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A Poem about the Human Brain

Many new discoveries have been made about the human brain in the past few decades. Scientists are learning and discovering new things about these amazing machines of the head every day.

Personally, I think our brains are absolutely phenomenal biological instruments that shape who we are as both species and individuals.

My goal is to dive right into the magic of it all with the following, “brain poem”. Enjoy!


Our Brain

Compared to our bodies,
our brains are quite large.
Require nutrients and rest,
to function and charge.

Billions of neurons,
and countless connections.
Sending out signals,
in all the directions.

The cerebral cortex,
helps us all reason.
Memory, attention,
no matter the season.

Signals are responsible,
for the simplest of actions.
Chemicals aid,
in mutual attractions.

The structure is largely,
dependant on genes.
We’re fortunate to possess,
these remarkable machines.

Through our life experiences,
our brain changes and thrives.
It’s a beautiful instrument,
that helps us survive.


A Poem About The Sales Profession

There are millions of people worldwide that work in sales. This sales poem is dedicated to them.

Sales is not an easy profession, and usually requires eccentric individuals who possess excellent people skills.

It’s always easier to sell high quality in demand products and services. Anyways, let’s try to sell this poem:


Yes or No?

Early each morning,
I still see the moon.
Must hit the road,
and sell lots before noon.

Thinking of numbers,
quick on my feet.
There’s always a strategy,
to avoid loss and defeat.

Approach my first client,
with a solid clean pitch.
Answering questions,
I’ve mastered my niche.

We begin with a – No!
That’s a good start.
I love what I selling,
it’s dear to my heart.

Looking at my prospect,
I’m sensing a – Yes.
Done a great job,
to convince and impress.

My prospect finishes,
with a mellow decline.
But I shall return,
at a much better time.

First prospect this morning,
did not need my soap.
With twenty more attempts,
there’s plenty of hope.


Chess Poem

My passion for chess has inspired me to write the following poem about chess.

I’ve been playing chess casually since the age of 4, when my grandfather bought me this beautiful chess set and taught me how to play.

Unfortunately, I have played chess as much as I would have liked over the past few years. But I hope, this poem serves as a little reminder for me and maybe for you, to relax once in a while and play some chess.



In front of the king,
white moves his pawn.
The opponent begins,
with a sign and yawn.

White Bishop from C,
moves to F five.
Followed by adrenaline,
Queen is more than alive.

Black moves his pawn,
foolishly to B four.
It looks tragically close,
to the end of his war.

The white Queen glides,
elegantly to the right side.
Shocks her opponent,
and rips out his pride.

It was a beautifully executed,
and efficient checkmate.
Opponent lacked caution,
and now rest with his fate.

This wonderful game,
that we all call chess.
Your odds are reduced,
each time you guess.

Remember to follow,
your strategy and tact.
When you see opportunity,
make sure you act.

At the end of the day,
hope you enjoy.
Many sweet games,
it’s much more than a toy.


I think chess is truly a beautiful game, that should be celebrated, and enjoyed by anyone who is curious enough to learn.

Technology Poem

I’ve decided to write the following technology poem because it seems like all our lives are affected by technology. From the products we consume to the ways we get around, technology plays a big part.

All I have to do is look around my office and I’ll find many examples of how technology influences my life. Technology also influences how I spend my time online. There are also less obvious things such as manufacturing technologies that help create virtually every product we purchase and use.

This technology poem is not intended to be a thorough example of the field by any means. It’s just includes a few technology related thoughts that popped into my head. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



I wake up each morning,
when my android makes noise.
Technically speaking,
he’s just one of my toys.

Call me lazy,
but I try to save time.
Microwaving my breakfast,
is not a real crime.

Before I dance,
with my electric toothbrush.
Straight for the inbox,
I dive in a rush.

With the click of a mouse,
I outsource my work.
Through Amazon reviews,
I search for my perk.

I won’t wait for weeks,
demand it today.
Another PS3 game,
I can’t wait to play.

I attempt to snap out,
from my wired realm.
It seems like technology,
is right at the helm.

I drive half a block,
to the grocery store.
Technology is friendly,
and opens the door.

I finally use
my dry mouth to speak.
I’m definitely rusty,
and sound like a freak.

Why can’t they get a robot,
to slice the meat.
My disappointment,
I eagerly tweet.

At the checkout,
I have a clear choice.
Use a human
or a machine with a voice.

