Poems About Nanny Bell The Goat


Here's a couple poems about Nanny Bell, the goat. They were submitted by Patricia Capansky. Thanks for sharing them with us Pat:)

goat poems

Nanny Bell

My Brother got this nanny goat
which he brought home one day.
He took this goat for work he'd done
instead of taking pay.

Not knowing our Mom hated goats
he couldn't wait to tell,
how he acquired this little goat
which he named Nanny Bell.

And though our Mother hated goats
she'd never let him know,
he would have made her really proud
by just accepting dough.

He'd play with Nanny Bell
each day out there in the sticks
and just like people teach a dog,
he taught that goat some tricks.

"Cut up Nanny Bell, cut up,"
my Brother said,
then she would turn in circles,
stamp her feet, and shake her head.

Nanny Bell would follow him
just like a little pup
and even when we went to school
that goat would not give up.

But since he always left her loose
and let her freely roam,
each morning you could hear him yell,
"Go home goat, go home."

And the way she followed him around
he thought was pretty cool,
'til chasing her back home each day
would make him late for school.

On top of all these other things
this goat would soon succeed,
in hacking off our Landlord,
by eating up his feed.

So with the things around our place
not working out too well,
my Brother finally sold
his little goat named Nanny Bell.

by Patricia Capansky

The Sale of Nanny Bell


I'd be a bit remiss
if I did not complete this tale,
and mention many other things
resulting in her sale.

Like how that goat could freely roam
and had the whole outdoors,
but always went up on our porch
to do her little chores.

And this of course upset our folks,
especially our Dad,
so to break her from that little trick,
this bright idea he had.

He would light this string of fireworks,
then under her they'd land,
but he didn't throw them soon enough
and they went off in his hand.

And as you might imagine
that really made him mad,
cause what seemed like a great idea
turned out to be quite bad.

Then when they went to milk the cows
through that front door she'd blow
and she would beller all the way
as through that barn she'd go.

Besides our Landlord, Mom and Dad,
the cows disliked her too,
cause they would kick and come unglued
each time that goat ran through.

That farm looked like a war zone
so our Landlord had a plan,
he'd buy this little nanny goat
and get her off his land.

He tried to buy her several times
but he could not succeed,
so Nanny Bell kept raising cane
and eating up his feed.

Well the deal he finally came up with
was too good to ignore,
cause my Brother hadn't ever seen
that kind of dough before.

And if he could have found a way
he'd haul goats in by trucks,
cause Nanny cost him fifty cents,
but our Landlord paid five bucks.

by Patricia Capansky