Uplifting Poem

If you’re feeling down or know someone that is, then maybe today’s uplifting poem will help.


It’s True

Sometimes we’re lonely,
sometimes we’re down,
Our feelings are obvious,
they’re right in our frown.

We don’t want to talk,
or sit and explain,
Nobody would like it,
if they felt the same pain.

But just remember that you’re
intelligent and kind,
A person like you,
is so hard to find.

Your beautiful smile,
is often the cure,
You can get through anything,
of that I am sure.

Please remember,
I’m right here for you,
I care for you dearly,
forever it’s true.

by anitapoems.com


I really hope that this uplifting poem is able to cheer someone up. Whether that’s you or someone close in your life that is going through a tough time or just had a bad day.

My mom inspired me to write this poem. Recently, I decided to email her an uplifting or encouraging poem whenever I knew she had a bad day at work or wasn’t feeling that well. Now these little poems that I send her really cheer her up. They’re like little surprises for the soul that she appreciates receiving.

I think that’s what we all need sometimes. Just a few encouraging, positive or reassuring words, that say that everything will be alright.

Sometimes, people just need others to acknowledge their pain. If they notice that someone understands or took the time to listen to them, then that’s often at least half the cure.

I notice that whenever I try to reassure someone or cheer them up. Their attitude switches from sad or self-pity to everything will be alright, in a matter of moments.

So if you combine an uplifting poem like the one above and also take the time to listen to the person that is feeling down, then that will definitely help a lot. Try it.

Best of luck,

6 Responses to Uplifting Poem

  1. I have sent it to my daughter who is serving in Afghan, it hopefully will raise her spirits

  2. This peom works my best friends girlfriend broke up with him so I sent this to him and he has been sso happy to know im there for him

    Thanl you

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know my friend will smile after I send him this poem.

  4. thank you! i really think this might help my friend that her daughter is in the navy

  5. Thank you so much. i know my sister will love it and it is just what she needs at this moment in time.

  6. My friend will enjoy this, for she has been going through a lot and she should enjoy reading this poem.

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