Dog Poems


The following collection of dog poems were submitted by Patricia Capansky. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.

show dog

Youngest Best Of Show

He always starts our pups out young
up there on that old bench,
So when they're old enough to show,
first place should be a cinch.

And with both hands while posing them,
their head and tail he holds,
But the pup he posed the other night
was only five weeks old.

He put that little blue tick pup,
up there in a pose,
With just his fingers holding up
her little tail and nose.

And he only used his fingertips,
to pose her in that stand,
Cause you could not have seen that pup,
if he had used his hands.

So up there on that bench,
stands that little blue tick pup,
The cutest thing I've ever seen
a full-grown man dream up.

But the way she stood up on that bench,
you never would have known,
If that pup hadn't been so small,
that she was not full grown.

by Patricia Capansky

hound dogs



Here goes another summer
where my pleasures I'll give up,
to take care of this mother dog
and her nine blue tick pups.

And it's not the way I pictured
all my summer months would be,
but the choice of babysitting dogs
was not left up to me.

I fought against more baby pups
as hard as I could fight,
but ignoring everything I'd said,
he brought them home one night.

And he knew that I'd help care for them
until they were more grown,
and big enough to get around
and make it on their own.

So I check on Bullet and her pups
several times a day
to make sure in this awful heat,
they're getting along okay.

And I didn't want to be tied down
with a bunch of blue tick hounds,
but I must admit it's really fun
to watch them get around.

I love to watch them run and play,
while they are still a pup,
and until they become full grown dogs,
it's hard to give them up.

They eat a lot, but they're so cute
cause they're always on the go,
and I can stand and watch for hours
while they put on a show.

But I know we have to let them go
as soon as they are able,
if I want to have enough dough left
to keep food on my table.

by Patricia Capansky



My Husband just don't understand
to him it's clear as mud,
why like him I don't have
coon hunting fever in my blood.

He thinks because I like the dogs
I should like what they do,
and I hate to burst his bubble
but that simply is not true.

I certainly have no desire
to chase dogs through the dark,
or sit there in the pickup
just to listen to them bark.

Especially when the fun in that
is hard for me to see,
cause that just might make people think,
there's something wrong with me.

And if I went out in the cold
to coon hunt half the night,
to tell the truth I must admit,
I wouldn't be too bright.

Nor do I need to go through
all those muddy fields and roam,
when I can hear those coon dogs bark,
enough right here at home.

by Patricia Capansky


The guys went out out to coon hunt
like many times before,
and wound up in a pasture
by this farm.

The night was really black as pitch
and they needed light to see,
not thinking that their lights
would cause alarm.

The Farmer looked and saw these
lights out in the dark of night,
and called the Sheriff to have
him check them out.

Since they were headed straight
for him it gave him such a fright,
not knowing what
was hovering about.

So he got in his pickup and
tried to get away, from
lights suspended six feet
off the ground.

Cause they kept getting closer
and closer all the time,
while shimmering and
dancing all around.

But when the Sheriff got there
and saw these funny lights,
he couldn't get
the smile off of his face.

Cause they were only headlamps
on the caps the hunters wore,
not UFO'S or
Aliens from Space.

by Patricia Capansky



One night my Husband brought
this little Walker home with him,
and turned her loose in our backyard,
instead of in the pen.

Next day I heard her bark and bark
so I went out to see,
and she sure didn't look like any
blue tick hound to me.

I thought she was the dog next door
or maybe just a stray,
so I opened up our backyard gate
and ran her quickly away.

When he came home from work that night
to pick her up again
and take her back where she came from,
back to his hunting friend;

Needless to say she wasn't there,
that Walker dog was gone,
cause he had failed to let me know,
just what was going on.

So we called his friend and told him
that I really didn't know,
when I opened up our backyard gate
and let his coonhound go;

That she was even coonhound,
much less belonged to him,
but everything worked out alright
cause they found her again.

And the guys still razz me every time
they think about that day,
I drove out that expensive dog
and sent her on her way.

by Patricia Capansky



Young Bingo went with Bumble Bee
out on a hunt one night,
not knowing what it's all about
it gave him such a fright.

