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A Poem About Me

Today I will write a poem about me. So what’s the easiest way to write a poem about oneself? I think you just have to speak from the heart. We all know ourselves better than anyone else does. I will try to be very honest and frank with this poem. I’ll try to look deep inside and include just as many personal deficiencies as good qualities. Good luck with your personal poem.



To be thoughtful and kind,
I do constantly strive,
I’m definitely a fighter,
I’m here to survive.

Hungry for knowledge,
I call it – curious,
Strong personal views,
ashamed when I’m furious.

For not picking up
the phone,
I’m guilty
it’s known.

I’m trying hard,
to stop endless critique,
In front of large audiences,
I’m shy when I speak.

Only positive souls,
I wish to have around,
My purpose in life,
I know I have found.

That’s just a hint,
there’s much more about me,
My loving wife,
to my heart holds the key.



I know that sometimes it may be difficult to talk or write certain details about oneself. However, at the end of the day, we are who we are, and there’s no point of hiding who we are. If there’s something that we don’t like about ourselves, we may always work on improving or changing, so that we may be happy with who we are.

Sure that’s easier said than done. But if we work on becoming or evolving into better individuals, than the world is truly our oyster.

I do believe in working on my negative qualities, but I’d never consider changing my personality or the person that I am.

We see it all the time, where one person tries to change someone (like in a relationship). We can’t allow others to force us to change and become a person that we are not. If we allow such a thing to happen, then we will be lying to ourselves, and living a fraudulent life. That’s why we need to spend our lives with individuals that accept us for who we are. This will ensure that we live happy and fulfilled lives.

I hope you enjoyed my poem about me. But more importantly, I hope it has inspired you to write one about yourself, and share it with others.

Best of luck,

A Poem About Happiness

Today’s poem is about happiness. But what does it mean to be happy?

Personally, I think it means being satisfied and grateful at the present moment. I’m grateful for having a supportive and loving family, a great job that I enjoy and also pays the bills, good health, freedom (to do as I wish, such as write poems for others and express my thoughts), opportunities, play, etc…

Enjoy and share this poem, and I wish you long-lasting and blissful happiness.


Search For Happiness

A masterpiece,
of art,
Is what happiness,
is to the heart.

It’s much more,
than a state of mind.
When we seek it,
we’re often blind.

Into the future or past,
we often search and stare,
Yet happiness sits,
next to our chair.

We must stop,
looking right through,
What it’s made of
we’ve always knew.

deep inside,
To our very being,
it’s closely tied.

Let’s take a deep look,
and openly embrace,
into our space.



Being in a state of true happiness may vary quite a lot between different individuals. But the feelings and emotions that it ignites are very similar.

I think many of us may postpone being happy in the present, because we may believe that it will happen eventually in the future. But I think we need to keep in mind that our lives will always be filled with obstacles, challenges, and struggles. We just need to learn how to deal with them, and still maintain our happiness during the present.

You’re probably thinking, that’s much easier said than done. I’m not saying it’s easy. I just think we all need to embrace happiness as a way of life (no matter what happens). That type of philosophy will enrich our lives and our memories.

So how do we accomplish that? How do we embrace happiness as a way of life?


With the right/positive attitude and outlook on life, nothing could ever get in our way. It comes down to learning to love life and being able to gracefully deal with whatever life throws at us. And if we don’t like something, we could always make decisions to change it.

Be happy, and enjoy life.

Inspirational Poem for Students

The reason I decided to write the following inspirational poem for students is because I’ve been one for a long time. So, I know how it is in grade school, high school, and university.

The routine that goes along with being a student may sometimes be demotivating. Well hopefully, this poem will inspire all those countless students out there.


Learn What You Love

Parents preach that
we must work hard when we learn.
It shall determine,
how much we do earn.

Sure making dough,
is liberating and great,
But if you love what you do,
your job you won’t hate.

I recommend,
that you follow your passions,
It’s not about trends,
or job market fashions.

The trick is to learn,
what you enjoy,
It won’t seem like work,
but rather a toy.

If you require,
a bit of direction,
Try different things
and make your selection.

