Christmas Poems


Have fun reading and sharing the following Christmas poems. You may also be interested in these printable Christmas poems for kids


I know that money's tight
and times are really hard,
so that just makes me treasure more
your danged old Christmas Card.

Not only was it in the shape
of a little Christmas tree,
but the verse you wrote inside
got quite a chuckle out of me.

And I'm so impressed at how
you went about that little caper,
of making me a Christmas card
from brown recycled paper.

So every time from now on
when I see a grocery sack,
to Christmas time 2009,
my mind will wonder back;

To a time when this Dear Friend of mine,
probably for a gag,
made me the cutest Christmas card,
from an old brown paper bag.

by Patricia Capansky



At almost eighteen months of age
she gets around quite well,
and exactly what might catch her eye
is pretty hard to tell.

She's really fascinated with rocks
all shapes and kinds,
and in this great big sand box,
a polished rock she finds.

All through the Pumpkin Patch that day
she carried it around
and she made sure she got it home,
this pretty rock she'd found.

So Mom and Dad decide now,
she's old enough to see,
the bright decor and pretty lights
on her first Christmas tree.

Well I guess the way her Mom had talked,
the tree they got was real,
cause the smell of pine at Christmas time
has Holiday appeal.

Sofia's Dad is in the shower,
her Mom sets up the tree,
with pretty decorations
for their little girl to see.

Well I know the pretty decor
is what caught Sofia's eye,
so along with all her pretty rocks,
there was something else to try.

The tree came toppling over,
Mommy caught it way down low,
she's on the floor holding up that tree,
she knows she can't let go.

And it had to be a funny sight
for anyone to see.
Shauna laying on the floor
holding up that tree;

Sofia on her Mommy's back
reaching for decor,
Chris rushing to the rescue,
now who could ask for more.

There's only one more problem now
the three of them must face,
their real tree has been broken,
way down at the base.

Since their idea of that real tree
got so far out of hand,
they had to rig this fake tree up
and put it in that stand.

So this now ends the story
of my Sweet Savedras Three
with Little Miss Sofia
and her first real Christmas Tree.

by Patricia Capansky