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Imagery Poem

An imagery poem is a poem that creates vivid visual details for the readers. Depicting nature and its physical environment is a good example. The imagery poem featured in this post will be about October. Enjoy!



She strolls gently,
along her path that‘s narrow,
Large oak pointing to the sky,
like an arrow.

Beneath her lie, layers of leaves,
both orange and yellow,
She hears a distant stags,
repeated bellow.

Trees half striped,
green leaves remain,
A few more days,
and they’ll feel a dirty pain.

She picks one up,
and places inside a brown book,
From her narrow path,
this leaf she took.

At it’s symmetry and red veins,
she stares and adores,
It’s outline look like mountains,
or rocky shores.

Then she realizes,
soon she’ll be gone,
She’s just October,
a year’s lonely pawn.



The motivation for this poem came from two pictures. The first is one of a path in the forest during autumn where red and yellow leaves are layered upon this path. There’s a big tree on the left side, and most of the trees still have some green leaves.

The second picture is a close up of a beautiful red and slightly yellow maple leaf laying on a muddy ground.

I love autumn. It’s so beautiful. I’m really looking forward to enjoying it this weekend.

50th Anniversary Poem

Today I’ll write a 50th anniversary poem for all those happily married couples that managed to get along and stay together for 50 long years. That’s a huge accomplishment in my view. Not only does a couple need to love each other very much to reach this milestone, but they also need to remain healthy enough and actually manage to live to that ripe old age of 80+ (unless of course they get married in their 20s).


50 and More

its been fifty years,
We’re so happy,
with joyful tears.

You both deserve,
lots of praise,
Loved each other,
for countless days.

For younger generations,
you’re a great example,
Is there a potion
or a small sample?

We wish you the best,
plus 50 and more,
You’ve both achieved,
a wonderful score.



It’s be a truly fantastic feeling to be able to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. When a couple reaches that milestone it tells me a lot about their character and wisdom.

The fiftieth anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary. I just realized that’s half a century. Wow, that must be amazing. This anniversary revolves around the color of gold. So gifts and decorations should be match this theme.

I think it would also be nice to create a nice photo slideshow that would include moments and memories from all 50 years of marriage.

A Poem About The Weather

Here’s a poem about the weather that we may all relate to. Depending on where we live, many of us experience a variety of weather conditions from day to day. Well I hope this poem entertains you, and remind you about the unpredictable nature of weather forecasts.


Unexpected Weather

Weather depends on the atmosphere
and it’s current state.
Sometimes we love it,
sometimes we hate.

Can we reliably and
routinely predict?
Forecasts are know
to contradict.

At least they can inform us
about hot and cold,
Their precipitation forecasts,
I haven’t been sold.

They say it may be
wet or just dry,
I might as well,
just stare at the sky.

Don’t like when it’s stormy,
I prefer when it’s calm,
I might as well read it,
straight off my palm.

Tell me when to expect,
sunny and clear,
It’s a bit too late,
when those clouds are so near.

Expect the unexpected
with today’s current weather,
Let’s just enjoy it,
we’re in this together.

by Anita


Even with all of this modern technology, it still seems that it’s difficult to predict our day to day weather accurately. Sometimes they say it’s going to rain, but it turns out to be a wonderfully sunny and beautiful days. While other times they tell us it will be sunny, and a storm surprises us while we’re enjoying the afternoon.

I guess over time we get used to our weather and climate conditions where we live. Here in Toronto, I experience four distinct seasons. It snows a lot during the winter, rains enough in the spring, pretty nice (but humid) in the summer, and the fall is nice and cool and refreshing. So I’m the last person that should be complaining.

Others prefer the year round sunny and hot/mild conditions closer to the tropics. I’m sure having very nice weather throughout the year has it’s benefits. It gives people the freedom to enjoy certain activities such as tennis, water-skiing, canoeing, jogging, year round. You’re also not stuck indoors as much, as you’d be in the more temperate regions.

But personally, I prefer the changing seasons, and all the various activities and occasional nuances that accompany them.

Enjoy your weather while it lasts.


I’m Leaving Poem

I really had to think a bit about the best way to write an effective, “I’m leaving poem”. I’ll assume that this type of poem is usually placed in the context of a struggling relationship, where one or both individuals feel like it’s time to end it.


The Time Has Arrived

The time has arrived,
a point has been reached,
Our hearts and bond,
have been breached.

This life of ours,
I can no longer lead,
Filled with emotions,
inside I bleed.

We’ve experienced,
both good and the bad,
For our happy memories,
I’ll always be glad.

I’m so sorry,
I must go, I must leave,
Time shall heal,
the scars that we greave.



When people are fed up or reach their breaking point in a relationship, the most sensible thing to do is to just leave. This is usually very difficult, and emotionally draining, on both individuals. If there are children involved, they suffer as well and more so in a toxic environment, where both parents are constantly fighting.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself and just leave or break it off. Sometimes for those of us who are looking at a couple that broke up from the outside, it may not make any sense. We may think that one or both individuals are being selfish, especially if there are kids involved. However, we don’t know the true state of their relationship behind closed doors.