Learn what you love,
feed your obsession.
In the end,
it will be your profession.



I really enjoyed writing this poem because I do have a few opinions about inspiring students. I see it all the time, where parents try to direct their children to study and pursue professions that the parents recommend.


Parents may feel strongly about directing their children into certain fields because:

  • They want their child to end up in a high paying profession. This mentality may be motivated by the fact that many parents simply wish for their children to have a better life and be more successful financially than they were. Another reason may be socially motivated. Parents often seek bragging rights between friends and family, when their children are highly paid professionals such as doctors or lawyers.
  • Parents may also try to live through their children, and lead them to focus on something that they did not accomplish or weren’t able to become.


I think the most important thing for parents is to believe in their children and always encourage them to follow their passions (whatever those passions may be). Encouragement is magical in the sense that it will inspire anyone to excel at following their own dreams.


There’s two reasons why I strongly believe in allowing children the freedom to study what they enjoy and become whoever they wish:

  • They will be happy. It’s no secret that when someone loves what they are doing, they are happy. Just look in the mirror for this one.
  • They will do great. If a child is encouraged and allowed to follow his or her dreams, this child has a great chance at becoming a true expert and valuable authority in their field of study. So if my daughter comes to me one day and tells me that she wants to go to culinary school because she loves to cook and enjoys making others happy. I will definitely support her decision and passion 100%. In addition, I will encourage her, and that will further inspire her and she’ll become a great chef.


I hope this inspirational poem for students reaches those that need some advice.

And remember, “Learn What You Love!”

A Sad Poem About Sorrow and Rain

This morning was a cold, cloudy, and rainy day. So I took advantage of the outside environment to create visions, which helped me write the following sad poem. It talks about feeling the emotion of sorrow, outside in the rain.



Stepped outside
into the rain,
Prepared to erupt
with so much pain.

Why must I be
sorrows keeper?
It’s like a dagger,
that’s pushed in deeper.

Outside, inside,
it became all dark.
The rain poured down,
it was my spark.

I cried with anger,
and growing fury,
I wanted justice,
not a jury.

Even if they dared,
to look inside,
They’d all just scatter,
like cowards hide.

The rain flooded my
body clean.
Where are these pastures?
they all call green?

The storm was twofold,
because I cried,
My emotions temporarily,
did subside.

But what shall happen,
if there’s no rain tomorrow?
Will I feel
the same deep sorrow?


Rain may symbolize sorrow or gloom and sadness. But it also symbolizes the act of cleansing and renewal. In this poem, the rain was meant to represent both sorrow/sadness and renewal/cleansing.

Have you ever been in the rain when you were angry? This doesn’t happen just in movies. I recall when it rained dogs and cats one day, and I went for a jog. The experience was truly liberating. The simple act of rain pouring on me helped me calm down and deal with my emotions.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to be one of those “runners” from the rain. I’d seek out shelter so that I wouldn’t get wet. But I don’t do that any longer. These days, when I’m caught out in the rain, I end up savouring the moment.

I think it became meditative to me.

I hope you also learn to appreciate the cleansing powers of the rain. If you’re feeling sad right now, I hope today’s poem aids you with dealing with your emotions.

I think that strong negative emotions are sometimes just like the rain, where we just need to ride them out.

Breaking Up Poem


Yesterday I was shocked to find out that a good friend of mine is breaking up with his girlfriend of many years. Both Anita and I thought this couple was really good together. But I guess, sometimes you just can’t predict these things.

That’s the motivation behind this breaking up poem. I hope it helps all those individuals that are breaking up or have recently broken up with their partners. I wish you all the best if you are going through a difficult time in your lives.


Opposite Directions

The love we shared,
I won’t deny,
But I cannot do this,
I cannot lie.

Our many differences,
that may seem small,
When combined,
are more than tall.

I don’t expect,
for us to change.
Life without you,
may be strange.

Sorrow stabs my,
confused heart,
I know we’re meant,
to be apart.

Opposite directions,
our journey’s lead,
Our damaged bond
must be freed.



