A Poem About Me

Today I will write a poem about me. So what’s the easiest way to write a poem about oneself? I think you just have to speak from the heart. We all know ourselves better than anyone else does. I will try to be very honest and frank with this poem. I’ll try to look deep inside and include just as many personal deficiencies as good qualities. Good luck with your personal poem.



To be thoughtful and kind,
I do constantly strive,
I’m definitely a fighter,
I’m here to survive.

Hungry for knowledge,
I call it – curious,
Strong personal views,
ashamed when I’m furious.

For not picking up
the phone,
I’m guilty
it’s known.

I’m trying hard,
to stop endless critique,
In front of large audiences,
I’m shy when I speak.

Only positive souls,
I wish to have around,
My purpose in life,
I know I have found.

That’s just a hint,
there’s much more about me,
My loving wife,
to my heart holds the key.

by anitapoems.com


I know that sometimes it may be difficult to talk or write certain details about oneself. However, at the end of the day, we are who we are, and there’s no point of hiding who we are. If there’s something that we don’t like about ourselves, we may always work on improving or changing, so that we may be happy with who we are.

Sure that’s easier said than done. But if we work on becoming or evolving into better individuals, than the world is truly our oyster.

I do believe in working on my negative qualities, but I’d never consider changing my personality or the person that I am.

We see it all the time, where one person tries to change someone (like in a relationship). We can’t allow others to force us to change and become a person that we are not. If we allow such a thing to happen, then we will be lying to ourselves, and living a fraudulent life. That’s why we need to spend our lives with individuals that accept us for who we are. This will ensure that we live happy and fulfilled lives.

I hope you enjoyed my poem about me. But more importantly, I hope it has inspired you to write one about yourself, and share it with others.

Best of luck,

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