing with waves.

Autumns melancholy,
we must avoid,
When winter arrives,
we’ll speak of
falling leaves
we’ve enjoyed.

Let’s savor,
the lush abundance
from summers loot,
Engrained in our minds,
lies the richest fruit.

Pondering past months,
to be repeated,
Dormancy now,
and autumns beauty
be cheated.

Experience the Festival
of the golden intoxicating water,
Play with leaves, and drink
hot chocolate afterwards
with your laughing daughter.

Autumns riches,
we must NOW savour,
Unique season,
unique flavour.

by anitapoems.com

Thanksgiving Day Poem


In the United States Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, while in Canada it’s celebrated on the second Monday of October. I was always curious about the historical reason for this difference. I guess I wasn’t curious enough until I wrote this poem and looked up the facts on Wikipedia.


The reason Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving more than a month earlier is because back in the day when most people were farmers, Canadians had an earlier harvest due to the colder climate up north. Being thankful for a successful harvest is one of the historical reasons behind this holiday.


These days we use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to spend time with family and to be thankful for having each other, health, food, a roof over our heads, and the list could go on.


Family reunions are also very common on Thanksgiving Day, as families sit down for a delicious turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and stuffing. It’s a time when we catch up with relatives we haven’t seen much throughout the year.



Thanksgiving is the most fabulous feast,
Stomachs roar,
like a hungry beast.

Cooking a turkey to perfection,
Does your oven have convection?
Mushroom stuffing and pumpkin pie,
A football loss, will make us cry.

With family and friends,
this holiday we share,
Offering love and support,
they truly care.

We try to give,
a lending hand,
At a homeless shelter,
together we stand.

Family photos and parade,
Precious memories,
never fade.

In the end,
we must give thanks.
Followed up,
with jokes and pranks.

by anitapoems.com


You are welcome to share this poem with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Birthday Poem For My Brother-In-Law


Yesterday was my brother-in-laws birthday, so this post/poem I’d like to dedicate to him. His name is Gary, and he’s a wonderful husband, father, and friend. He loves his family very much and works tirelessly to provide for them, and brings constant joy and laughter to their lives. He’s a really good guy that deserves the best things that life has to offer.


He’s a maintenance manager for a major trucking company here in the city, so I’ll try to incorporate a few details about that within the poem. He loves to fish, the outdoors, and is great at making and fixing things.


You’ll get more juicy details in the poem. Actually, he’s a pretty private guy (doesn’t believe in Facebook), so I won’t be revealing absolutely everything. If I do, he won’t help me build another “classic” bookshelf. Anyways, let’s get to the poem.

Oh, one more thing. He just turned 39. So the goal is to make it funny.


Crap! You Have One Year To Go

How many clicks, has this old truck made?
There is no upgrade, there is no trade.
We’re sorry to say, you’re down on your luck,
Just like a broken, rusty old truck.

Don’t worry old man you’re just thirty-nine,
A quarter century, drinking cheap wine
This poem is not meant to depress,
Take it easy, forget about stress.

Oh crap, you have one year to go!
Both body and mind
shall function

Let’s glance at the good,
You could build anything,
with hammer and wood

Four kids (one is brand new)
You love them dearly, they love you too.
The Starbucks ambassador, she is your wife,
With errands and tasks, fills your whole life.

It’s not just another birthday, or year,
Actually it is, so there’s nothing to fear.
Just promise us, this one will be awfully loud,
You’re loving neighbours will be happy and proud!


Hope he likes it. Shaped it to look like an hourglass that will expire in one year, when he turns the big 40.

Gary, from the bottom of our hearts, Anita and I would like to wish you an absolutely splendid birthday. Cheers!

A Poem about our Mortality and Living Life


In this poem, I talk about life. I try to talk about quality of life (subjective). For arguments sake, if I use my current ripe old age of 31 as a marker for one life, then in theory if I live to 93, that’s like living three lives.

No matter how many years or months or days we have left, we need to make a choice. We certainly can’t control many of the external factors that will affect how long we live (sad but true). However, we are empowered to control how we spend each day. Just breathing, or actually living.

I’m not saying that we need to lead a super exciting sky diving type of life. I’m just trying to say that we should cherish and enjoy the simple pleasure of life. Instead of watching TV, we could be playing with our kids or going for a nice walk with our significant other, or participating in club or activity that is close to our hearts. The possibilities are endless, to engage our minds and engage with others. To be challenged. To experience new things and emotions. To cry. To laugh. Let’s not waste our time. Let’s not work so much just to fuel our over excessive consumerism. This is not intended to be lecture. These words are meant to be a reminder to myself.


One or Three Lives

Strong and relatively healthy,
I’m thirty one!
Boring routine,
that rising sun.

Let’s contemplate life,
for a split second.
Under ideal conditions,
I’ll see 93, I’ve reckoned.

From this moment,
that’s three lives
Things like nutrition and exercise,
for countless souls it drives.

But does it matter
if we live that long?
If we don’t have a
favourite song?

If I sit her for a thousand years,
staring at the box and drinking a million beers

Would it really matter?
If my entire body,
would suddenly shatter.

Of course not!
We’re not here to rot!

Wouldn’t life be much more
If we cherished,
every year?

Sure 93 would be nice,
But I’d prefer 31,
with love and spice.

We’ll never predict,
our coffin cries.
I’ll treat each morning,
like I won a prize!

by anitapoems.com

A Poem For My Wife


clouds and blue sky


Yesterday, Anita had a day off, so we ended up going on a very nice midafternoon walk. I must say, it was refreshing. Especially, since I was working since the early morning. My head was pounding, and my eyes were sore from staring that the monitor for all those hours.

Once we got back from our walk, I was motivated to write this poem. I shared it with her shortly after finishing it, and she absolutely loved it. Her reaction made my day.

The joy that I see in her eyes each time I write a poem for her and read it out loud to her is truly indescribable. Giving others the opportunity to experience and feel the same amazing emotions is the reason I’m dedicating so much time to expanding anitapoems.com. I want others to be able to share simple poetry from the heart with their loved ones, that would lead to the same reactions that I receive from my wife.

Here’s the poem. Hope you like it.


Midafternoon Walk

Went with my wife,
for a midafternoon walk,
Craving fresh air,
her hand, and a talk.

Up before sunrise,
took a toll on my brain,
Eyes felt fatigued,
screen delivered some pain.

Quickly recovered,
my hope and my sight,
This poem is for her,
with a smile I write.

Just realized,
my thoughts have wandered,
Our beautiful life,
deeply, I pondered.

We didn’t go far,
on top of a colourful picnic table we sat,
Park was empty,
She was cold, and needed a hat.

Hope my love,
has kept her warm,
Being good to her,
I strive to perform.

We both looked up,
stared at the sky,
Who taught these white clouds
how to fly?

One looked like a cat,
waiting for its prey,
Except for the wind,
it was a beautiful day.

Another cloud,
looked like a duck,
Not far away –
killing our lungs was a truck.

we’ll move out of the city,
Dreaming of daily midafternoon walks,
not reality but still a pity.

Still sitting there,
talking about future and now,
To cultivate wine,
do we need a plough?

We began to casually
walk back,
To our little downtown,

We both needed this,
midafternoon walk,
Our love is so strong,
silence is fine,
we don’t need to talk.

by anitapoems.com