Breaking up with someone that you’ve shared a close bond and relationship with for a long time is often very difficult. However, sometimes it’s just something that has to be done.

During a break up, a person will often experience many strong emotions that include sorrow and confusion. Many may also feel like it’s the end of the world. They may get tunnel vision and their emotions take over and control their reason and common sense.

Amongst all of the pain and confusion, it’s important to be strong and remember that it’s not the end of the world. Even though it may seem like it is.

If you are dealing with a break up right now, please remember that there is someone out there for you that will love you for who you are, and will be your perfect match.

As long as you love others, and allow others to love you, then anything is possible.

I truly hope that this break up poem has helped you put some things into perspective. Over time, your heart will heal, and you will find someone that you are meant to be with and love for the rest of your life.

Funny Dog Poem


Today, I will write a funny dog poem for all you dog lovers out there.

Last night we watched Beethoven 4th, which is a funny comedy about two St Bernard’s that are accidentally switched between two families. One is very obedient and spoiled, while the other is reckless and instinctive.

I recall watching the first movie with my family when I was a kid. It was hilarious, we had a good laugh. This one was also quite entertaining. It’s a typical family comedy that the whole family may enjoy.

Beethoven is the inspiration behind the following funny dog poem. Enjoy.



Cute little trouble,
when he was young.
Licks the floor clean,
with his red tongue.

It’s amazing,
how fast he grows,
Will find your old sandwich,
with his shiny black nose.

Nothing more gross,
than his buckets of drool,
Drinking from toilets,
he finds pretty cool.

He’s super friendly,
but always finds trouble,
Loves digging through garbage,
and seeks piles of rubble.

No matter the day,
he’ll share his affection,
Just don’t ask him,
for his stick collection.



My parents have a 4 year old cocker spaniel that definitely behaves like Beethoven in that movie. He’ll chase and bark at anything that moves. He has clearly mastered the art of making a huge mess.

I think he thinks that he’s the king of the world. He even picks on my brother-in-laws huge Rottweiler whenever he gets a chance.

I should record some of his unruly antics and post them on Youtube for others to get a good laugh. I’m sure the fact that he’s one of those super hyper dogs has a lot to do with it.

At the end of the day, all dogs are filled with love, and are always willing to show it to others.

We all need to remember to love our dogs unconditionally, because we know they love us (they show it all the time). They are truly special pets that enrich our lives.

Housewarming Poem


This housewarming poem is dedicated to my aunt and uncle, who’ve recently purchased their dream home. We’re actually going to be leaving for their housewarming party in just a few minutes. So I’m glad I finished it in time.


Dream Home

A mutual dream
finally came true,
Beautiful house,
it’s perfect for you.

All these years,
you both worked so hard,
Now you have a
much spacious yard.

We’re so happy,
you love your new nest,
Looks amazing,
we’re impressed.

Colors match,
nice design,
We surely noticed,
the welcome sign.

In this wonderful home,
precious moments you’ll share,
We wish you the best,
love you and care.



Congrats Mariola and Peter. Anita and I would like to wish you many years of wonderful memories and moments in your new home. We’re so happy for you both.

It’s Party time!

3rd Anniversary Poem


Today is my brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws 3rd anniversary. So to wish them a happy anniversary, I wrote them this poem:


Anna and Mike's 3rd Anniversary


Three Beautiful Years

Beautiful memories,
three years and growing,
Love for each other,
They’re always showing.

A special bond,
they mutually feel,
It’s truly magical,
yet infinitely real.

Relationship based,
on care and respect,
In three wonderful years,
memories collect.

Wherever they,
decide to go,
The love they share,
will guide them
and know.


Anna and Mike, Anita and I would like to wish you both an absolutely wonderful anniversary. We would like to wish you countless more happy years together, filled with memories that you will both cherish for the rest of your lives.


We love you both,
Martin and Anita



A Poem About Helping Others


Today’s poem will be about helping others in need. Each day we come across many scenarios where we give a lending hand to individuals that we know well. This may be at home, work, or somewhere else.


