A Beautiful Love Poem for Her

It’s a very mild late January morning, and Valentine’s Day is 3 short weeks away. I know that most women love receiving sentimental love poetry (anytime of the year). Since the last poem was written to be shared with guys, today’s is meant to be a beautiful love poem for her.

If you like it, then I hope you end up sharing it with that special lady in your life. Whether she’s your girlfriend or wife, I’m sure she’ll love you for it.

Alright, let’s try to get something sweet and romantic on paper (web paper of course!)


Wind In Your Hair

If beauty had a song,
it would begin with your name.
I sing about loving you,
with joy I proclaim.

My heart rate increases,
as you fuel each beat.
Your beautiful body,
is so tender and sweet.

For all of eternity,
at you I could stare.
It’s a beautiful thing,
the love that we share.

Your luscious lips,
consume my whole mind.
When I’m thinking of you,
I see nothing else – I am blind.

All the beauty on earth,
shall never compare.
To that look in your eyes,
with wind in your hair.

by anitapoems.com


I hope that poem is romantic enough for the love of your life.

You may wish to go for a nice walk with her on a fairly windy day, and surprise her with the poem.

My plan is to take my wife for a walk, but since she’s feeling a bit sick, I may need to create an artificial windy day inside (with a blow dryer). I know that sounds really chessy, but at least it should make her laugh.

Ok, I better go find a blow dryer.

Wish me luck, lol.

p.s. oh, and best of luck with sharing the above, “love poem”, with that special lady in your life.

A Beautiful Love Poem for Him

Today’s category is about a – “beautiful love poem for him”. Guys may seem all macho, but deep down inside most are soft and sensitive. The goal with this love poem is to help you get through the exterior barriers.

Whether you share it with your boyfriend or husband, I hope it creates an emotional response.


Amazing Man

Thank you for always being,
right by my side.
As the love of my life,
I may easily confide.

To each of my days,
happiness you bring.
Because of your love,
my heart learned to sing.

I’m lucky and blessed,
you’re an amazing man.
From a simple kiss,
our journey began.

We share more than love,
as we naturally connect.
I feel safe in your arms,
you always protect.

I love you so dearly,
with my heart and my soul.
If your soul is my food,
then your heart is my bowl.

Where our future may take us,
I have no clue.
But I simply can’t wait,
to spend it with you.

by anitapoems.com


Just want to wish you the best of luck with sharing this love poem with that wonderful guy in your life. May your days together be filled with joy, health, and lots of love.

My Love for You Poem

Today we will look at a, “My Love for You Poem”, which talks about expressing your unconditional and deep love for your significant other.


My Love for You

My love for you,
is like the trees.
It’s nature’s beauty,
which grows with ease.

My love for you,
I shall always display.
Every night,
and every day.

My love for you,
is honest and true.
When we’re holding hands,
it’s a beautiful view.

My love for you,
is infinitely deep.
Brings me peace,
and lets me sleep.

My love for you,
feeds me joy.
Precious and real,
it’s not a toy.

My love for you,
with you I share.
Because I love you,
and deeply care.

by anitapoems.com


Personally, I think it’s very romantic to profess your love by using those four words; “my love for you”.

It’s certainly an honest way of opening up and letting the love of your life know how much she or he means to you.

You are welcome to share the above love poem with your partner, but you may also wish to add a few personalized, “my love for you”, verses. I think that would be very sweet, especially since Valentine’s Day is less than a month away.

Have fun sharing today’s love poem with your sweetheart.


Long Distance Love Poem

Since Valentine’s Day is just a month away, I’ve decided to write love related posts from now until February 14th. Today, I’ll try to write a long distance love poem for all those couples out there who live in separate cities or even countries.


Long Distance Love

You’re someone special,
thoughtful and kind.
The very center,
of my heart and my mind.

The fact that we’re often,
so far away.
Brings me sadness,
to my night and my day.

But whenever I hear,
your beautiful voice.
My smile appears,
as I instantly rejoice.

Those nights I’m feeling lonely,
when you just seem so far.
I look up to the sky,
and make a wish to your star.

I hope and wish,
with my most honest tears.
That we will conquer distance,
right now and not years.

I promise to be patient,
and I passionately believe.
There’s nothing in this world,
together we cannot achieve.

For our love is truly magical,
and our bond is stronger than steel.
The dreams that we share,
shall soon be beautifully real.

by anitapoems.com


Honestly, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be involved in a long distance relationship. But there are millions of couples that try to make these types of relationships not only work but also last.

