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A Poem about Goals

I think it’s very fitting that my first poem of 2012 is about goals. Many of us have personal goals that we’re planning to achieve this year. I hope this poem puts them into perspective.



Glance back quickly,
then I look straight ahead.
My cravings for success,
are waiting to be fed.

Filled with excitement,
deep in my heart.
I can taste the sweetness,
of a brand new start.

My hand with a pen,
dance as they race.
Dreams and ambitions,
mutually chase.

Eyes thoroughly scan,
the ultimate list.
Brain tries to think,
what have I missed.

These goals that I set,
should not be in stone.
Since life is dynamic,
and rarely alone.

My goals should be true,
and not simply high.
The most important –
always I’ll try.



I think it’s normal that we usually set many very ambitious goals at the beginning of each year. In our heads and our hearts, we often feel like we will be able to achieve many goals throughout the year.

I think it all comes down to two critical factors:

  • time management
  • action

Looking at the first one, if we don’t manage our time efficiently, it will be very difficult to check every goal off our list by the end of the year. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at my 15 goals that I have for this website alone. I understand that I’ll need to manage my time really well to accomplish most of them.

However, I won’t beat myself up if I miss a few. As long as the ones I don’t get to are not major ones. That’s something I will be able to live with.

The second necessary factor is an obvious no brainer. In order to accomplish the goals that we set, we’ll need to act upon them (continuously) from beginning until the end.

Today’s poem is just a short snippet of some of the emotions that we feel when we’re setting our goals. The last line is the most important in my view. Whatever the circumstance, we should avoid excuses at all costs, and always to try no matter how scared or insecure we may feel.

That worst possibly outcome is not failure, but rather not TRYING at all.

November Poem


Today’s featured poem talks about the month of November. I thought this would be a nice way to begin November. Hope you enjoy it.


Dear November

Chill has arrived with November,
suddenly and without warning.
The trees are confused,
as I am this morning.

Pure sacrifice of another,
beautiful red leaf.
November’s the killer,
and earth is the thief.

But why would you take it,
if you won’t use it till spring.
Confined to the ground,
this leaf shall not sing.

November will tease us with snow,
I call it a bully’s threat.
Frozen in a white casket and time,
once green and young, we won’t forget.

November is the 11th hour,
of our journey and old age.
The red leaf is our final yell,
as we stand there on center stage.

Each path leading to November,
has been individually chosen.
The map we’ve created,
shall forever be frozen.

If we’re lucky,
dear November shall be kind.
Preserve memories of us,
for younger leaves to find.



Up here in the northern hemisphere, November is often just a taste of winter and of what is to come. I looked at the weather forecast for the next couple of days, and it seems like the beginning of November will be quite mild up here in Canada. It’s quite rare that I get an opportunity to still shoot some hoops in November. But I won’t complain, because I’m sure the reality of winter will hit us soon enough.

Let’s take a look at today’s poem. Honestly, when I began writing it, I hadn’t a clue where I was taking it. I just looked out my window, and noticed a sharp red leaf on the ground. I also remembered the chilly air that I felt through my fingers yesterday evening when giving out candy to the kids.

As I continued to write the poem, I realized I could use it as metaphor for life. Old age more specifically.

November may represent the last chapter of our lives. The 11th hour as I mentioned in the poem. The chilly conditions associated with November represent the physical pain that we go through as we become ill in our remaining years.

Snow may seem like more pain and hardships in the poem. But it also represents hope. Where we all wish to be remembered and hope that these memories of us not be lost or fade with time.

The green leaf represents youthfulness, while the red, old age combined with wisdom and a final expression of passionate energy. Like a refusal to give up or retire. I witnessed this through my late grandfather 10 years ago. He did not retire at the age of 65. He was passionate about his fishing business and continued to work while fighting with pancreatic cancer.

In my grandfather’s case, dear November was definitely kind. It wasn’t kind physically, because he suffered so much, but it was kind in preserving or freezing the memory of him in time. He inspired me and the memory of his life and his personality continues to inspire me each day.

I am one of those younger leaves, and I’m truly grateful.

A Poem About Money


Today’s poem is about money. It’s one of the major components that our society wouldn’t be able to function without. I think all of us will be able to relate to this poem simply because we all depend on money for survival.



Money is something,
that we all desire.
We need buckets full,
to comfortably retire.