It’s often very difficult to reignite something that has burnt out a long time ago. I still think people shouldn’t be pulling the trigger so fast, and should work on issues they may have in their relationships. But that’s only to a certain point. If the relationship has degraded to the point of no return, nothing can be done, in my opinion.

Well, I hope today’s “I’m Leaving Poem”, helps you with your decision. Just remember to be honest with yourself, and do what will make you happy in the long-term.

Patriotic Poem

Today’s featured poem is a patriotic poem that talks about being devoted to ones nation. I think it’s human nature to love one’s own country (as long as it’s free and prosperous). I think, it may be difficult to be a devoted patriot for those of us who live in extreme poverty. But I may be wrong.


Rooted Inside

Patriotism needs,
loyal devotion.
Requires passion for country,
and lots of emotion.

Beautiful flags with the wind,
gracefully fly,
Soldiers sacrifice,
in battle they die.

National anthem is
food for the ears,
Emotions clog throats,
and roll with the tears.

Love for the country,
love for the land,
From busy streets,
to coastal sand.

Chins pointing up,
with honour and pride.
It’s a way of life,
that’s rooted inside.



Wikipedia has a great article about patriotism, which contains some results from surveys that were taken. It looks like the United States is the most patriotic country, followed by Venezuela and South Africa.

Personally, I think it’s a great thing to be patriotic and love the country that one lives in. But at the same time, we still need to remember that we are no better or worse than anyone else on this planet. Everyone deserves to live freely, and peacefully.

How do people show their patriotism? The simplest and most evident way is by showcasing their national or regional flag for others to see. This is often done with stickers on their cars, or flags on their front porches.

Participating in parades, volunteering, and voting are other ways that individuals demonstrate support for the nation they love so dearly.

Well, thanks for reading my patriotic poem, and I hope your love for your country helps others.

A Poem about Marriage

I’ve been married for several years now, so I’m pretty sure I’m qualified to write a poem about marriage. Maybe I’m not as qualified as someone who’s been married for 60 years, but I’m pretty sure I understand the art of marriage fairly well.



A successful marriage,
requires effort and care,
You must be willing,
to be open and share.

It’s not about,
winning or losing,
You won’t get far,
if you’re into accusing.

A marriage allows you,
to spill all your guts,
Your spouse will be there,
to mend all your cuts.

It’s a true pleasure to be
loved dearly and be real close,
To someone that understands you
and exceptional knows.

A marriage is basically,
like a doubles match,
When you find the right one,
you’ll know it’s a great catch.



You may also replace the last two lines of the last stanza to:

When her back itches,
Just smile and scratch.

For those of us who are married, we understand that marriage is definitely not a walk in the park. It takes lots effort and commitment to make it work properly. It requires plenty of unselfishness, empathy, and a great set of ears (for listening purposes).

I hear stories all the time of couples struggling through the first few years of marriage. This is normal, since couples use this time to learn more about one another, along with all those annoying little bad habits that just appeared out of nowhere.

At the end of the day, Marriage is truly a beautiful union. It preaches love, commitment, trust, honesty, and encouragement. I know that being marriage to my wonderful wife, I feel like a better person. She not only inspires me, but also encourages me and believes in me and my dreams. We also share dreams, goals, and many views.

You may be thinking that a couple does not need a piece of paper to feel this way. I agree with you, they don’t. But I just feel with marriage comes a certain amount of responsibility and expectations that are important to me.

Hope you enjoyed today’s poem about marriage.

Best of luck,

A Goodnight Poem

Here’s a little goodnight poem that you may wish to share with children or even adults.


Sweet Dreams

You look tired,
you need some rest,
A good night’s sleep,
is often best.

I wish you a deep
and truly sweet dream,
With a waterfall,
and a gentle stream.

Comfy white pillow,
and your warm soft sheet,
Will feel like heaven,
it’s surely a treat.

Hope you sleep,
in total piece,
All your concerns,
your mind shall release.

In the morning,
when you wake,
You’ll be ready,
to dance and shake.



A good night’s sleep is very important for us all, so that we may function properly during the day. It seems the average person is not getting enough sleep these days. I know that many of my friends and family only get about 4-6 hours each night.

Whenever I don’t get enough sleep, I notice that I’m like a zombie the next day. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates the body and mind, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. We’re not robots, we do need sleep, both quality and quantity.

7-8 hours is enough for me. Even though I prefer 8, I don’t always get that many. I just notice that I’m a million times much more effective at work when I do get my 8 hours. So when I hear stories about entrepreneurs that only sleeping 4 hours because they’re so busy, I just wonder about the effectiveness of their 18 hour workdays. I can probably do a better job in 8 or 10 hours, than they do during their 18 hour brain quenching marathons.

Now back to the goodnight poem. It’s meant to be a nice little gesture that you may want to read and share with a child or even someone much older. I actually plan on sharing it with my mom, because she’s one of those workaholic energizer bunnies, that just keeps on going and going. I hope it reminds her to get a good night’s sleep (she needs it and deserves it as well).

