Columbine Massacre Poem


The following poem talks about the Columbine High School Massacre which occurred on April 20, 1999.


I wish they could have found a way
to make them understand,
before so very many things
got so far out of hand.

A way to somehow keep
them from taking the wrong path,
a way to stop the hurt
and pain from all the aftermath.

I wish they could have turned to,
someone to help them find,
another way to vent
the hate and anger in their mind.

Someone to tell them youths
a time that should be filled with fun,
not waging war on classmates
with knives or bombs or guns.

I wish there was a special prayer
that everyone could say,
to change all those horrific things
that happened on that day.

But there is nothing one can say,
and nothing one can do,
to ease the pain or mend
the broken hearts for all of you.

So I pray the touch of God's Hand
will help you soon to heal,
from a life that's now forever
changed, from the sorrow that you feel;

And I pray the clouds will go away
and the sun again will shine,
over everyone in Littleton
and the kids of Columbine.

by Patricia Capansky


It was a very tragic day for the school of Columbine, the town of Littleton, and the entire nation, as we all mourned the loss of innocent lives.

Our hearts go out to all the victims adn their families. I would also like to thank Patricia for writing and sharing this poem with all of us.

We will always remember.