Camping Poems


Camping Trip

One time when we went camping, we
camped on a real high bank, and
how we'd get down to the boats,
we really had to think.

We took a shovel and some tools,
and then we cut some stairs, and
used them to get up and down
the whole time we were there.

One night while we were sleeping,
it came a real good rain, and to
know the boats were full of
water, didn't take a brain.

My Husband started down that bank
so the water he could drain, not
thinking about it being slick
right after that big rain.

When he stepped off of that bank and
he went sliding through those trees,
he looked like a great big grizzly
bear on a little pair of skis.

He made it downhill standing up then
like he'd hit a wedge, he managed
somehow to stop himself right
at the water's edge.

by Patricia Capansky




We have friends that we camp with
who really love the lake, and the
only thing that turns him off is
when he see's a snake.

He even camped one summer with
a cast upon his leg, but to get
him to the lake, you
didn't have to beg.

He moved this rusty barrel like he
didn't have a care. but little
did he know that a snake
was hiding there.

That grass snake scared him so darn
bad that he didn't know what to
do, and with that cast upon his
leg, he did the old soft shoe.

He tap danced all around that barrel
until that snake was gone, then
regained his composure and
his business carried on.

Another time as I recall, when they
seined for some shad, when they
pulled up that seine they didn't
know just what they had.

What they thought was a stick turned
turned out to be a snake it seems,
and when that seine went in the air,
I'll swear that snake grew wings.

He threw that little water snake up
in the air so high, I'll tell you for
a fact it almost looked like
he could fly.

And even though he's had a few
encounters with a snake, his
fear of them is not as great,
as his love for the lake.

by Patricia Capansky



One time we went across the lake
to pick up our friend's son.
Our friend decided that he'd ski
back and show us how it's done.

We'd pick him up then drop him in,
by throttling up then back again.
Well pretty soon he was going strong
when a great big inboard came along.

The wave he caught all wrong I think, and
it dropped our friend right in the drink.
He hit that water sitting down and while
he was bouncing all around;

His legs were straight and his skis still on,
and that big outboard, well it was gone.
He sat there grinning from ear to ear, and
we sat there laughing through our tears.

Now we weren't laughing to be mean, that
was just the funniest sight we'd seen.
Cause here was a big guy built with stock,
bouncing over that water like s skipping rock.

by Patricia Capansky



One time the Boy Scouts were
collecting food from our
front door.

So I got a sack together
wishing I could do
much more.

I put it out on our front
porch, so the Boy
Scouts could see,

Next thing I know that sack
of food was brought back
in to me.

They were supposed to start their
pick up of the food some
where around eight,

By the time I saw that sack
again, it was about
an hour late.

And I couldn't ask him why he
moved that sack like some
big jerk,

Cause as soon as he brought that
sack back in, he left and went
to work.

Now if anyone has read my poems, they know
without a doubt, my big coon hunting
Husband is the he I'm talking about.

But with hope, I put the sack back out which worked out
really good, cause the Scouts were about an hour
late coming around our neighborhood.

by Patricia Capansky