A Poem About The Good Life


On this chilly November morning, I’ve decided to write a poem about the good life. We may all share different views about what exactly is the good life. However, for me it’s about having the freedom to do what you wish, being able to live life truthfully, happily, and aligned with your values.


The Good Life

Some strive for fortune,
and unlimited fame.
It must be nice,
that’s what they claim.

The good life,
is what they truly seek.
About this rare gem,
they constantly speak.

The good life may seem,
like it’s distant and far.
And just a dream,
like a fading white star.

You should remember,
to stick to the truth.
Inside your heart,
there’s passion and youth.

The good life begins,
with simply good health.
Nothing’s more precious,
than this single wealth.

Surrounded by people,
that love you dearly.
Through the glasses of good life,
you shall now see more clearly.

The final door shall open,
with your good life key.
It’s made of your true passions,
and will set you free.

by anitapoems.com


We all day dream about the good life, that’s just human nature. Many of us believe that the good life is when we retire, and have plenty of time on our hands to do anything we wish. I’ll agree, that’s a pretty valid argument. Especially if it talks about being free to do what you wish to do.

But does that mean we all need to wait until our retirement? Why can’t we just begin living the good life right now? Or at least our personal versions of the good life.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything that’s stopping us from doing exactly just that. I think a lot of it has to do with our jobs. It’s difficult to live the good life if we’re not passionate about the work that we do every day.

That’s just from some observations that I’ve made. It seems like those people who enjoy their jobs, and are passionate about it, are living the good life. That’s why it’s very important to find a job that won’t even feel like a job. But instead it will feel like a hobby.

You may be thinking, that’s much easier said than done. Well, I agree with you. Except we all have choices, and if we align those choices with dedication and perseverance, we can certainly get there.

Let’s look at the good life scenario from a different angle. Let’s say that you don’t love nor hate your job. It’s just a job that pays the bills. That’s how many of us feel. But instead of waiting for retirement, you may dedicate one day each week to something that you love doing. This may include, arts and crafts, sports, or just chatting with friends. So based on that one day a week of total bliss, is it fair to label that as the good life? It depends on your personal requirements of your individual idea of a good life. For someone else a good life is being able to work at a lakefront cottage, away from the noise and clutter of the city (I’ll admit, that’s actually my dream).

So whatever your notion of a good life may be, make sure you strive to live it. I also hope you enjoyed reading the above poem about a good life.

Life is Too Short Poem


This morning I’m going to try to write a life is too short poem. I’m sure we can all come up with many things we would like to do more of or try. Off the top of my head, I can think of simple things, including, spending more time with family and friends, trying new activities, eating more ice cream and cake. I guess it comes down to striving to be happy on a daily basis and living in the moment (while planning for the future).


Life is Too Short

That life is too short,
we all simply agree.
We must open our eyes,
and honestly see.

The experiences we strive for,
may seem hard to achieve.
They’re within our reach,
if we strongly believe.

Life is too short,
let’s not hold a grudge.
We should encourage others,
not scornfully judge.

If we have a dream,
let’s passionately strive.
Using our courage and hope,
with both feet we should dive.

Life is too short,
we should stop and smell the flowers.
Dance in the rain,
during August warm showers.

It’s obviously clear,
that life is too short.
So let’s spend it with those,
who love and support.

by anitapoems.com


When I was younger, I was much more open to greater risk taking. My youthful sense of invincibility with my confidence and competitive nature were not the best of combinations. I understand that for the next 30 years or so, the majority of my decisions will need to be fairly conservative. That’s simply because I know I will need to be there for my wife and kids.

But once I reach a certain age, my life is too short philosophy will definitely kick in and I’ll become an adventuring maniac skydiving, rock climbing, and doing all that cool stuff.

However, there are certain views I will always strive to act upon no matter my age. Since, “life is too short”, I will always work on being kind to others. I will also work on developing deeper relationships with my family and friends.

Professionally, I’ll always strive to create as much value as I can for others. I will make sure to share all my knowledge that I have attained and will stumble upon in the future. I will work on using this knowledge to do good things that coincide with my values (because life is too short).

I try to continuously remind myself to stop and smell the flowers. To not let life just pass me by. But instead, be an active participant. I also promise to always put my family first and to never hold a grudge, (because life is simply too short).

