A Birthday Poem for a Wonderful 11 Year Old Girl

Today my niece Juliana is celebrating her 11th birthday. She’s a wonderful little girl (I mean young lady), and a true blessing to all of her family and friends.

This birthday poem is dedicated to her.

Happy 11th birthday Juliana –

Anita & Martin


Eleven Sweet Years

You’ve blessed our hearts,
for eleven sweet years.
Now we are offering,
sweet wishes and cheers.

It’s truly amazing,
how you have grown.
Since you were a toddler,
your kind heart you have shown.

Empathy towards others,
you openly express,
Show constant concern,
for those who have less.

The most beautiful experiences,
in life you deserve.
Today is your birthday,
allow us to serve.

You bring us sweet joys,
with each moment we share.
You are adorable,
we love you and care.

Happy sweet birthday,
you’ve just turned eleven.
You are our special gift,
that came down from heaven.

by anitapoems.com

This truly amazing young lady inspires me all the time. She inspires me to be a better person every time I see her or think of her. She’s one of the kindest and most considerate people I have ever met in my life.

I am beyond grateful for having her in my life, and I know many people feel the exact same way.

A Poem for International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to dedicate the following poem to my wife, mother, sister, mother-in-law, cousins, aunts, friends, and all the women on earth.

I truly hope that this poem helps bring awareness about women’s achievements and current struggles. Overall, I’m also hoping that it will remind all the men out there about the importance of all the women in their lives.


Women’s Day

It’s a time to celebrate,
all the women in our lives.
Our mothers and sisters,
daughters and wives.

We must remember,
to appreciate and respect.
With their beautiful hearts,
how our days they affect.

Each woman is gentle,
caring and kind.
We must respect,
both her body and mind.

Let’s acknowledge and celebrate,
all the things they achieve.
We encourage each one,
when we support and believe.

To their hardships and struggles,
we must open our eyes.
Act with compassion,
when we hear all their cries.

We must always love them,
and genuinely show.
This is the key,
for our relationships to grow.

The celebration begins,
when we are aware.
Our feelings and love,
every day we must share.

by anitapoems.com

I think it’s important that everyone is aware of this day and its significance. All the men out there (including myself), need to make the effort to contact all the women in their lives, and express their wishes and gratitude.

There’s a few gifts I need to buy, and also make many more phone calls. Oh, and I would like to thank Google for reminding me that it’s today.


A Poem About The Sales Profession

There are millions of people worldwide that work in sales. This sales poem is dedicated to them.

Sales is not an easy profession, and usually requires eccentric individuals who possess excellent people skills.

It’s always easier to sell high quality in demand products and services. Anyways, let’s try to sell this poem:


Yes or No?

Early each morning,
I still see the moon.
Must hit the road,
and sell lots before noon.

Thinking of numbers,
quick on my feet.
There’s always a strategy,
to avoid loss and defeat.

Approach my first client,
with a solid clean pitch.
Answering questions,
I’ve mastered my niche.

We begin with a – No!
That’s a good start.
I love what I selling,
it’s dear to my heart.

Looking at my prospect,
I’m sensing a – Yes.
Done a great job,
to convince and impress.

My prospect finishes,
with a mellow decline.
But I shall return,
at a much better time.

First prospect this morning,
did not need my soap.
With twenty more attempts,
there’s plenty of hope.

by anitapoems.com

Chess Poem

My passion for chess has inspired me to write the following poem about chess.

I’ve been playing chess casually since the age of 4, when my grandfather bought me this beautiful chess set and taught me how to play.

Unfortunately, I have played chess as much as I would have liked over the past few years. But I hope, this poem serves as a little reminder for me and maybe for you, to relax once in a while and play some chess.



In front of the king,
white moves his pawn.
The opponent begins,
with a sign and yawn.

White Bishop from C,
moves to F five.
Followed by adrenaline,
Queen is more than alive.

Black moves his pawn,
foolishly to B four.
It looks tragically close,
to the end of his war.

The white Queen glides,
elegantly to the right side.
Shocks her opponent,
and rips out his pride.

