A Poem About Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Today’s poem talks about overcoming life’s challenges. I was inspired to write it after reading about one lady’s amazing journey and how she overcame her personal challenges.


Our Challenges

When all we see,
is darkness and gloom.
We feel totally helpless,
while running from doom.

We eventually confront,
our inner brick wall.
Our choice is to break it,
or give up and fall.

We may search for our strengths,
waiting patiently deep inside.
From life’s obstacles,
there’s no reason to hide.

All our challenges,
we must embrace and defeat.
As we open our eyes,
our true purpose we’ll greet.

Let’s take a step outside,
our routine comfort zone.
This will carve a path,
where our goals we shall own.

Our personal challenges,
quite difficult may seem.
But, if we believe in ourselves,
life will be as sweet – as a dream.

by anitapoems.com


This poem is dedicated to Moya Mulvay, who is an absolutely amazing human being. Life has thrown many obstacles in her way. But instead of giving up, and creating excuses, she decided to do something about her challenges.

Reading her story, I realized how grateful I should always be. Just by comparing my obstacles with hers, I quickly came to the conclusion that I should never complain. In comparison, my life has been a walk in the park. That’s why I must embrace all my opportunities, and do something meaningful, and with a greater purpose.

If you need some inspiration in your life, I recommend you check out, Moya’s website. I would also like to thank Moya for inspiring me to write today’s poem.

A Poem About Honesty


This poem talks about the importance of honesty. Life is often so much more enjoyable and guilty free when we are honest with others and even ourselves.



Sometimes the truth,
we are tempted to hide.
Due to our guilt,
or just simple pride.

An exaggeration,
may lead to a lie.
Those that affected,
may break down and cry.

When honesty,
we try to avoid.
are often destroyed.

Our intentions,
are not to distress.
The only solution,
is to genuinely confess.

If we continue these ways,
we shall never gain trust.
For healthy relationships,
it’s an absolute must.

When we have done wrong,
we should be honest and frank.
People will appreciate,
in the end they will thank.

by anitapoems.com


I cannot stress enough how important it is for all of us to be honest with the people in our lives. Nobody appreciates being lied to. No matter how hard it may seem, telling the truth is always better than lying.

If we have done something wrong, we should look deep inside our hearts, and be honest with those that deserve the truth. These may be our parents, friends, or partners. Whoever they may be, and whatever the circumstance, the truth has the power to fix things. But keeping and feeding a lie, may only make things much worse.

Not being honest with someone, may also put a burden on our shoulders. We may think frequently about our dishonesty, which may lead to unnecessary stress. Once we gather the courage to rid our mind of this lie, we’ll feel a thousand times better, and relieved, almost instantly.

There are special (rare) situations when lack of honesty is acceptable in my eyes. For example, when my aunt had a fairly serious operation, we didn’t tell our 90 year old grandmother, because she would have stressed too much. We didn’t want to place this burden on grandma’s shoulder, especially since she’s gone through so much in her life. We just want her to be happy in her remaining years.

I’m not perfect myself. Personally, I need to remember the importance of being completely honest with the people who are the closest to me. I learned that by being honest with our loved ones, they appreciate it, and their reactions are usually not as bad as we may have played out in our minds.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves our honesty. Nobody wants to be lied to, not even us.

I hope today’s poem about honesty has reminded you of the importance of being honest.

A Poem About Losing A Friend


Today’s featured poem is about losing a friend. We have all experienced the horrible and helpless feelings of losing a friend. I hope this poem expresses those feelings.


Past Forever

My scattered thoughts,
are a struggle to explain.
In the midst of them all,
prevails sorrow and pain.

Our wonderful memories,
I’m striving to draw.
As wet tears of loss,
drip down my soaked jaw.

What holds me together,
is the friendship we shared.
Understood each other,
and mutually cared.

Now that you’re gone,
I feel lost and alone.
Wish we could talk,
right now on the phone.

In my wounded heart,
you have a home and place.
My mind is filled,
with your voice and your face.

