A Poem About Being Embarrassed


This poem tells a story of being embarrassed while talking on the phone with a stranger. It was submitted by Patricia Capansky.


I called my daughter the other night
to talk to her a while,
and sometimes things she talks about,
I just can't help but smile.

It seems she went to the grocery shop,
left Brian home alone,
when she came back she didn't know
she was wanted on the phone.

She honked the horn so Bri
went out to help her bring things in,
but their little Maltese dog thought she should
have some snacks just for him.

So he barked and growled and tried to talk
in every way he knew,
and my daughter talking back to him,
did the same things he would do.

After talking to the dog a while
something made her look,
and that's when she discovered
that the phone was off the hook.

So she picked it up and said, "Hello,"
and this man was cracking up,
at the conversation she'd been having
with their Maltese pup.

She said he couldn't quit laughing
and she couldn't figure out,
till he calmed himself down a bit
what this call was all about.

He was asking for donations
and he'd just like to know,
if there was any way that she
could give a buck or two or so.

Well the fact that he'd heard everything
embarrassed her real good,
so to get him off the phone she said
she'd donate what she could.

Cause she knew he must be thinking,
now this lady's really dorky,
after he heard her conversing
with a little dog named Corky.

by Patricia Capansky