The value of money,
through the years may change.
Those currency markets,
are often quite strange.

We need money,
to simply survive.
The more we can make,
the nicer our drive.

Money is important,
but let’s not get obsessed.
Think constantly about profits,
and you’ll never get rest.

We need money to pay,
for services and goods.
Otherwise, we’d be back,
in the caves and the woods.

The money we save,
we should surely invest,
The trick in these times,
to find somewhere it’s best.



The topic of money is something that we may all talk about, since it’s a big part of our everyday lives. There are countless experts in this field that flood the financial industry with investment advice and predictions.

If you would take out any type of monetary currency out of your pocket right now, what would you see? What does this piece of paper represent?

Sure it represents something that we all need in our daily lives to survive. But how and why has it ended up in our possession?

For me the answer is – Value!

In order for us to collect or accumulate or receive money from others, we need to create some kind of value for others. If we work for a company, we create value for our bosses, who package the value that they received from us and move up the chain to their bosses until it reaches the end users who pay money for the goods and services that may have begun with you.

I see this like a filtration process. As an example let’s say a week of work at our jobs enables us to create $20,000 worth of some kind of product. If we owned the company and once we paid all our expenses off like machinery, electricity, packaging, etc… we would come out with $15,000 in our pockets.

However, in most companies, we’re just a piece of the puzzle or pyramid. So that $20,000 of initial value that we create is given to our boss, who takes a piece for his role, and who gives the rest to his boss and it’s also shared with other important departments like marketing and R&D. So at the end of the day you may receive $1000 from your $20,000 of value that you created in a week and that is sold to the end user for $20,000.

That’s why I’m a big fan of small businesses, where the filtration process between the person creating the value and the end consumer is very short. Ideally, you’d want to be involved in a small enterprise that is able to create significant value for a large number of end consumers with minimal resources. For me that’s very elegant and sexy.

Unfortunately, in most cases only large companies are able to create large amounts of value of a large market due to their extensive network of resources. But you need to be careful with these giants of industry. They’re often over bloated with conflicting levels of management and they innovate and adapt at the pace of snails.

For those reasons, I’ll continue to stick with small and efficient, innovation based enterprises.

Motivational Poem


Today’s featured poem is a motivation poem. I hope it motivates us all to put in the extra effort in all aspects of our lives. Sometimes our daily tasks may feel very routine and unspectacular. That’s when we need a little bit of motivation.


Your Road

No matter what,
you think or do.
You’re truly unique,
possess a rare view.

Even though life,
may become a routine.
Against discouragement,
there is a vaccine.

You just need to,
look in to your heart,
For that is where,
this journey will start.

In yourself,
you must believe.
You have the power,
to successfully achieve.

If often takes,
time and pure sweat.
Lack of focus,
is your lonesome threat.

The road which leads,
to the passion you crave.
Is right in your face,
enjoy while you pave.



I guess this poem turned out to be motivational with regards to setting goals and achieving them. The last two stanza’s or verses are the most relevant to me. The second last verse mentions that we must not only work hard but we also need to have patience and be focused.

I’ve learned that having patience and being focused are absolutely critical to achieving any goals. Whether these are related to school, work, sports, or just a hobby, we need to put in the time, because nothing is instant.

Some of us may doubt that with examples we may here in the media about someone developing an amazing website or app over a weekend and making millions as a result. But if you really think about it, for that person to gain the knowledge to be able to do that in just one weekend, took many years, and countless hours. This person was probably passionately learning his or her craft on Saturday nights while friends were out partying.

The other key ingredient is a focused mind. This means completely diving into your task at hand with passion and commitment. This requires curiosity and a craving from within. That’s why it’s vital that you love what you are doing. Because if you love what you’re working on, it won’t seem like work, but rather a hobby and much closer to play than work.

The last verse talks about finding what you love to do. The truth is, the answer is often right in front of you. You just need to be very honest and frank with yourself, and ask yourself what is it that you truly enjoy or love to do.

Once you figured that out and found your road, the rest is easy and fun. This includes just doing it and paving this road of yours.

Good luck and I hope today’s poem has motivated and inspired you to pursue your passions.

A Poem of Healing


I was inspired to write today’s poem of healing after reading an interesting article on about a doctor and poet duo going around and encouraging the ill at a Florida hospital to express themselves through poetry.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in the hospital when I was younger. So the following poem is based on my experiences and on hope.