Finally, I would like to wish you my reader, a beautiful life. A life of your dreams. A life filled with amazing experiences. A life with good people that love you for who you are. A life of good health and happiness. I wish you these things because you deserve it, and because life is too short.

Funny Graduation Poem


Here’s a funny graduation poem that is meant to be shared with all those new graduates (at any level).



you’ve made it, you’re done.
Now go take a break,
and soak in some fun.

You’ve worked so hard,
to get where you are.
You clearly deserve,
a very nice car.

I recommend,
you meditate or relax.
It shall prepare you,
for Mr. Big Tax.

I’m not saying,
it’s all windy with gloom.
Just don’t be surprised,
if you begin with a broom.

Please remember,
you still have your youth.
Watch what you say,
or you may lose a tooth.

At the end of the day,
your diploma looks nice.
I may choke on my food,
if you mention the price.

by anitapoems.com


I’m thinking of sharing this poem with my sister on the day of her college graduation. But feel free to share it with anyone you know.

The last verse is definitely my favorite from this poem. It reminds us the cost of higher education these days, which is absolutely ridiculous. It seems they’ve made a thriving industry around educating our youth.

So instead of investing in our youth and making education more accessible and universal, it seems like we’re moving backwards. Countless students spend many years and borrow hundreds of thousands to receive a good education. Many of them will end up paying these loans back over the course of their adult lives. I don’t think that’s very fair.

On a lighter note, I hope you enjoyed reading today’s funny graduation poem, and I hope it makes the next graduate you share it with laugh out loud.


A Poem about Shapes for Children


Today’s featured poem was written for children and talks about shapes. It’s meant to educate kids about some of the different shapes they’ll encounter at school and life in general.



Let’s take a look,
at a few cool shapes.
Some look like boxes,
and others like grapes.

A circle is a shape,
that is perfectly round.
And a sphere is like ball,
bouncing off the ground.

When it has four equal sides,
we call it a square.
While a cube looks like a box,
used for gifts that you share.

A triangle has equal sides,
but only just three.
Looks like one side of a pyramid,
I surely agree.

There are plenty of more shapes,
that you may go and explore.
A rectangle looks like,
a fallen old door.

by anitapoems.com


This poem talks about a few of the more basic shapes. It mentions the following shapes: circle, sphere, square, cube, triangle, and rectangle.

To engage your children, you may wish to read this poem to them while they are playing with these shapes. You may also ask them to draw the shapes, using the clues from the poem. Just don’t forget to encourage them and let them know that it’s ok to make mistakes when they’re learning.

You also spend some time with your kids helping them write poetry about their favorite shapes. To make the activity even more interesting, you may search for things around the house that have those specific shapes.

For example, most books are rectangular, and most clocks are circular. Finding a triangle example may be a bit more challenging. I guess, I’m just not using my imagination enough right now. But I’m sure your little ones will figure it out quickly.

Well, I hope you have fun teaching your kids about shapes and poetry at the same time. Don’t forget to have plenty of fun.

Wishing you a Circular Day,

Celebration of Life Poem


I really enjoyed writing today’s celebration of life poem. It’s a poem that you may share with anyone at any time. I hope it reminds others that life is so precious and should be celebrated all the time. Not just on holidays or special occasions.



She was wearing old sneakers,
as she looked up at the sky.
Dreaming of wings,
like a bird she would fly.

To remove built up stress,
the purpose of her walk.
Early evening Wednesday,
felt peaceful silence, with no one to talk.

Her walk morphed into a jog,
more energized with each stride.
Her confidence took charge,
she had nothing to hide.

Each stride accepted her,
both mind and curve.
Her entire existence,
she could clearly observe.

She found a beautiful tree,
and danced like she’s free.
Celebrating her life,
this was the key.

When she returned,
her spirit was high.
She smiled knowing,
like a bird she could fly.

by anitapoems.com


Personally, I think the key to being able to celebrate life each day is through happiness. This happiness and joy that I speak of must present in our minds, bodies, and actions.

It’s important to stop ourselves during our daily routines, and consciously observe what we are doing or saying. I try to do this all the time. It’s definitely much more difficult when I’m focused on my work. That’s why I try to incorporate my work with happy feelings, along with my purpose.