My thoughts of you,
shall cease – never.
I will miss you so dearly,
way past forever.

by anitapoems.com

A Poem About The Wind


Today’s poem is about the wind. More specifically, wind is used as a metaphor for experiencing change in our lives.


Changing Wind

A chilly reminder,
this November morning.
It came from the west,
without any warning.

The moment it reached,
our neck and our face.
We lost our innocence,
security and grace.

We’re always surprised,
we never expect.
Like change in our lives,
it’s hard to connect.

We can’t see it coming,
until it’s too late.
We’re just like the leaves,
we are the bait.

With change, just like the wind,
we must learn to cope.
Calm clear skies,
we seek and we hope.

by anitapoems.com


There are several reasons why I chose to compare the wind with change. It seems like whenever we step outside, and we feel a chilly breeze, we’re caught by surprise. I think the same may be said about change in our lives. Often times, it surprises us.

We’re so used to our daily routines, that we usually don’t accept change with open arms. I also don’t think that anyone gets excited when they feel that uncomfortable cold breeze in the early morning.

There have been countless occasions where I was walking outside during the winter, and feeling that chilly breeze against my face. Even though it may not feel all that great, I learned to tolerate it. In part due to the hope and understanding that this chilly breeze will eventually subside and disappear.

The same may be said about change in our lives. It may not seem all that appealing when we’re going through it and dealing with it. But we understand, that change (just like that chilly wind), will not last forever. Eventually, it will subside and disappear. At that point, we will return to our predictable routine.

I think the real trick is for us to realize that change may sometimes be a good thing. Not only it keeps life interesting, but it enables us to grow as individuals. It teaches us to adapt to different situations, and prosper as a result. Just like that chilly breeze teaches us to adapt to the various seasons.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem about the wind, and how it was used as a metaphor for change. In the end, I think we must remember to respect both the wind and change in our lives.

Video Game Poem


I grew up during the video game revolution of the 80s and 90s, therefore, I’m very excited about writing today’s video game poem. These days, video games are much more complex, engaging, and visually appealing, then they were 20 years ago. But even video games back in the day, were a lot of fun.


Video Games

Do you remember Pac-Man,
he had to watch out for each ghost.
While Pitfall Harry,
his treasure he’d boast.

With Missile command,
came a huge bang,
Followers of Space Invaders,
about defeating aliens they sang.

One of the coolest of all time,
was Halo – the first-person shooter.
To play Super Mario,
you won’t need a tutor.

Call of Duty,
is all about war.
It’s one of those games,
with plenty of gore.

With Grand Theft Auto,
there’s no need to explain
Being chased by those cops,
is fun for the brain.

The legends of Zelda
is about purely adventure.
If you remember Tetris,
you may need a denture.

Sonic The Hedgehog,
was known to be superfast.
Those Final Fantasy games,
forever they last.

The Sims are interesting,
games about life.
Where you choose a house,
a job and good wife.

Wii games are so much fun,
as we get off our butts.
Active, family-friendly games,
never show any guts.

by anitapoems.com


Back then, a bouncing ball, or a simple 2D spaceship captured our imaginations. Now we have movie style story lines, with realistic graphics, and recorded voices.

These days, a small army of experts is required to develop your average video game. They usually take years to complete. The more popular video games, sell out like pancakes, with a near cult following awaiting their release.

Personally, I prefer video games that have an intricate story. My favorite include, medieval style role-playing games. I got hooked on that genre in the early 90s through those simple 2D d&d computer games.

I think video games are perfectly fine, and a great source of entertainment, as long as they’re used within moderation, just like anything else.

Now, we are able to play with people around the world, through the internet. This allows individuals with the same gaming preferences to play together. This has definitely, added a social factor to the gaming realm.

In the past, we would either play with someone who was sitting right next to us, or in most cases, we’d simply play alone. Now, there’s no need to play alone.

To me, it seems like online video games are the new playgrounds of yesterday. I’m a big fan of them, but I still think kids should go outside and use traditional playgrounds more often.