Hope and Rose

As I lay here,
all alone.
I feel like a statue,
made of stone.

The pain is not constant,
it comes and goes.
My spirit fights,
warmed by hope and rose.

I am not worried,
about the pain.
But rather the cause,
of my body’s stain.

Pain is like a canary,
notifies when something is wrong.
Hope and rose,
keep me strong.

Hope is something,
deep inside.
Rose reminds me,
of my life outside.



Hope is very important for those who are experiencing illnesses of varying magnitudes. The rose in this poem is meant to represent a red rose or any other type of flowers that patients may have in their hospital rooms.

I think having flowers by ones hospital bed is a good thing. When I was ill, they reminded me of nature and the simple things I took for granted when I was well. Flowers also gave me hope, and motivated me to get better, so that I may once again run in the grassy fields outside, breath the fresh air, and experience dirt and mud once again.

This was a personal poem of healing. I encourage you to write your own, if you ever end up stuck in a hospital bed. The process of writing poetry may not only help in the healing of your body, but may also feel like a liberating experience for your soul.

A Poem for a Daughter-in-Law


Today’s poem may be shared with a daughter-in-law by her mother-in-law. Relationships between them often vary significantly from family to family. But in this poem, we’ll assume that the relationship is healthy and they get along quite well.


My Daughter-in-Law

You’re a wonderful daughter-in-law,
I would like to just say.
My feelings for you,
I need to display.

I’d like to thank you,
for all that you’ve done.
Enriched our whole family,
especially my son.

You’re a special lady,
both caring and kind.
How lucky I am,
I constantly remind.

I truly hope,
our relationship shall grow.
My warm feelings for you,
I’ll continue to show.



So if you have a daughter-in-law, feel free to let her know how much she means to you by giving her this poem. I’m sure she’ll be extremely grateful and happy when she receives it. It will mean a lot to her.

I think it’s really nice to see when both mother and daughter-in-law get along. Not only is it a good thing for them, but also for the married couple. That’s because a guy doesn’t want to be in the middle of a conflict between his mother and his wife. That’s a battle he could never win, and it can also be very stressful.

Even if you’re not on the best of terms with your daughter-in-law, maybe today’s poem will help you two proceed in the right direction.

Best of luck,

Poem of Gratitude


I’m excited to write a poem of gratitude this morning. Being grateful for what we have and showing others gratitude and appreciation is important in life.


I’m Grateful

I count my blessings,
For my family and friends,
I always pray.

I’m grateful for my life,
and health,
Time on earth,
is the sweetest wealth.

I’m grateful for my freedom,
of choice,
For being important,
and having a voice.

I’m truly grateful for,
all those memorable events,
My wonderful life,
this poem represents.



This poem of gratitude is meant to remind us that we should be grateful for all the things we have in life. I’m not talking as much about all our material things, but rather our families, friends, good health, and just overall happiness.

I think we just need to be more grateful for all of those routine things we forget about and sometimes take for granted. We should be grateful for all those relationships that we share with others.

Personally, I try to make a conscious effort to show my gratitude to my family and friends. Sometimes I forget, as I get caught up in the busy routines of life. But I do try to take a step back and look at it all from the outside once in a while. Then I show my gratitude. We can all do that with a simple phone call, or an unexpected hug. It doesn’t take much.

The first poem is more for yourself. It’s like a little reminder that you could place somewhere. But what if you would like to share a poem of gratitude with someone else? Someone that you’re grateful for having in your life.

Well here’s a poem that you may want to give to someone that you’d like to share your gratitude with:


I’ll Always Be Grateful

My gratitude I’d like,
to extend,
To a sincere and
wonderful friend.

I’m so grateful,
for all those moments we’ve shared,
You’ve always been there,
you’ve always cared.

You’re important to me,
I shall never deny,
With you by my side,
I feel I can fly.

I’ll always be grateful,
for your words and your time,
From the bottom of my heart,
I give you this rhyme.


Poem About Trust


Today’s poem is about trust. To me it seems like trust takes a while to earn, yet may be lost very quickly. It’s something that has to be proven over time. Not through words, but through actions.



Trust is something,
that must be earned,
It’s totally mutual,
and should be returned.

It takes time,
to attain,
and if you lose it,
you’ll feel the pain.

Knowing someone,
truly cares,
Where you may trust her,
with your wares.