The circumstances surrounding these types of relationships vary significantly. Often times the couple will meet while on vacation, at school, or while traveling for business. They make every effort to see each other as often as possible, which is never enough.

Modern technologies like Skype help a lot, but in the end it’s just a temporary solution. Long distance relationships are usually temporary. Once the relationship becomes more serious, the goal is to be with one another every single day.

That’s where important decisions and sacrifices need to be made. If a couple loves each other, they should be prepared to move, switch jobs, and leave their extended family and friends to be together.

If you’re currently in a long distance relationship, I hope the poem above helps you express some of your feelings to your partner.

I just want to wish you best of luck and hopefully your long distance relationship will become a close distance relationship in the very near future.

A Poem about Love and Trust

Today’s poem is about love and trust. It talks about how love and trust are necessary to make any relationship work.


Love & Trust

Love is something,
we all cherish dearly.
When we lose it,
our hearts ache severely.

Trust is something,
we share with a few.
It requires honesty,
and a heart that is true.

Love without trust,
is foolishly blind.
It’s easy to lose,
and easy to find.

Trust without love,
is often quite fake.
It won’t give much,
but will happily take.

Love and trust,
go hand in hand.
When together,
this dance is quite grand.

by anitapoems.com


I’ve witnessed situations where couples would claim they love each other, but they wouldn’t trust one another. Without trust, I don’t think their love will ever reach its full potential.

How can you love someone fully and unconditionally, if you don’t trust that person?

It definitely takes time to establish and earn someone’s trust. Friendships are rooted in trust. Imagine how difficult life would be if we couldn’t trust our closest friends.

A couple involved romantically and in a long-term relationship, should also have a strong friendship as the foundation. Building relationships strictly on infatuations is like building a house on sand.

Relationships seem so much peaceful and enjoyable when not only love but also trust is found at the core. Life is way too short in my view, and we should share our lives with a partner that not only loves us, but trusts us in every way.

I’m also not just talking about trust with regards to being faithful. But also trust regarding the decisions and choices we make, trust in our abilities and talents, and trust us as human beings that we will always have the best mutual intentions in mind.

I hope today’s poem reminds us all of the importance of both love and trust in any successful relationship.

Good Morning Poem

This good morning poem is meant to inspire all of us to put on a big smile each morning along with a positive attitude (and of course, say “Good Morning” to everyone we see).


A Simple Good Morning

A simple good morning,
is not hard to find.
Accept it and preach it,
from your heart and your mind.

It’s a positive message,
contagious and sweet.
Respectful and kind,
method to greet.

Positive energy,
each good morning will share.
Say it to strangers,
and they’ll know that you care.

A simple good morning,
has the power to shift,
great inner obstacles,
it’s just like a gift.

Your positive attitude,
it shall help you proclaim.
Don’t ever think,
it’s uncool or lame.

Simple good mornings,
I hope that you spread.
At the end of the day,
your soul shall be fed.

by anitapoems.com


I think it’s very important to be cheerful and happy each morning. If our morning is great, there’s a very good chance that the rest of our day will be wonderful. But if we’re grumpy and negative instead, there’s a good chance that the rest of our day will reflect that.

I know not everyone is a morning person. But that just means that those individuals will need to simply try a little bit harder to maintain and show off that big smile of theirs.

I also believe in saying those magical words, “Good Morning”, to anyone I may bump into each morning. This may be a colleague, friend, or a stranger. Oh, and don’t forget to say, good morning, to your family members each morning. I think it’s a nice and respectful way of showing them that you care.

There’s one more point, I would like to make regarding those contagious, “Good Mornings!”

A positive, good morning, has the power to change your life. What do you think may happen mentally once you decide to smile with energy and life while saying good morning to others?

They will say, good morning, right back, and that will make you feel really good. Your smile will get bigger and your confidence will increase. All of sudden you will achieve inner balance with your true values.

As a result, you will begin to make decisions in your life that will lead to the type of life that you’ve always dreamed of living. If that means pursuing a certain subject in school, you will be able to do so. If that means switching careers and following your passions, then you will achieve your goals.

Imagine how all of those things, may begin from a simple, “Good Morning!”

Best of Luck,

p.s. I hope my good morning poem inspires you to always say good morning to everyone you see each morning.

30th Wedding Anniversary Poem

Today my in-laws are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary so I decided to write them this poem. Feel free to share it with that special couple in your life that will be celebrating their 30th.


Thirty Years

We’re here together,
with happy smiles.
To celebrate,
your many miles.

Thirty years,
have truly passed.
You both must feel,
it went by fast.

Do you recall,
that wedding bell.
Countless stories,
please do tell.

