A Poem About The Sales Profession

There are millions of people worldwide that work in sales. This sales poem is dedicated to them.

Sales is not an easy profession, and usually requires eccentric individuals who possess excellent people skills.

It’s always easier to sell high quality in demand products and services. Anyways, let’s try to sell this poem:


Yes or No?

Early each morning,
I still see the moon.
Must hit the road,
and sell lots before noon.

Thinking of numbers,
quick on my feet.
There’s always a strategy,
to avoid loss and defeat.

Approach my first client,
with a solid clean pitch.
Answering questions,
I’ve mastered my niche.

We begin with a – No!
That’s a good start.
I love what I selling,
it’s dear to my heart.

Looking at my prospect,
I’m sensing a – Yes.
Done a great job,
to convince and impress.

My prospect finishes,
with a mellow decline.
But I shall return,
at a much better time.

First prospect this morning,
did not need my soap.
With twenty more attempts,
there’s plenty of hope.

by anitapoems.com

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  1. Very Nice indeed …………. love to read again and again
    keep on sharing

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