A Poem about being Homeless in the Cold

Over the last few days, it has been really cold up here in Canada. Yesterday, it was as bad as minus 26 Celsius, and today, it’s expected to be slightly better.

My personal inconvenience does not even compare to the daily struggles that homeless people deal with each day. They’re just trying to survive through the winter.


Crying Wind

She woke this morning,
with a cold winter chill.
Her bones were aching,
she knew the drill.

A hearty breakfast,
a mere step away.
Yet so far,
her memories are grey.

The furious wind,
punched her red cheeks.
A warm soft voice,
has not heard for weeks.

She gathered her things,
and headed for work.
The coldest feeling,
each passing smirk.

Not proud of much,
but this corner she chose.
Broken soul and shoes,
she could not feel her toes.

She begs passersby,
just to simply survive.
They don’t notice her pain,
while texting and drive.

She could have been more,
and avoided the cold.
Most of her life,
into abuse she was sold.

Just like the rest of us,
slowly she’s dying.
But when we’re asleep,
in the wind she is crying.

by anitapoems.com

A Poem about Goals

I think it’s very fitting that my first poem of 2012 is about goals. Many of us have personal goals that we’re planning to achieve this year. I hope this poem puts them into perspective.



Glance back quickly,
then I look straight ahead.
My cravings for success,
are waiting to be fed.

Filled with excitement,
deep in my heart.
I can taste the sweetness,
of a brand new start.

My hand with a pen,
dance as they race.
Dreams and ambitions,
mutually chase.

Eyes thoroughly scan,
the ultimate list.
Brain tries to think,
what have I missed.

These goals that I set,
should not be in stone.
Since life is dynamic,
and rarely alone.

My goals should be true,
and not simply high.
The most important –
always I’ll try.

by anitapoems.com


I think it’s normal that we usually set many very ambitious goals at the beginning of each year. In our heads and our hearts, we often feel like we will be able to achieve many goals throughout the year.

I think it all comes down to two critical factors:

  • time management
  • action

Looking at the first one, if we don’t manage our time efficiently, it will be very difficult to check every goal off our list by the end of the year. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at my 15 goals that I have for this website alone. I understand that I’ll need to manage my time really well to accomplish most of them.

However, I won’t beat myself up if I miss a few. As long as the ones I don’t get to are not major ones. That’s something I will be able to live with.

The second necessary factor is an obvious no brainer. In order to accomplish the goals that we set, we’ll need to act upon them (continuously) from beginning until the end.

Today’s poem is just a short snippet of some of the emotions that we feel when we’re setting our goals. The last line is the most important in my view. Whatever the circumstance, we should avoid excuses at all costs, and always to try no matter how scared or insecure we may feel.

That worst possibly outcome is not failure, but rather not TRYING at all.

A Christmas Poem for My Loving Wife

Christmas Eve is tomorrow, and I would like to dedicate the following poem to my precious wife, Anita.


Christmas With You

Christmas with you,
is a gift that is dear.
Your beautiful smile,
fills me with cheer.

Christmas with you,
is all that I need.
I think of our love,
and never of greed.

Christmas with you,
is magically sweet.
You are my soulmate,
my life is complete.

Christmas with you,
I give thanks and praise.
Love you so dearly,
in so many ways.

Christmas with you,
I’m excited to share.
Till the end of our days,
I shall love you and care.

by anitapoems.com

I love you, and Merry Christmas,


Christmas Poem for Mom

Here’s a Christmas poem that you may wish to share with your mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re five or fifty. Your mom not only deserves the following kind gesture, but I’m pretty confident that she will love it.


Merry Christmas Mom

Dear loving mother of mine,
Christmas memories we’ve shared.
Those Christmas dinners,
you deliciously prepared.

You work so hard,
to make it happen each year.
With a smile on your face,
you fill the air with pure cheer.

I remember us decorating,
that beautiful tree.
We sang Christmas carols,
and I was just three.

Merry Christmas mom,
from the bottom of my heart.
I pray that on Christmas,
we’re never apart.

You always made Christmas special,
how could I ever repay.
The best gift I shall offer,
is to love you each day.

by anitapoems.com


I truly hope that you get an opportunity to share this poem with your mom.

Merry Christmas,

I am Baker

I’d like to share a poem I wrote about a special lady named Amanda and her wonderful family (husband Chad, and kids, Colton, Audrey, Parker, and baby Eddie). Her blog is located at iambaker.net, and after reading a bunch of her posts, I became truly inspired by her values, family, and lifestyle.

I hope this poem, and Amanda’s blog also inspires you.


I am Baker

She’s a wonderful mother,
and the most loving wife.
A few words about her,
passions and life.

It’s deliciously obvious,
that she loves to bake.
For each day of the year,
she’s got an idea and cake.

Her baked sensations,
make us all drool.
She’s positive and happy,
now that’s very cool.

Her four beautiful children,
constantly surprise and inspire.
That country lifestyle,
many admire.