It was a beautifully executed,
and efficient checkmate.
Opponent lacked caution,
and now rest with his fate.

This wonderful game,
that we all call chess.
Your odds are reduced,
each time you guess.

Remember to follow,
your strategy and tact.
When you see opportunity,
make sure you act.

At the end of the day,
hope you enjoy.
Many sweet games,
it’s much more than a toy.

by anitapoems.com

I think chess is truly a beautiful game, that should be celebrated, and enjoyed by anyone who is curious enough to learn.

Funny Valentine’s Day Poem

Today is Valentine’s Day and I would like to dedicate this funny Valentine’s Day poem to my lovely wife Anita.

She’s the most wonderful lady, and I hope this poem makes her laugh. I also want to say that my love for her is truly Gigantic.



Good morning sweetheart,
on this Valentine’s Day.
We don’t need much,
just a barn and some hay.

Most want this day,
to be classy romantic.
The love in my heart,
is more than GIGANTIC!

You bring joy to my life,
each day of the year.
Our romantic dinner will include,
french fries and beer.

I don’t intend,
to be lazy nor cheap.
But rather creative,
our waiter’s a sheep.

This Valentine’s Day,
will surely be sweet.
I promise to rub,
your stinky small feet.

My love for you,
is always GIGANTIC.
I have the rest of the day,
to be sweet and romantic.

by anitapoems.com

Window Poem

Today’s poem is about looking out a window. We all do this, some of us more than others. Staring out the window is often used as a form of day dreaming and deep thinking.

Many of us also stare out the window at work while gathering our thoughts. I do it all the time. If these episodes were fast forwarded and filmed, the end result would be one of those cool clips of the changing seasons.

Anyways, let’s move on and try to write an interesting window poem.


My Window

My window welcomes me,
before the sun wakes.
I lose sight of my work,
and dream of those lakes.

Why do we stare,
at a brown old fence.
Our eyes rarely reach it,
when those daydreams are dense.

My window helps me look,
at the future and past.
Constantly remind me,
that nothing shall last.

I try not to use it,
to cry nor depress.
As I stare at those trees,
they take away stress.

It’s dirty but never begs,
maybe I’ll clean.
Will this change my thoughts,
and make them more keen?

Protects me from the wind,
but not the sun as it serves.
My window and friend,
a nice view, it deserves.

by anitapoems.com


Just like the last stanza hints, don’t we all feel like we deserve a beautiful view? We don’t want to stare at another building. We want something that will inspire us. On that thought, I will end it. Hope you enjoyed my window poem.

Technology Poem

I’ve decided to write the following technology poem because it seems like all our lives are affected by technology. From the products we consume to the ways we get around, technology plays a big part.

All I have to do is look around my office and I’ll find many examples of how technology influences my life. Technology also influences how I spend my time online. There are also less obvious things such as manufacturing technologies that help create virtually every product we purchase and use.

This technology poem is not intended to be a thorough example of the field by any means. It’s just includes a few technology related thoughts that popped into my head. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



I wake up each morning,
when my android makes noise.
Technically speaking,
he’s just one of my toys.

Call me lazy,
but I try to save time.
Microwaving my breakfast,
is not a real crime.

Before I dance,
with my electric toothbrush.
Straight for the inbox,
I dive in a rush.

With the click of a mouse,
I outsource my work.
Through Amazon reviews,
I search for my perk.

I won’t wait for weeks,
demand it today.
Another PS3 game,
I can’t wait to play.

I attempt to snap out,
from my wired realm.
It seems like technology,
is right at the helm.

I drive half a block,
to the grocery store.
Technology is friendly,
and opens the door.

I finally use
my dry mouth to speak.
I’m definitely rusty,
and sound like a freak.

Why can’t they get a robot,
to slice the meat.
My disappointment,
I eagerly tweet.

At the checkout,
I have a clear choice.
Use a human
or a machine with a voice.

I return to my office,
my game has arrived.
My ancestors were truly,
technology deprived.

by anitapoems.com


Hope you enjoyed reading my technology poem. Feel free to write one about how technology affects your life.