'Cause when he turned the two dogs loose,
that Bumble Bee went flying like a stone
Leaving little Bingo far behind
puzzled and all alone.

His loud and somewhat mournful howl
just filtered through the air
as if to say,
"I'm scared and lost, don't anybody care?"

His Master's trailing way behind,
Bee's treed and way ahead.
Should he back track to where he'd been
or look for Bee instead?

His Master catches up with him
and takes him to the tree,
where he is simply thrilled to death
to see old Bumble Bee.

He's licking her upon her face,
she's trying to tree a coon,
she looks at him as if to say,
"You silly old baboon,"

"Quit licking me upon my face
and get out of my way,
I'm trying to hunt raccoon right now
and I don't have time to play."

by Patricia Capansky



My Husband has one coon dog,
he seems to like a lot,
but I don't think he really knows
exactly what he's got.

Although she's won a lot of hunts
and treed a lot of coon,
sometimes that blue tick female
is crazy as a loon.

Most of the time she hunts real well
and trees just what she should,
but sometimes when she comes back in
she don't smell awfully good.

And in his little camper
I wouldn't want to bunk.
'cause instead of going after coon,
she's going after skunk.

But he can't catch her with the skunk
so her habit's hard to break,
especially when his shocking collar
he conveniently forgets to take.

One night they saw some little skunks
but couldn't cook her goose,
His only options drive on by,
or turn that skunk dog loose.

by Patricia Capansky


We have nine blue tick puppies that are hungry all the time,
so twice a day we supplement their meal.
Our Grandkids came the other day to see these baby pups,
and they thought feeding them was quite a deal.

Two of these pups are little girls, the rest of them are males,
and one pup seems to sense things really well.
Cause when it's feeding time, it makes no difference where it's from,
it seems that little girl can always tell.

She runs around that pen with her nose up in the air,
and it's not too hard to tell she wants to eat.
And since the coonhound puppies are just over two weeks old,
of course they're not real steady on their feet.

But I know now why that mother dog won't nurse them very long,
with those strong jaws and top teeth coming in.
Cause when that little female latched onto my Grandson's face,
she put a great big hickey on his chin.

And I wish I had a picture of that little coonhound pup,
sucking on his chin and hanging there;
Dangling from my Grandson's face like she was chowing down,
while her body was suspended in mid air.

by Patricia Capansky



My Husband took his favorite coon dog
out again last night,
and the way she smelled when they came home,
I don't think she's too bright.

She found herself another skunk,
her Master's wish came true,
cause with that collar on her neck
he knew just what to do.

He zapped her with that shocking collar
right there in her track,
but the skunk already had its tail
flared high upon it's back.

And judging from the way they smelled
then I can just assume,
that they were downwind from that skunk
when she sprayed her perfume.

But he thinks he's got the problem solved
and I sure hope he's right
cause if they smell like skunk again,
with her he'll spend the night.

And since it's cold
his camper is the perfect place to bunk,
with that darn dog he loves so much,
just him and her and SKUNK!!!!

by Patricia Capansky


Coonhounds may come coonhounds may go
what ones he’ll keep, I never know.
But Hoover’s been around for many a day
and after this long I guess he’ll stay.

He loves to hunt and he really prances,
it almost looks like he even dances.
Then when you shut the door to that cage,
it sounds like he is filled with rage.

Especially if there is a dog next door,
he growls and it sounds like a lion’s roar.
But that dog can hunt and you know he will
if you can just keep his growling still.

I think he cost a quite a bit
and on a hunt he just won’t quit.
He’s not real big but he’s sure not frail
and he can really vacuum up that trail.

And when Hoover trees he makes his mark,
from around that tree he chews the bark.
Then when you get there it’s plain to see,
cause the tree is bare where the bark should be.

by Patricia Capansky



I never know around my house
just what will happen next and
if those coon dogs are involved,
it’s hard to even guess.

The other morning I slept in,
my Husband went to work,
but something that I heard
made me awaken with a jerk.

I heard our Cocker Spaniel bark
which she will do sometimes,
but when I heard the second bark
I thought I’d lost my mind.