To trust that she will
be there for you,
These peaceful feelings,
in life there are few.

To trust someone,
just open your heart,
Right now is clearly,
the best time to start.



We all have varying attitudes towards trust. For some of us, it doesn’t take very long to learn to trust others. However, some individuals find it very difficult to trust someone they have just met recently.

Those of us that have been hurt a lot in the past may place a protective barrier around ourselves. This barrier makes it difficult for us to let others into our lives and to trust them. I strongly believe that our past experiences have a huge influence with how we trust others.

An extroverted individual may be quicker to trust others than an introvert. Personally, I’m somewhere between an introvert and extrovert. For me it doesn’t take much to learn to trust another human being. Maybe this is because I’m pretty good at reading people, and figuring out who they really are. I can tell when a person is truly sincere and thoughtful and one that is more selfish and into himself or herself.

Overall, I think life can be a lot more enjoyable and rich if we learn to trust others. I’m not saying we won’t get hurt, but I believe that the vast majority of people on this earth are good and have good intentions. So based on that, I think we need to keep our hearts and our mind open.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem about trust, and I wish you best of luck with all your relationships.

Broken Friendship Poem

Today’s broken friendship poem talks about a friendship that was strong in the past but eventually faded away. Friendships may break or end for countless reasons. Sometimes it’s worth saving it, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes it’s just not possible.


Has Come to an End

Our friendship lasted,
for so many years,
Shared countless moments,
along with our fears.

I won’t lie, about
the times that we’ve spent,
Lots of fun,
they did represent.

Our friendship,
has come to an end,
Future moments,
we won’t get to spend.

Whatever has happened,
we cannot deny,
It’ll never be fixed,
don’t bother to try.

Our paths are carved,
in opposite ways,
I wish you the best,
till the end of your days.



In reality, not all friendships are meant to last. People change. Circumstances change. Sometimes a specific event or fight will result in the ending of a friendship. Often times, things can still be fixed between long-lasting friends, but other times they can’t.

We all experience the breakup of certain friendships in our lives. Over time our views and lifestyles change, and therefore we lose the compatibility we used to have with some of our friends.

This is often evident when there’s a significant transition such as from high school to university. Some individuals mature faster than others (some never do), and this often puts a strain on friendships that are difficult to mend. Other times people simply drift apart for no apparent reason. Maybe they get very busy with family and work. I’ve experiences this myself.

The main reason that I believe that some friendships don’t work out is because individuals are not willing to put the necessary effort to sustain the friendship. They may simply think that it’s not worth it. This is often the result of conflicting views or a result of harm that was caused by one or both individuals.

Lack of thoughtfulness is a huge reasons I believe many friendships fail and end up breaking up. True friendships need to be rooted on trust and empathy. When that empathy dissolves, it’s very difficult to sustain the relationship. \

Hope today’s broken friendship poem helped.

Best of luck,

Uplifting Poem

If you’re feeling down or know someone that is, then maybe today’s uplifting poem will help.


It’s True

Sometimes we’re lonely,
sometimes we’re down,
Our feelings are obvious,
they’re right in our frown.

We don’t want to talk,
or sit and explain,
Nobody would like it,
if they felt the same pain.

But just remember that you’re
intelligent and kind,
A person like you,
is so hard to find.

Your beautiful smile,
is often the cure,
You can get through anything,
of that I am sure.

Please remember,
I’m right here for you,
I care for you dearly,
forever it’s true.



I really hope that this uplifting poem is able to cheer someone up. Whether that’s you or someone close in your life that is going through a tough time or just had a bad day.

My mom inspired me to write this poem. Recently, I decided to email her an uplifting or encouraging poem whenever I knew she had a bad day at work or wasn’t feeling that well. Now these little poems that I send her really cheer her up. They’re like little surprises for the soul that she appreciates receiving.

I think that’s what we all need sometimes. Just a few encouraging, positive or reassuring words, that say that everything will be alright.

Sometimes, people just need others to acknowledge their pain. If they notice that someone understands or took the time to listen to them, then that’s often at least half the cure.

I notice that whenever I try to reassure someone or cheer them up. Their attitude switches from sad or self-pity to everything will be alright, in a matter of moments.

So if you combine an uplifting poem like the one above and also take the time to listen to the person that is feeling down, then that will definitely help a lot. Try it.

Best of luck,