A Funny Poem About My Brother Making Cocoa


Patricia Capansky recalls her older brother trying to make cocoa in the following comical poem.


One winter when we were quite young,
our older brother Jack,
thought he would fix some cocoa
for a special little snack.

He read the directions on the box
and things were going well,
and our mouths began to water
from that luscious cocoa smell.

Then when he got it finished
and he poured it in our cup,
we wished that it would cool down
so we could drink it up.

But we were disappointed
when we finally got our wish,
cause instead of just a dash of salt,
he thought it said a dish.

And of course not knowing what he'd done,
we didn't know what to think,
when that cocoa was so salty
that it wasn't fit to drink.

And since our family was quite large
and we were kind of poor,
we didn't have enough milk left
to make up any more.

So although it wasn't fit to drink,
we all began to pout,
when that awful cocoa he had made,
had to be thrown out.

by Patricia Capansky