I lay there thinking to myself
this has to be a dream, that
coon dog can’t be in the house
like that bark made it seem.

But when I finally came down-
stairs, eyes open, wide awake,
that Cocker and that Coonhound
made me do a double take.

The coon dog got some cookies
down and they had quite a feast
it looked like they were really
having fun to say the least.

The Cocker and the coon dog
and cookies on the floor, the
curtain blowing in the breeze
through the open door.

The pickup wasn’t in the drive
so I knew he was gone and
it took a while to figure out
just what was going on.

He opened up that door like
so many times he’ll do then
left and went to work and
forgot to pull it to.

And since he hardly ever keeps
his coon dog in her pen, I
guess she saw that open door
so she just came on in.

Bumble Bee and Rotten down-
stairs all alone, eating up
my cookies while they made
themselves at home.

by Patricia Capansky



The things around my house
are really getting out of hand,
And because of Blue Tick Coonhounds,
it's time to take a stand.

But unless you're in my place,
I know it might be hard to see,
Just what effect those darn Coonhounds
have really had on me.

My Husband loves Blue Tick so much,
and this one thing I know,
If it came down to them or me,
I'd be the one to go.

And I joke about those dogs a lot
while trying to keep my pride,
But I am almost to the point,
I'm afraid to look outside.

Cause something happened the other night
that caught me way off guard,
I saw a bunch of Blue Tick Hounds
all over my back yard.

And I'm not talking just a few,
like maybe two or three,
I'm talking Blue Tick Hounds as thick
as blades of grass should be.

And seeing all those Hounds
so clear imagine my surprise,
When I awakened from that dream
and opened up my eyes.

Now I've seen some strange things in my time,
but nothing can compare,
To a back yard full of Blue Tick Hounds,
like the ones in my nightmare.

by Patricia Capansky



The title of this little tale
gives it all away,
about how he wound up with
this Blue Tick pup one day.

He held the winning ticket
from a raffle that they had,
and though she's young
that little pup's not turning out too bad.

I think she is right at nine months old,
but she is doing great,
and when you want her on the bench,
she doesn't hesitate.

Cause when you tell her, "Get up there,"
upon that bench she'll go,
and on that bench the other night
she won the Best of Show.

She's still too young to hunt real good
but Raffle Bee's a honey,
cause she sure gave those older dogs
a good run for the money.

by Patricia Capansky


I'm just about to put my Husband
out somewhere to roam,
cause every time I turn around
he brings a coon dog home.

He buys one or he trades for one
without telling me,
then leaves it at somebody's house,
so that dog I can't see.

Then later on he lets me know
the dog belongs to him,
about the time he brings it home
and sticks it in our pen.

And judging from the things he says,
it's pretty plain to see,
his friends can hardly even wait
to hear what he tells me.

He comes up with a line of bull
that simply will not quit,
but the story that he tells this time
must be his greatest hit.

And I can almost hear him say,
"Her mind I'll really baffle,
when I tell her I won this little
Blue Tick in a raffle."

But since his friends confirm this tale,
I guess it must be true,
cause even with my disbelief,
they stick to it like glue.

And with my luck I should have known,
my Husband would succeed,
in being the one to win
the very last thing that we need.

by Patricia Capansky

Little Joe


By now our Blue Tick puppies
are over three months old,
And except for one that we call Joe,
the rest of them are sold.

And I really liked the two females,
so maybe you can guess,
That since the male's the one we kept;
my Husband liked him best.

He works with him upon the bench,
and puts him in a pose,
With one hand holding up his tail,
the other hand his nose.

And Joe don't seem to mind at all,
he'll hardly budge an inch,
As long as someone's messing with him
up there on that bench.

That is 'til jealous Bumble Bee
tries to get him down,
By grabbing any part of him
she can get her mouth around.

And Bee is over two years old
so she's been shown a lot,
But I guess she chews on Little Joe
cause she thinks he's in her spot.

So if Bumble Bee is not along
when the pup he tries to show,
I'll be surprised if we don't win,
with "Little Bench Show Joe."

by Patricia Capansky



The guys went out again last night
with Bullet, the pups and Bee,
by taking pups with older dogs
that’s how they learn to tree.