In most cases, helping someone out that we know is second nature to us. No matter how selfless the act may be, I’m sure subconsciously we are aware of the mutual benefits. We understand that people in our lives will reciprocate and help us when we need assistance as well.


That’s all fine and dandy. We’ve evolved to work as team members of groups and communities, over hundreds of thousands of years. We can say we’ve evolved to cooperate with others to maximize our chances of survival over the ages. Religions also teach us to cooperate and help others.


But what about people that we don’t know? I’m talking about strangers. I don’t think most of us would go as far with helping strangers as we do with family members and friends. I don’t know whether any of us would agree to help renovate a complete stranger’s kitchen (without compensation or a guaranteed favour).


Usually the most we will do is hold the door at a store for a stranger. Sometimes we’ll help boost a strangers car (if we have time). These little acts of kindness require very little effort on our part. So we don’t mind.


You may be thinking, where is this post going? Since today the poem is about helping others, I came up with a personal challenge or experiment for myself. Once each year, I will select a stranger at random (possibly at the grocery store or just from the street) and help this person with something. Something bigger than just holding the door or giving a boost. I’m talking about something that will make a more significant impact on that person’s life.


The act must be completely selfless. I can’t expect anything in return from the person I help (ever). Sure you may end up expanding your social circle, but don’t expect to. Since we all judge others within milliseconds of seeing them, I may need to select the fifth random person that I bump into at a store or on the street. The goal is to help a stranger out for the entire day. This act of kindness will not discriminate between rich and poor.


We’ll see how it goes. Now let’s write the poem. (Time is passing right now but only for me as I write the poem, for you it’s instant, aren’t you lucky, lol, enjoy)


Stranger Fifth

At early sunrise, she went for a stroll,
Anxiety struggling,
with her current goal.

Random stranger,
she must choose.
Even with, conflicting views.

Walking towards,
stranger Fifth,
Shall not judge,
Hussein or Smith.

The first passes,
he is fit.
Instant attraction,
she does admit.

Seconds later, jogs by,
Miss pretty,
A little jealous,
that’s a pity.

Third and fourth,
an older pair,
Changing diapers,
she could not bear.

No more judging,
next one she’ll assist,
If confused,
she will insist.

Fifth approaches,
she looks quite young,
Mission to help,
runs off her tongue.

Once convinced,
Fifth, begins to cry,
An act of kindness,
from where and why?

She helped Fifth,
the entire day,
Enjoyed the deed,
with zero pay.

Fifth just needed,
someone to talk,
and interrupt her
lonely walk.

A Poem About Today


I’m very excited about posting today’s poem. It’s a poem about today. I was inspired to write it after reading some inspirational quotes that talked about living in the present and for today.


We all think about the past and the future a lot. I guess that’s just human nature. But we still need to remember to live and enjoy life in the present. We don’t know when our individual journey will come to an end. It may be today, tomorrow, 3 months from now, or 50 years from now.


I’m not trying to depress you. But that’s the reality of life, and we can’t do anything about it. Sure we can take actions that will increase the likelihood of living a long life. Such as eating healthy and looking both ways when we cross the street. But nothing is guaranteed. The only thing that is guaranteed is each moment in the present, and each breathe that we take right now.


For that, we need to be grateful. We need to cherish every moment we spend with our loved ones. We shouldn’t argue with them as much as we do. We shouldn’t let little things bother us. Like that old saying goes, we should all strive to – “stop and smell the flowers!”



I’m truly grateful
for today,
For my work
and for my play.

About tomorrow,
if I only think.
My life shall pass,
in a blink.

For tomorrow,
I shall not wait,
Right now! Today!
I’ll mould my fate.

Right now!
is the only time I own.
As I touch,
my flesh and bone.

Is it paradise and
roses that I seek?
Yet I have it today,
I should kiss her cheek.

I shouldn’t fear,
that thing called chance,
Ignore it completely,
and ask her to dance.

Yesterday and tomorrow,
I shall never control.
Only today’s love,
that seeps from my soul.



After completing the above poem, I read it a few times, and I just smiled. It has brought me joy, as I sit here today, right now, in peace and with gratitude for all that I have in my life.