Funny Grandpa Poems


Here's two funny grandpa poems poems. The first one talks about grandpa and his new eye, and the second one about his dentures.


While talking to our Grandson,
mainly as a joke,
Grandpa didn't bat an eye
while pumping all that smoke.

Danny listened carefully
to every word he said,
about the brand new eye to soon
be placed in Grandpa's head.

He said the eye he was to get,
till all was said and done,
they didn't even know
if it would match his other one.

This new eye might be brown
while his other eye is blue,
and even though they may not match,
that's the best that they can do.

A Cadaver eye is what his Grandpa
said he would receive,
and the way he told that little tale,
it was not hard to believe.

Grandpa said the guy was blind
so the eye was never used
and the eye from a blind Cadaver now,
had Danny quite confused.

Well the tale that Grandpa told him
was really quite absurd,
but Danny bless his little heart
just hung on every word.

Grandpa had a detached retina,
which they had to repair,
but he had such fun with the yarn he'd spun,
while our Grandson was right there.

And this whole tale I will admit
has been somewhat bizarre,
but I think the blind Cadaver
really went a bit too far.

by Patricia Capansky



My Husband lost his partial dentures
just the other night
and with the cost of those darn things,
it gave us such a fright.

I saw him run from room to room ,
it was too much to ignore,
so I finally had to ask him what
he was looking for.

He said he'd lost his partial plates
and much to his despair,
he'd laid the darn things down some place
but didn't know just where.

He looked out in the truck;
down in the basement too,
just where he'd put those partial plates
he didn't have a clue.

So I quickly joined him in the search,
we both looked everywhere,
but it made no difference where we looked,
his partials were not there.

He finally sat down at the table
trying to clear his mind,
we'd looked at least an hour
but no partials did we find.

While standing by the table,
I got a big surprise,
the lost had now been found
I could not believe my eyes.

Like parts of my own body,
his mind has gone down South,
I looked at him and said,
"Edwin, your teeth are in your mouth."

by Patricia Capansky