Coffee Poem

Even though I’m not a big coffee fan myself, this morning I’ve decided to write a poem about coffee.

Coffee is obviously the most popular morning beverage among adults in many parts of the world. I’m hoping my poem explores the fascination and even obsession many people share towards coffee.

Go grab a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the following poem.


Cup of Coffee

A sip of coffee,
Immediately wakes.
It’s a close companion,
with the tired and breaks.

Is it the taste,
or is it the scent,
Announces each morning,
wide-eyed intent.

Choices are plentiful,
Columbian is rich.
A morning without some,
brings an irritable twitch.

Many disciples,
require more than just one.
To prevent their eyelids,
from weighing a tonne.

Personalized combinations,
of sugar and cream.
Adjust the taste,
and prevent a new dream.

For many disciples,
it’s not even a choice.
Since a cup of coffee,
wakes up their voice.

by anitapoems.com


If you really think about it, coffee actually wakes up a very large percentage of our working population every single morning. That’s absolutely amazing, how a single beverage has penetrated our society and carries so much influence.

Many people out there admit that they wouldn’t be able to function without their morning cup of coffee. Personally, I’ve never liked the taste. Water or life itself seems to wake me up. I just try to focus my thoughts on seizing the day (that’s my mental cup of morning coffee).

Going back to coffee, some of us enjoy drinking it, and do so leisurely as well. Others rely on it as a necessity in the morning. There are coffee fanatics amongst us as well. Some people drink close to 10 cups of coffee throughout the day. That’s an extreme for sure.

I’m fascinated at the variety of choices of coffees that we all have. At the end of the day, or I should say, “at the beginning of each day”, each person has a choice of brand and type of beans. This would turn this post into a very long one if I attempted to name just a fraction of options coffee lovers around the world possess.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just drinking out of necessity, I hope you enjoyed today’s coffee poem, and I also hope you enjoy your next cup of coffee.

A Funny Love Poem

Not all love poems need to be serious or just sentimental and romantic. This morning, my goal is to write a funny love poem that couples may share with each other.

I strongly believe that humor is a very important ingredient in any relationship. Without it, life may get too serious and even mundane.

Anyways, have fun sharing the funny love poem featured below. I hope it will make the love of your life laugh today or whenever you decide to share it (maybe Valentine’s Day?).

Our Love

I’m truly grateful,
I can’t complain.
The love that we share,
has infected my brain.

Precious sweet love,
others can’t find.
But we managed to find it,
it’s crazy and blind.

I’m not saying at all,
that our love is weird.
But if it was alive,
it’d have horns and a beard.

The bottom line is
I love you and care.
We certainly make,
a wacky old pair.

You kiss like a monkey,
allow me to share.
When you get upset,
you scream like a bear.

All jokes aside,
I love you my dear.
I know you shall serve me,
for the rest of the year.

by anitapoems.com


Have fun sharing that one with your significant other, whether that’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. I’m sure it will make the love of your life laugh.

Eventually, I would like to create a whole section dedicated to funny love poetry. This will consist of at least 10 funny love poems for you to choose from. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed this one.


55th Birthday Poem for Mom

Today the whole family will be celebrating my mother’s 55th birthday. She is a beautiful lady that has blessed my life since day one.

I just want to say – “Mom, I love you, and this 55th birthday poem is dedicated to you:)”

I decided to call this poem, “Love and Grace”, because my mom lives each day with so much love and grace, and her first name is also, Grace.


Love and Grace

Your journey has reached,
fifty-five years.
There were stories along the way,
with both smiles and tears.

Whenever I look,
into your beautiful green eyes.
I see a compassionate lady,
that is loving and wise.

You share your skills,
with loved ones in need.
Your little grandchildren,
you spoil and feed.

Both the mountains and skies,
I wish I could give.
You deserve happiness,
and a long life to live.

May this birthday of yours,
be joyful with cheer.
I’d like to wish you,
a wonderful year.

Thank you so much,
for your love and your grace.
Deep in my heart,
is your home and your place.

by anitapoems.com


Feel free to share this poem with your wonderful mom.

Best of luck,