She loves them infinitely,
and shall always protect.
With God by her side,
strives to reflect.

She looks at her kids,
they’re growing too fast.
Her collection of memories,
is digitally vast.

With Christian values and Chad,
they’re mutually raising.
Counting their blessings,
and gratefully praising.

Audrey is just two,
but exceptionally smart.
Photos of her,
are prettier than art.

She blesses the world,
through her smiles and joy.
Playing with brothers,
is her ultimate toy.

Colton is caring,
a bit shy and reserved.
He’s a natural athlete,
that’s been observed.

A very happy baby,
his name is Eddie.
For lots of entertainment,
he’s excited and ready.

Parker is a trooper,
makes chairs and catches fish,
To feed his curiosity,
is his adventurous wish.

Last but not least,
is amazing Chad.
A thoughtful husband,
and exceptional dad.

For his loving family,
he always finds time.
Works very hard,
Mount Everest would climb.

As you can see,
she’s lucky and blessed.
But just like the rest of us,
sometimes gets stressed.

We’re excited to taste,
her next creation.
We know where she gets,
her inspiration.

At the end of the day,
she’s honest and true.
Enjoys each day,
with a beautiful view.

by anitapoems.com

A Christmas Love Poem

You may wish to share the following Christmas love poem with your significant other on Christmas.


Christmas Love

Shivers greet us,
through December’s chill.
The roads are covered,
with an icy spill.

Amongst the cold,
warmth we find.
Thoughts of you,
fill my mind.

Christmas celebrations,
with your smile arrived.
Each glance we share,
my soul is revived.

During Christmas time,
I often reflect.
As I’m thinking of us,
cheer I collect.

This love that we share,
is our most precious gift.
With you in my heart,
the world I can lift.

Like a golden snowflake,
our love is a rarity.
This Christmas let’s give,
our time and our charity.

If Christmas is joy,
mine shall never end.
For my time on this earth,
with you I shall spend.

by anitapoems.com


Share today’s Christmas poem with the love of your life. Whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, I’m sure your special someone will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Personally, I think it’s really nice of for taking the time to find a Christmas love poem for your partner. Small actions like this show the type of person you are. So based on that, you obviously deserve to share Christmas with someone truly special, and that person is also very lucky to have you.

I don’t think we should wait until Valentine’s Day to express how much we love someone. Christmas is a great opportunity to do something special and thoughtful. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

You may print out the above poem, take your sweetheart skating, and read it to him or her on the ice or while sipping on delicious hot chocolate (at home or your local coffee shop).

I’m sure you can come up with many creative ways to express your love this Christmas. Just don’t forget to do it with a huge smile on your face.

Merry Christmas (and may yours be filled with lots of happiness and love),

Funny Christmas Poem

Since Christmas is just a few short weeks away, I decided to write a funny Christmas poem for you guys. I plan on sharing it with my family on Christmas eve (prior to all those gift distractions).


Santa Got Stuck

They woke up excited,
on Christmas Day.
Both adults and kids,
were ready to play.

Jumped out of bed,
and scrambled downstairs.
They looked like a bunch,
of hungry old bears.

Suddenly they stopped,
and just stared in shock.
Santa was snoring,
and it was six O’clock.

Cookie crumbs and milk,
were stuck in his beard.
The kids gave him a hug,
and joyfully cheered.

Santa realized,
he lost track of time.
He said his goodbyes,
and started to climb.

But then in their chimney,
he really got stuck.
It seemed like Santa,
was short on his luck.

The kids pulled, then pushed,
both of his feet.
But Santa knew,
he had too much to eat.

For the next few months,
in their chimney he chilled.
They exchanged stories,
the kids were just thrilled.

Christmas songs every evening,
they would joyously sing.
Santa was stuck,
until the first day of spring.

They woke up that morning,
and thought he was gone.
Looked out the window,
and saw Santa mowing their lawn.

He thanked the whole family,
as he smiled and waved goodbye.
He was really glad that his reindeer,
still remembered how to fly.

by anitapoems.com


You may also wish to write your own personalized funny Christmas poem. Whenever I do that, I make sure to include family member names in it. When it comes to reading it, everyone ends up laughing since we all understand the, “inside” jokes.

You could start off by writing down a few ideas. You may joke about a cousin that is obsessed with Boxing Day, or a grandpa that is glued to his rocking chair. Just think of all the funny and unique things that you observe during Christmas.

You may also list a bunch of funny things that happened in the past on Christmas. I’m sure if you take a few moments to think about it, you’ll be able to come up with plenty of stuff. Then all you had to do is just add the funnier points to your poem. Don’t forget to use a rhyming dictionary if you need help rhyming.

I hope today’s funny Christmas poem made you laugh. If you like it, then feel free to share it with family and friends. I also hope it has inspired you to write your own personalized version.

Merry Christmas,

A Poem About a New Home

Today’s poem is about a new home. It talks about a family in their brand new home and what it means to them.