For thirty years,
your bond has been strong.
Holding hands right here,
you both belong.

We all wish you,
joy and success.
Love for each other,
may you forever express.

by anitapoems.com


Traditionally men have shared pearl jewelry with their wives on their wedding 30th anniversary. I’ve also heard that diamonds are also popular as modern gifts. But personally, I’m a bit old school, and would stick with a pearl necklace.

I like pearls for this anniversary because they are classic gifts that possess a sort of timeless elegance. Pearl earrings are also very popular for the 30th.

However, if you’re looking for a gift for a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, then you may consider a nice vase (decorated with a few pearls) or a personalized gift, like a sweet poem.

Well, best of luck sharing this poem with that wonderful couple that have been together for all those years.

A Poem about Shopping

This shopping poem was written for all those shopaholics out there. Enjoy!


Dress & Shoes

She entered the mall,
eyes focused and wide.
A Saturday ritual,
with plenty of pride.

To locate the sales,
that was her plan.
No whining allowed,
from a pet or a man.

Her vision was sharp,
she was determined to win.
It must look good,
with her purse and her skin.

Suddenly she noticed,
the most beautiful dress.
Her wallet said no,
but her heart just said – yes.

She saw something awful,
on her way to the cash.
The dress and her shoes,
will definitely clash.

She paid for the dress,
and dashed straight for shoes.
Without the perfect pair,
the dress she won’t use.

Hours of trying,
her battle was long.
She tried countless pairs,
but most were just wrong.

Moments prior,
to her defeat and surrender.
She noticed a pair,
that were sexy and slender.

She smiled with confidence,
at her victory of match.
Her new dress and shoes,
what a beautiful catch.

by anitapoems.com


I think there are a lot of women out there that will be able to relate to this poem. Some women have shopping down to a science. They know exactly what to buy, when, where, and for how much.

Maybe I’ll share it with my sister, since she loves to shop. But then again, most women enjoy shopping, so I might as well also print out a few more copies and give one to my wife, mom, and cousins + aunts.

Happy Shopping,

Birthday Invitation Poem for Kids

Here’s a birthday invitation poem that is meant to be shared with kids. It’s funny and hopefully it will inspire children to write their own rhyming poetry.


Fun Party

This rhyming poem,
I just wanted to send.
To you my silly,
and happy friend.

If you see teeth marks,
on this invite.
My dog tried to help,
with his tongue and bite.

To my birthday party,
I hope you will come.
We will play fun games,
and the food will be yum.

I will be much older,
another sweet year.
When we see something funny,
we will laugh and just cheer.

Now don’t forget,
to mark this date.
You won’t want to miss,
a party that’s great.

by anitapoems.com

A Poem about Hard Work

For many of us, the beginning of a new year is a fresh start, both personally and professionally. This usually evolves from within our minds as we set goals and go back to shaping our routines once again.

At this time, many of us are also refocusing our efforts at work, following the holidays.

So based on that, today’s poem will be about hard work. Some of us work very hard physically, and others mentally (and a few of us both). No matter the type, each requires plenty of focus, dedication, and obviously – time.


Hard Work

We get up each morning,
and head off to work.
From construction to retail,
and a paper shuffling clerk.

Like the trees in our forests,
our jobs certainly vary.
A super busy schedule,
they commonly carry.

Our work is broken down,
as we focus on each task.
Bosses over our shoulders,
countless questions they ask.

Let’s not forget about,
all those extra long hours.
Evenings are filled,
with exhausted cold showers.

All this hard work,
is not hopeless or bleak.
A career of our choice,
waits at the peak.

We should combine hard work,
with skills that they need.
Throw in some passion,
and we’ll surely succeed.

It takes plenty of effort,
to do the job right.
The end result,
is a simple delight.

by anitapoems.com


The competition for jobs is greater now than ever before in history. The key to successfully finding and holding on to a good job these days revolves around skills. I’m not talking about any old skills, I’m talking about specialized, technology and knowledge based skills.

There’s a huge demand for all types of engineers and professionals with either a science or technical background.

At the same time, I think employees that work in the service industries need to expand their value by acquiring more skills and distinguishing themselves from those that are hungry for their jobs.

For example, if someone works in reception at a hotel, they may volunteer to setup and manage the hotels local Twitter and Facebook accounts. So during their spare time, they could post updates and upcoming events.

This strategy would not only secure their positions, but may also result in future promotions (and more money).

I think it’s important to combine hard work with initiative and passion. Every employer loves to see that, and it’s a great way to distinguish oneself from the rest of the pack.

Hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem about hard work.

Best of Luck,