I return to my office,
my game has arrived.
My ancestors were truly,
technology deprived.



Hope you enjoyed reading my technology poem. Feel free to write one about how technology affects your life.

Coffee Poem

Even though I’m not a big coffee fan myself, this morning I’ve decided to write a poem about coffee.

Coffee is obviously the most popular morning beverage among adults in many parts of the world. I’m hoping my poem explores the fascination and even obsession many people share towards coffee.

Go grab a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the following poem.


Cup of Coffee

A sip of coffee,
Immediately wakes.
It’s a close companion,
with the tired and breaks.

Is it the taste,
or is it the scent,
Announces each morning,
wide-eyed intent.

Choices are plentiful,
Columbian is rich.
A morning without some,
brings an irritable twitch.

Many disciples,
require more than just one.
To prevent their eyelids,
from weighing a tonne.

Personalized combinations,
of sugar and cream.
Adjust the taste,
and prevent a new dream.

For many disciples,
it’s not even a choice.
Since a cup of coffee,
wakes up their voice.



If you really think about it, coffee actually wakes up a very large percentage of our working population every single morning. That’s absolutely amazing, how a single beverage has penetrated our society and carries so much influence.

Many people out there admit that they wouldn’t be able to function without their morning cup of coffee. Personally, I’ve never liked the taste. Water or life itself seems to wake me up. I just try to focus my thoughts on seizing the day (that’s my mental cup of morning coffee).

Going back to coffee, some of us enjoy drinking it, and do so leisurely as well. Others rely on it as a necessity in the morning. There are coffee fanatics amongst us as well. Some people drink close to 10 cups of coffee throughout the day. That’s an extreme for sure.

I’m fascinated at the variety of choices of coffees that we all have. At the end of the day, or I should say, “at the beginning of each day”, each person has a choice of brand and type of beans. This would turn this post into a very long one if I attempted to name just a fraction of options coffee lovers around the world possess.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just drinking out of necessity, I hope you enjoyed today’s coffee poem, and I also hope you enjoy your next cup of coffee.

A Poem about Love and Trust

Today’s poem is about love and trust. It talks about how love and trust are necessary to make any relationship work.


Love & Trust

Love is something,
we all cherish dearly.
When we lose it,
our hearts ache severely.

Trust is something,
we share with a few.
It requires honesty,
and a heart that is true.

Love without trust,
is foolishly blind.
It’s easy to lose,
and easy to find.

Trust without love,
is often quite fake.
It won’t give much,
but will happily take.

Love and trust,
go hand in hand.
When together,
this dance is quite grand.



I’ve witnessed situations where couples would claim they love each other, but they wouldn’t trust one another. Without trust, I don’t think their love will ever reach its full potential.

How can you love someone fully and unconditionally, if you don’t trust that person?

It definitely takes time to establish and earn someone’s trust. Friendships are rooted in trust. Imagine how difficult life would be if we couldn’t trust our closest friends.

A couple involved romantically and in a long-term relationship, should also have a strong friendship as the foundation. Building relationships strictly on infatuations is like building a house on sand.

Relationships seem so much peaceful and enjoyable when not only love but also trust is found at the core. Life is way too short in my view, and we should share our lives with a partner that not only loves us, but trusts us in every way.

I’m also not just talking about trust with regards to being faithful. But also trust regarding the decisions and choices we make, trust in our abilities and talents, and trust us as human beings that we will always have the best mutual intentions in mind.

I hope today’s poem reminds us all of the importance of both love and trust in any successful relationship.

30th Wedding Anniversary Poem

Today my in-laws are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary so I decided to write them this poem. Feel free to share it with that special couple in your life that will be celebrating their 30th.


Thirty Years

We’re here together,
with happy smiles.
To celebrate,
your many miles.

Thirty years,
have truly passed.
You both must feel,
it went by fast.

Do you recall,
that wedding bell.
Countless stories,
please do tell.

For thirty years,
your bond has been strong.
Holding hands right here,
you both belong.

We all wish you,
joy and success.
Love for each other,
may you forever express.



Traditionally men have shared pearl jewelry with their wives on their wedding 30th anniversary. I’ve also heard that diamonds are also popular as modern gifts. But personally, I’m a bit old school, and would stick with a pearl necklace.

I like pearls for this anniversary because they are classic gifts that possess a sort of timeless elegance. Pearl earrings are also very popular for the 30th.