At least innovative consoles like the Nintendo Wii, require that we stand up and move our limbs to play their games.

Be Happy Poem


Today’s poem is about being happy in life. Happiness is something we all strive for. I think the trick is to know how to be happy in our everyday lives. This requires us to live life through our values.

We should also keep in mind that our individual definition of happiness may be completely different from someone else’s. But that’s ok, because happiness is a choice that we make. It reflects our attitude towards life, and at the end of the day, we’re in complete control. Our individual thoughts will decide whether we are happy or not.

Good thing we have complete control of our thoughts. As a result, we may choose to be happy whenever we wish.

I hope this poem reminds us all to be happy.



To be happy,
I wish each day.
Just like a child,
in the middle of play.

Life may reveal,
occasional grief.
But I’ll never give up,
to sadness the thief.

The type of life,
I truly desire.
I must live it,
with passion and fire.

I need to work on things,
that are dear to my heart.
Paint my journey,
like personalized art.

Being happy,
is clearly a choice.
It all depends,
on my internal voice.

by anitapoems.com


I would just like to add one more thing. We all have goals and plans in our life. But we shouldn’t be so obsessed with our goals that we forget to live life with happiness.

What I’m trying to say, is that happiness is simply a way of life. It’s all about our individual attitudes. Goals will come and go, but we should be happy during our journey.

If we just choose to be happy whenever we achieve a certain personal goal, then we won’t be very often. There’s always going to be another goal and mission in our lives, when we achieve our previous ones.

Don’t forget to be happy each day. Whether you’re working on finishing high school, elementary school, aiming for a promotion at work, or building a home.

Here’s my secret: “I make sure I smile each morning when I wake up, and give thanks for everything I have in my life (especially my wife).”

A Christmas Poem By A 7 Year Old Kid


Today’s featured poem is a Christmas poem that was written by my 7 year old nephew Sebastian. Just like any kid his age, he’s very excited about Christmas, and expresses his thoughts through this poem. Sebastian would like to dedicate this poem to his wonderful mom.


Christmas Cheer

Ho, Ho, Ho,
Christmas is near.
We’re super excited,
and filled with cheer.

We can’t wait until,
the first snowflake falls.
Boys will ask Santa for cars,
and girls will wish for dolls.

Each Christmas tree,
so beautiful and tall.
While Santa’s elves,
are extra small.

With family and friends,
we share a good time.
Snowy hills,
we get to climb.

We can’t wait until we hear,
reindeer bells on the roof.
All our presents,
are the proof.

by anitapoems.com


The Most Romantic Poem


Today, I will attempt to write the most romantic poem that I’ve ever written. I’ve written hundreds of romantic poems in the past, so this won’t be easy. The most romantic ones from the past, were completely random. There’s no switch that I may turn on and increase the romance factor in my poetry. I just go with the flow and hope for the best. I just hope this romantic poem doesn’t disappoint you. If you like it, then share it with the love of your life.


Day Dream

From a short distance,
I look upon your beautiful face.
You notice and smile,
with the most humblest grace.

Your unique walk,
seduces me and openly invites.
As my heart pounds faster,
it opens the door to much greater heights.

I fall into an immediate day dream,
you take my hand, into the land of bliss.
The emotions I feel,
like an eternal soft kiss.

Our bodies and minds,
embrace into one.
Sublime moments of pure love,
have only begun.

With every touch,
and whisper so sweet.
We no longer require,
the sun for our heat.

As I open my eyes,
you’re now next to me.
You know what I’m thinking,
we both smile and agree.

by anitapoems.com


Today is a fairly chilly November morning, so I definitely had to use my full imagination for this poem. The weather and my state of fatigue did not help.

Personally, I believe it’s important to share romantic poetry or notes with your partner, year round. These are simple little ways of keeping the fire going during the year. Especially, since we’re all guilty of falling into our daily routines, and often forgetting about the importance of romance and intimacy in our relationships.