Football Poem

I’m a huge football fan, and enjoy playing it as well, so I naturally enjoyed writing this football poem. I used to play a lot more in university, but now I only get a chance to play once in a while. I’ll admit, these full contact pickup games are a tonne of fun. Just not sure how much longer my aging body will be able to handle the physical nature of the sport.

The following football poem is dedicated to all the gentlemen who will be participating in today’s 18th Annual Ellesmere Statton Turkey Bowl.


Beautiful Game

Manly creatures,
in the huddle gather,
Covered in blood,
and sweaty lather.

The quarterback,
leads the charge,
He’s protected,
by beasts of large.

Loyal spectators,
begin their chant,
Blessings and advice,
they yell and grant.

The creatures approach,
the line of battle,
From afar,
they look like cattle.

On their enemies mistakes,
they’ll gladly feast,
Anger and chaos,
is suddenly released.

The leader drops back,
and scans the field,
In search of the one,
who victory shall yield.

His pocket of protection,
on the verge of collapse,
Releases the pigskin,
while avoiding their traps.

Time suddenly stops,
many just stare,
Beautiful spiral,
sails through the air.

A perfect throw,
leads to a grab,
Avoids the defender,
with a skull crushing jab.

Visions of glory,
40 yards away,
Two more enemies,
he still needs to slay.

The first perishes,
due to his spin,
The second gets hit,
right through the chin.

20 more yards,
it’s all in the stride,
Blockers and defenders,
bodies collide.

He senses his enemies,
close ground as they approach,
Waving frantically and pointing to victory,
is the general and coach.

He dives for the endzone,
his last hope and resort,
With courage and heart,
he invaded their fort.



In just over five hours we’ll be kicking off our annual Turkey Bowl football game. We’re on a long winning streak, and my team needs to do everything we can continue that trend.

We’ll be playing against some younger guys who are in better shape than we are. But my team has a clear edge in the aggressiveness and trash talking department. We also bring a lot of heart onto that field. So it should be an exciting game.


Fall is here Poem

Fall arrived about two weeks ago, but I just realized yesterday that the leaves are beginning to change. The sight of this seasonal transition has inspired me to write the following poem about the arrival of fall.


Falling Blind

Early morning,
I wake up cold,
Darkness prevails,
like a knight that’s bold.

I put on my smile,
as I dress,
Autumn’s chill,
will depress.

Hours later,
the sun chooses to arrive,
My spirit agrees,
that we shall thrive.

Yet, I still look away,
I am blind,
I’m self-confined.

My hunger wakes me,
right at noon,
I look outside,
and leave Ms. June

The splendid beauty,
I finally wake,
My blindness has been,
a true mistake.

Refreshing breezes,
the season brings,
Each rainbow leaf,
Dances and sings.

Trees no longer,
boring nor plain,
Nature’s actors,
in a playful domain.

Finally, I wake,
as I feel the chill,
My appreciation for autumn,
I blindly kill.



I had a lot of fun writing this poem about autumn. It talks about how many of us feel towards the fall season. Most of us (including myself) don’t exactly appreciate the chilly breeze that we feel in the early morning.

We go to work or school, and blindly go about our day, without even taking a good look outside. At the beauty of this season.

Don’t get me wrong, there are moments where we do acknowledge autumn’s beauty. But it seems like these moments last until the next time we feel a chilly breeze against our backs or legs.

To me it just seems like there moments are very short-lived. I think we should strive to prolong them. One way of doing this is by going out to our local park and taking some pictures on a Sunday afternoon.

We’re planning to go this Friday (can’t wait). If you’d like to share some nice autumn pictures that you’ve taken, simply forward them to me, and I’ll do my best to post them up for all to see.

Asking for Forgiveness Poem

Today we will look at a forgiveness poem that may be used to ask someone for forgiveness. Sometimes it may be difficult to ask someone to forgive us. We may feel ashamed and guilty for our actions or words that hurt someone we care about.

Just remember, we all make mistakes, and when our mistakes hurt someone, we should always try to make it right. We may accomplish this through both our actions and words. Hopefully, this poem helps you with the words part.


Why and Why

I’m completely,
filled with guilt,
For the hurt,
that I have built.

I know you’re thinking,
but why and why?
Please forgive,
I hope you try.

I deserve,
all the blame,
I just feel,
so much shame.

I know my actions,
were not right,
I just don’t
wish to fight.

I know you’re thinking,
but why and why?
Please forgive me,
please don’t cry.



We can’t change the past, but we are in control on how we react to issues or tense situations in the future. We just need to find it in our hearts to ask for forgiveness, by revealing our genuine guilt and humility.

I believe it’s important to ask for forgiveness as soon as we find out that we have done something wrong. Even if the person we have wronged hasn’t found out yet. They usually always do, so it’s better to be frank and upfront and ask for forgiveness right away.

If we do it that way, it will help us show that we care and feel guilty (and accept responsibility for our actions). However, if we stall and wait, we’ll just be making things worse.

For those reasons, I’m a big fan of confessing and asking for forgiveness ASAP. I hope the forgiveness poem helps.