And Bee was just a short ways off
then they herd her slam dunk,
but when the fragrance filled the air
they knew she’d bayed a skunk.

Then when they yelled her name
that coon dog took off like a streak,
going as hard as she could go
right on down the creek.

She knew that she’d done something wrong
and she knew that very soon
in order to redeem herself,
she had to tree a coon.

And Little Joe was pretty smart
cause when that skunk he passed,
he either left a lot of room
or he went by too fast.

Or he just may have been up wind,
it’s really hard to tell
but Bumble Bee’s the only one
that had that skunky smell.

And since she wasn’t sprayed too bad
I couldn’t help but laugh,
‘cause every time a skunks around
it’s bound to cross Bee’s path.

by Patricia Capansky



She’s really pouring on the steam
when she starts down that trail,
her four feet burning up the ground
as down that path they sail.

And sometimes when she’s tracking coon
in the darkness of the night
she often winds up face to tail,
with a little black and white.

But nothing anyone can say
will ever make me think,
she’d purposely do anything
to create such a stink.

So when she’s running through those
weeds at such a rapid pace
and then up pops this little skunk
in the middle of her face;

I don’t believe she even thinks
when she lets out that bay,
about that stupid little skunk
and it’s stinking little spray.

‘Cause surely she must know by now
the problem that skunk poses
when the sent it sprays all over her
could wilt a field of roses.

And when she bays and that skunk sprays
she gets hit with the stink,
but oh, how different things might be
if she just had time to think.

by Patricia Capansky



I know the thought must cross his mind
what will she do tonight,
will she do something stupid
or will she hunt all right?

It seems that lately he can’t tell
until the night is through
if she is going to hunt raccoon
or hunt for something new.

From time to time she’s bayed a skunk
which left her really stinking
and left the question in one’s mind
what was that Blue Tick thinking?

Besides not looking like a coon
the smell was hard to take,
so that’s a habit right away,
he knew he had to break.

Then she starts hunting good again,
he’s got her back on track.
She’s treeing coon and winning hunts,
this leader of the pack.

She started winning everything
and man that dog was awesome,
until she got a bit confused
and treed herself a possum.

So now he’s wondering once again
what will this coonhound do
will she just hunt raccoon tonight,
or look for something new?

by Patricia Capansky


It seems like every time that I need you around,
you’re hunting one thing or another on some hunting ground.

You hunt for birds, you hunt for coon and you hunt for deer
and after all this time with you, you’ve made one thing quite clear.

If there is one thing you can hunt, you’re going to be gone
‘cause you’re out hunting anything there’s open season on.

But if that makes you happy then that’s all right with me,
‘cause that’s not near as bad as other places you could be.

At least you’re not out in the bars or chasing girls around
and though I may not always know right where you can be found;

I never worry too much ‘cause I don’t have a reason,
unless upon the women they should declare OPEN SEASON.

by Patricia Capansky



He thinks he's broken Bumble Bee,
I'm thinking this is luck,
Bee won't hunt skunk any more,
but then, along comes Buck.

Buck will hunt most anything
and sometimes trash he'll run,
So with this shocking collar
now his training has begun.

He started running deer or something,
just the other night,
So they zapped him with that collar,
cause he didn't sound quite right.

Now when they shocked him with that collar,
old Buck got so mad,
He caught a skunk to let out all
this anger that he had.

Then when the guys approached him,
he knew that he'd been seen,

He glued himself to Leon like
he's starving for affection,
And from that shocking collar,
he just wanted some protection.

But since he didn't want the smell
of skunk all on his hands,
And knowing he's in trouble,
Leon's legs he runs between.
He didn't have much recourse as
between his legs Buck stands.

And since he can't get Buck to move,
all he can do is holler,
"Get this dog away from me,
don't zap him with that collar."

Still straddling this Blue Tick hound,
he's dancing all about,
While Edwin's trying to tell him,
he thinks he can zap him out.

But Leon couldn't shake him loose
with all his fancy struttin,
So once again he yells out,
"Keep your finger off that button."

by Patricia Capansky