Brand New Home

They looked upon,
their brand new home.
It seemed to shine,
just like chrome.

Each wall and door,
shared a fresh smell.
With the unfamiliar sound,
of their welcoming bell.

This new home observed,
with windows as eyes.
It was built to listen,
for both laughter and cries.

They will express themselves,
by decorating inside.
Each corner and room,
they’ll showcase with pride.

Many moments and years,
looking forward to spend.
Host joyful parties,
or just talk with a friend.

This home of theirs,
is not just a place.
In their minds and hearts,
it has a face.

They know with time,
they’ll make it their own.
Blessed and truly grateful,
for their brand new home.

by anitapoems.com


Moving into a new home is often an exciting experience. Initially, everything may seem very unfamiliar or foreign. But once get all your stuff in the right places, it’s just a matter of time before it begins to feel just like home.

When I was a child, my family moved quite a bit. So I had the opportunity of moving into a new home several times. It would usually take me several weeks to adapt, but I’d always make it my own. Leaving was the tough part.

Now as an adult, not much has changed. Now I’m more concerned about raising a family in a nice neighbourhood, and finding a home with a big backyard for all the kids to be.

Regarding the house itself, I’m not very picky. As long as it has large windows to allow plenty of light to come in, then I’m happy.

I hope today’s, “Brand New Home” poem helps you adapt to your new nest.

Best of Luck,

Racing Car Poem

The following racing car poem may be shared with all those racing fanatics out there. This poem is meant to be relevant to any age group, and fans of any type of car racing circuit, including Nascar, Indy, Formula 1, etc.


Checkered Flag

The race begins,
as engines roar.
They charge ahead,
like a wild boar.

Immediately they,
vie for position.
Victory and glory,
is their common mission.

Every driver,
maximum speed desires.
Each sharp turn,
burns their tires.

Magnificent machines,
often tease disaster.
Fearless warriors,
strive for nothing but faster.

Their greatest nemesis and savior,
are known simply as brakes.
In order to pass,
they wait for mistakes.

In the end,
only one gets to brag.
The first to kiss,
the checkered flag.

by anitapoems.com


I can’t imagine the constant adrenaline racing professionals must feel as they’re driving their amazing cars. In order for these professionals to be successful they must remain composed and in complete control at all times. I’m sure it takes many years to master the driving skills they possess.

For many of us racing fans, it’s a lot of fun just watching these drivers compete. Since these cars are so close, fans are often on the edge of their seats. Seeing it live is another totally different experience. As a spectator these cars just zoom by you at remarkable speeds.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s racing car poem, and have fun sharing it with all those racing fanatics in your life.

Adventure Poem

I’ve always considered myself as being the adventurous type. So that’s why I know I’ll enjoy writing today’s adventure poem. I just need to figure out what to include in it.



All little adventure,
will get the blood going.
What you see next,
you’re often not knowing.

Imagine a lush jungle,
that’s completely remote.
Or unforgiving river,
where you struggle to float.

The amount of risk,
no need for excessive.
Like fighting with aligators,
that are purely aggressive.

It’s still an adventure,
that random Sunday ride.
Destination not required,
not even a guide.

Enjoy those moments,
of wind in your hair.
Breath in and savour,
the energizing fresh air.

Any adventure,
you’re free to choose.
As long it’s fun,
you’ll never lose.

by anitapoems.com


My daily blog posts usually consist of one poem (due to other obligations, sure I’d love to write 10 for you guys each day). But right now it’s Saturday morning, and it seems like I’m still the only soul that’s awake. For that reason (and since I love adventures), I just decided to write an extra adventure poem right now. Enjoy!


Lonely Hiker

He entered the forest,
with late November crisp breeze.
With pure confidence,
and near elegant ease.

His task this morning,
was to track and explore.
He was accustomed,
to mother nature’s dark floor.

He heard a sound in the distance,
while raising his head.
A busy chipmunk,
noticed and fled.

This lush northern forest,
felt like his domain.
A place where he could relax,
and rest his old brain.

It seemed like an adventure,
with each step he took.
The cold never surprised him,
as he repeatedly shook.

He always chose this place,
over that busy park.
He was a lonely hiker,
who had to leave his mark.

His adventures were not inspired,
by legends nor fame.
For nature’s fools,
he was simply a game.

The trees ended too soon,
as he pleaded with the sky.
Stone metal structures,
caused this old bear to cry.

by anitapoems.com


In this poem, the “hiker” is actually a bear, who walks around in a forest, thinking that it hasn’t been altered like those public parks. In the last verse, he realizes the reality of it all when he no longer sees trees but rather tall structures (buildings). This caused the big old bear to cry.

I guess this second adventure poem resulted in a much deeper message. I hope it helps remind us about the importance of preserving our natural environment and all the species within it.

Reading that poem made me sad, and I feel like I should be out there with my family enjoying nature’s beauty. Since tomorrow, it may not be there.