I also think that only the recipient may determine whether it’s the most romantic poem they’ve ever received or read. So the trick is to share many romantic poems over time with your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, and let them choose the ones they like best.

From my experiences, the most romantic poems are the ones that are shared from the heart, and have a verse or two that are personalized and truly unique. This may be something that only the person receiving the poem would understand.

Best of luck sharing the featured romantic poem with that truly special person in your life. May your love for each other, not only last, but prosper and grow over time.


Country Life Poem


I was very excited to write the following country life poem. The reason is because I’ve always loved the outdoors and admire those country lifestyles. My dream has always been to move away from the city.


Oh, Country Life

I wake up each morning,
to the most beautiful view.
A breath of fresh air,
and a sky crispy blue.

A wonderland of life,
on pastures so green.
Relaxed and at peace,
my mind feels so clean.

Life out here,
does not seem like a chore.
There’s plenty of work,
but more to explore.

People are friendly,
smiles we share.
For mother earth,
we all mutually care.

Homemade apple pie,
during my walks, I can smell.
My joys and gratitude,
to the birds I just yell.

Oh, Country life,
That I love and embrace.
This is my home,
this is my place.

by anitapoems.com


Living in the country must be really nice. Being surrounded by beautiful nature and fresh air must feel so good. Personally, I feel amazing whenever we go up to the cottage. Unfortunately, we only get a chance to experience it a few times each year.

So I’m thinking, if we enjoy something so much as country living, why not make it a part of our lives 365 days a year.

There are countless fun activities in the country that the entire family may enjoy. Things like hiking, swimming (in lakes), canoeing, skiing, all the sports, and so many more.

It also feels like the communities outside the cities and suburban areas are much closer or tightknit. Life seems more peace and less hectic than it is in the city. I feel like staring out onto the lake is a perfect place to just gather your thoughts. I also believe that the air in these rural areas is better for us, since there’s a lot less cars, buildings, factories, etc. and much more wilderness that cleans and nourishes the air we breathe.

I just realized I was day dreaming this entire time, as I was writing this post. Maybe that’s a sign that I need to work hard on making this country dream come true for me and my family.

Well, I hope you enjoyed travelling through my country daydream. Don’t forget to share the country life poem with family and friends. You never know, it may convince your loved ones to experience country living more often.


A Poem About The Meaning of Life


Today’s poem is about the meaning of life. We all may have different personal views on this subject. I guess this poem expresses some of mine.



We all live life,
in our preferred ways.
We share the same river of time,
during nights and our days.

We have become infinitely busy,
with each little task.
On the meaning of life,
we don’t ponder nor ask.

Maybe that’s because,
the answers are clear.
Subconsciously informed,
to seek happiness and cheer.

There’s no destination,
to wait or arrive.
Moments filled journey,
we should constantly strive.

Since happiness begins,
with each unique mind.
Fueled by love,
and to always be kind.

The meaning of life,
is to mutually savor.
Our hearts shall appreciate,
the bliss and the flavor.

by anitapoems.com


To me the meaning of life is very simple. It involves sharing experiences with family and friends, and simply enjoying life.
I don’t think there’s a secret formula or anything like that. As individuals, we just need to make an effort to live life with a positive attitude and smile on our faces. Simple things like that, will enable us to live happier and richer lives.

We need to accept our struggles, fears, and pain as ingredients that will always be there. However, we shouldn’t make them our focus, because in doing so we’d be wasting our days. Our limited number of days.

I also believe that we need to understand that we share life and this earth we inhabit, together. Therefore we need to love our fellow human beings, if we wish to be loved back.

Every person on this planet is passionate about something and is good at doing something very well. That’s why I strongly believe that each person must follow his/her passions in life. By doing so, the world will become a better place. Everyone needs to play their role, no matter how small it may seem. We are a world community that will prosper and be happy when we all collaborate and provide our individual passionate efforts into the pool.

The goal is to enjoy both our individual and mutual journey. That’s the meaning of life, in my view.

I hope you enjoyed reading my meaning of life poem.