Cat Poems


Hope you enjoy the following super adorable cat poems submitted by Patricia Capansky.


It was a mid October morning
and we wondered what the heck,
is this little cold black ball of fur,
in the chair out on our deck.

He had wondered in from someplace
in the middle of the night,
and crawled up in that chair and slept,
until the morning light.

Our deck if fully covered
with cloth screening all around,
and it looked like he was quite content,
with this new home he had found.

Well at first he was quite timid
when he saw us standing there,
cause he woke up from his sleep
and quickly jumped down off the chair.

But we thought we might entice him
with a little food to eat
and sure enough before too long,
he was meowing at our feet.

So this cat we now call Rascal
I guess will stay around,
cause if he belongs to someone else,
that someone we've not found.

And though each evening after dark
he scampers off somewhere,
the next day The Phantom Of The Deck -
is back in that same old chair.

by Patricia Capansky



She got him as a present
for her 21st birthday,
but little did she realize
the price she'd have to pay.

She had no way of knowing
while she was trying to sleep,
into her room and on her bed,
that kitty cat would creep.

He's just a little kitten
and she knew not what he'd do,
or all the messes he would make
while his fun he'd pursue.

At first he's quite well mannered
and with his toys he'll play,
but then he gets his nerves up
just a little more each day.

He gets her up at 5:00 o'clock
because he wants to eat,
then gets up on her bed
to attack her toes and feet.

He'll use her pillow and her head
to spring up on the sill,
then use her as a landing mat
until she's had her fill.

That's when she finally throws him out,
behind him shuts the door,
so he's not bouncing off the walls
or off her anymore.

He's just a little baby,
how much trouble can he be,
but when she finally leaves her room
she'll very quickly see.

Her plants are knocked down on the floor,
the cat's out of control,
the toilet paper torn in chunks
and pulled off of the roll.

She's just about to strangle him
but then to her surprise,
she seems to melt like butter
when she looks into his eyes.

So even though he's made a mess
and really been quite bad,
Marley has the upper hand
cause Shauna can't stay mad.

by Patricia Capansky