However, if you’re looking for a gift for a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, then you may consider a nice vase (decorated with a few pearls) or a personalized gift, like a sweet poem.

Well, best of luck sharing this poem with that wonderful couple that have been together for all those years.

A Poem about Shopping

This shopping poem was written for all those shopaholics out there. Enjoy!


Dress & Shoes

She entered the mall,
eyes focused and wide.
A Saturday ritual,
with plenty of pride.

To locate the sales,
that was her plan.
No whining allowed,
from a pet or a man.

Her vision was sharp,
she was determined to win.
It must look good,
with her purse and her skin.

Suddenly she noticed,
the most beautiful dress.
Her wallet said no,
but her heart just said – yes.

She saw something awful,
on her way to the cash.
The dress and her shoes,
will definitely clash.

She paid for the dress,
and dashed straight for shoes.
Without the perfect pair,
the dress she won’t use.

Hours of trying,
her battle was long.
She tried countless pairs,
but most were just wrong.

Moments prior,
to her defeat and surrender.
She noticed a pair,
that were sexy and slender.

She smiled with confidence,
at her victory of match.
Her new dress and shoes,
what a beautiful catch.



I think there are a lot of women out there that will be able to relate to this poem. Some women have shopping down to a science. They know exactly what to buy, when, where, and for how much.

Maybe I’ll share it with my sister, since she loves to shop. But then again, most women enjoy shopping, so I might as well also print out a few more copies and give one to my wife, mom, and cousins + aunts.

Happy Shopping,

A Poem about Hard Work

For many of us, the beginning of a new year is a fresh start, both personally and professionally. This usually evolves from within our minds as we set goals and go back to shaping our routines once again.

At this time, many of us are also refocusing our efforts at work, following the holidays.

So based on that, today’s poem will be about hard work. Some of us work very hard physically, and others mentally (and a few of us both). No matter the type, each requires plenty of focus, dedication, and obviously – time.


Hard Work

We get up each morning,
and head off to work.
From construction to retail,
and a paper shuffling clerk.

Like the trees in our forests,
our jobs certainly vary.
A super busy schedule,
they commonly carry.

Our work is broken down,
as we focus on each task.
Bosses over our shoulders,
countless questions they ask.

Let’s not forget about,
all those extra long hours.
Evenings are filled,
with exhausted cold showers.

All this hard work,
is not hopeless or bleak.
A career of our choice,
waits at the peak.

We should combine hard work,
with skills that they need.
Throw in some passion,
and we’ll surely succeed.

It takes plenty of effort,
to do the job right.
The end result,
is a simple delight.



The competition for jobs is greater now than ever before in history. The key to successfully finding and holding on to a good job these days revolves around skills. I’m not talking about any old skills, I’m talking about specialized, technology and knowledge based skills.

There’s a huge demand for all types of engineers and professionals with either a science or technical background.

At the same time, I think employees that work in the service industries need to expand their value by acquiring more skills and distinguishing themselves from those that are hungry for their jobs.

For example, if someone works in reception at a hotel, they may volunteer to setup and manage the hotels local Twitter and Facebook accounts. So during their spare time, they could post updates and upcoming events.

This strategy would not only secure their positions, but may also result in future promotions (and more money).

I think it’s important to combine hard work with initiative and passion. Every employer loves to see that, and it’s a great way to distinguish oneself from the rest of the pack.

Hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem about hard work.

Best of Luck,

A Poem about being Homeless in the Cold

Over the last few days, it has been really cold up here in Canada. Yesterday, it was as bad as minus 26 Celsius, and today, it’s expected to be slightly better.

My personal inconvenience does not even compare to the daily struggles that homeless people deal with each day. They’re just trying to survive through the winter.


Crying Wind

She woke this morning,
with a cold winter chill.
Her bones were aching,
she knew the drill.

A hearty breakfast,
a mere step away.
Yet so far,
her memories are grey.

The furious wind,
punched her red cheeks.
A warm soft voice,
has not heard for weeks.

She gathered her things,
and headed for work.
The coldest feeling,
each passing smirk.

Not proud of much,
but this corner she chose.
Broken soul and shoes,
she could not feel her toes.

She begs passersby,
just to simply survive.
They don’t notice her pain,
while texting and drive.

She could have been more,
and avoided the cold.
Most of her life,
into abuse she was sold.

Just like the rest of us,
slowly she’s dying.
But when we’re asleep,
in the wind she is crying.