For example, I visit my parents once every few weeks. Each time I see them, I try to behave and talk as if we’re celebrating someone’s birthday. So I focus on the little things, including all those moments that we share (where many are funny).

We all have our own ways of feeling happy and celebrating life. Whether it’s a hobby or spending time with family and friends, we should do it with big smiles.

Today’s poem was motivated by how I feel sometimes when my body and mind are fatigued and I lose sight of the big picture. When this happens, I go for a nice exhausting jog. These jogs recalibrate me, and place me back on the right path. Following these jogs, I feel more alive and more human. I begin to think about the people I should call or see, and the things I should do to bring joy to the people in my life.

At the end of the day, I am reminded, that life should be celebrated constantly. Even on a cloudy, uneventful, November morning. It’s 8:35 am, and I am motivated to seize this day, because this particular one, will never be repeated.

13th Birthday Poem


Today’s featured poem is a 13th birthday poem. It is meant to be funny, so you may wish to include it inside a funny birthday greeting card.



Happy birthday,
you’re 13 years old.
Your teenage years,
can never be sold.

Say hello to your,
rebellious stage.
Be prepared for
minimum wage.

Your high school experience,
will be truly unique.
With brand new friends,
in your own clique.

Just don’t forget about,
the art of learning.
In 13 years, it shall reflect,
whatever you’re earning.

Hope you enjoy,
all your crazy teenage years.
Go have some fun,
and conquer your fears.

I can’t believe,
you’re thirteen right now.
You’ve grown like a giraffe,
I have to say – wow.

Please remember,
you’re still extra young.
Now go annoy your parents,
and get a pierced tongue.

by anitapoems.com


When children turn thirteen, they begin their exciting and often rebellious teenage years. But no matter what age they may be, they’re always up for a good laugh. That’s why I try to improvise and create my own funny birthday cards.

I don’t exactly create these cards from scratch. Instead, I buy greeting cards that are completely unrelated to the occasion. So for a 13 year old girl’s birthday, I may pick out a random 60th birthday card for a grandfather. Then I just cross out certain words and add my own to make it seem like it’s for a 13 year old girl.

As a result, I turn a normal greeting card into a funny one within seconds, by confusing the recipient and adding very obvious modifications. To make it even funnier, I look for cards that have photos on them. So for the thirteen year old girl, I would try to find a greeting card with a photo of an old grandpa, and maybe write something like, “your future husband”.

I hope you get a chance try my greeting card tactic I mentioned above. In the meantime, good luck sharing today’s 13th birthday poem with that brand new teenager on her or his birthday.

A Short Thank You Poem


Today’s featured poem will be a short thank you poem. You may share it with someone in your life that you appreciate and would like to thank in a unique way.


Just Wanted To Say

Thank you so much,
just wanted to say.
Your actions and words,
have made my day.

You’re nothing short,
of genuinely kind.
I was thinking of you,
right now, on my mind.

My appreciation and gratitude,
truly runs deep.
Without saying thank you,
I couldn’t sleep.

Thank you so much,
just wanted to say.
Allow me to wish you,
a beautiful day.

by anitapoems.com


That poem was intended to be a short and sweet thank you. It’s always a good idea to thank others in our life for their kindness and selfless actions.

When we do something kind for someone we know, it’s nice when our deed gets noticed. We feel good inside when we are able to help a friend or family member. That feeling is usually multiplied the moment we receive a thank you, whether it’s verbal or written.

But I think a written thank you note or poem is more effective than just a quick verbal thank you. This is because the recipient will realize that you took the extra time and effort to write or print out your words of gratitude.

These days it seems like many of us will send a quick thank you via a text message or email. That’s how I usually do it, since I’m always immersed in those technologies. But instead of just send a simple thank you with a few words, you may wish to add a little bit more substance to your message by including a short thank you poem. It works like magic.

Funny Kids Birthday Poem


Today’s featured poem is a funny kids birthday poem. Feel free to include it inside a child’s birthday card to make them laugh.


Birthday Rhyme

Happy birthday,
let’s go play some tunes.
You deserve
colourful balloons.

Which games,
would you like to play,
You can be the hunter,
and I’ll be the prey.

You’re just a kid,
but still getting old.
In a few years,
your toys shall be sold.

I’m not trying,
to get you mad.
Just a little,
angry and sad.

You’re probably thinking,
about your gift.
It’s super heavy,
watch out when you lift.

This poem is meant,
to make you laugh.
Your cake looks delicious,
please give me half.

Happy birthday,
one more time.
Hope you enjoyed,
your birthday rhyme.

by anitapoems.com


You may also simply email this poem to the birthday girl or boy, or even text it to them (since most kids have cell phones these days). But I’m old school myself, so I would just print it out, decorate it, and then share it, once it’s personalized.

Kid’s birthday parties are a lot of fun. There’s always so much to do and enjoy for all the children attending. So you may want to help your children write their own poem following one of these celebrations. This will allow them to express themselves and how they feel on paper.

Something like that will also enable them to showcase their creativity.

One of my nephew’s birthdays is just around the corner. He’s one of those super energetic kids that is also pretty funny. So I’m hoping today’s poem will entertain him.

Whether it’s you or your kid that is attending the party; good luck with sharing the funny birthday poem. Don’t forget to have fun.

Funny Birthday Invitation Poem


I’m excited about writing today’s featured poem, which will be a funny birthday invitation poem. I think it’s a cool and unique way that we may choose to invite our family and friends to our birthday party. If the invitation is funny and memorable, your guests will laugh and mark the date on their calendar.

Alright, let’s see what we could come up with.


Time My Thief

There’s some bad news,
I really need to share.
Please calm down,
and sit down in a chair.

An awful event,
is about to transpire.
I wish I could stop it,
with water or fire.

We will all need to,
come to terms and accept.
For the past few days,
I’ve cried and just wept.

It’s not my intention,
to confuse nor to stress.
I shall reveal it,
there’s no need to guess.

In a few short days,
I shall lose another year.
It’s my birthday,
for which I truly fear.

I’m inviting you,
to share my grief.
And celebrate,
with Time My Thief.

by anitapoems.com


I just realized that I’ve never written an invitation poem like this one before. It’s definitely not your typical birthday invitation that one might expect to receive. But I think it’s unique and different enough to catch people’s attention. I also hope you found it funny.

The idea for this tragedy style poem came from listening to my friends and family members referring to their upcoming birthdays as something they don’t wish to think about. They see aging as a tragedy of life, and they don’t wish to be reminded.

But I strongly disagree, because aging is something none of us can stop or control. So we might as well celebrate our lives through birthdays. Some people don’t like to be the center of attention. That’s why they may try to avoid celebrating their birthdays.

I think birthdays are very important, because they give us the opportunities to get together and catch up. So it’s not about just the host, it’s about everyone attending and mingling.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading today’s funny birthday invitation poem and remember to use it for your next birthday.

A Funny Birthday Poem for a Friend


Have you ever shared a funny birthday poem with a friend?

I have on several occasions and the typical reactions are usually of surprise and appreciation. I’ve realized that rhyming birthday poetry is catchy and different. Most people will simply share a standard birthday greeting card, where they usually write, “Happy Birthday from – ”.

But if you choose to include a birthday poem inside the card instead, your card will definitely stand apart from the rest.

Feel free to use the one below. Best of luck!


Birthday Test

Happy birthday,
my partner in crime.
I promise, this poem,
won’t take up much time.

Today we must examine,
your exact age.
Along with the cause,
of all of your rage.

Don’t get me wrong,
I don’t think you’re crazy.
You’re way beyond that,
and sometimes you’re lazy.

This birthday poem,
is not meant to critique.
But I’ll admit,
you’re definitely unique.

You’re an interesting,
Human being.
All the doctors and scientists,
are finally agreeing.

Today is your birthday,
so just be yourself.
Even if you look,
a bit like an elf.

I promise to stop,
making fun of you.
The day that pigs fly,
and the cows turn all blue.

If you’re still smiling,
you’ve passed the test.
Now maintain that smile,
that’s my only request.

by anitapoems.com


Another thing I realized is that the age of the recipient does not matter. Whether you share it with a young child or an elderly person, the gratitude is usually the same.

I’ve also noticed that funny birthday poems are quite popular. This means you don’t need to include a purely sentimental poem inside the greeting card. However, you may if you like.

Personally, I usually opt for the funny ones. Maybe because I enjoy seeing everyone laugh as a result. But if you’d like the best of both worlds you may combine a sentimental birthday poem with a funny one.

Hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem, and hope you get chance to share it with a close friend of yours.