Grandson Poems


Patricia Capansky wrote the following poems about her grandsons, and was kind enough to share them with us. Enjoy!


My oldest grandson, Brian,
has eyes of real pale blue,
his dad and brothers have brown eyes,
you'd think that he would too.

He looks just like his dad of course,
except for those blue eyes,
and my daughter talking to him
once just mentioned her surprise.

His sister doesn't have brown eyes
and neither does his mother,
but his are so much different
from his parents, sis and brothers.

So his mom just kind of mentioned
that she couldn't figure out,
how the color of his pale blue eyes
really came about.

He quickly solved the puzzle
for her giving her this reason,
"My eyes aren't blue, they're hazel,
they change color with the season."

by Patricia Capansky



So many times the funny things
that children sometimes do,
are never really captured
in a photograph or two.

Cause often when these things take place,
unless ahead you've planned,
you never have that magic
little camera in your hand.

But then sometimes you find yourself
in just the perfect spot,
to capture cute and funny things
with just one little shot.

So in your mind just picture,
these three cute little boys,
and I'm sure you might imagine
all the laughter and the noise;

When out in front of everyone,
this small boy did appear,
with price tag hanging from the strap,
in his mom's new brassiere.

by Patricia Capansky



Brian and a friend of his
went fishing one fine day,
to his friend's sister's cabin
at a lake not far away.

They took along some food
for the Master Chef to do,
and one thing was a chicken,
for him to barbecue.

He got the chicken ready
with some seasoning and what not,
then put the whole thing on the grill
where it was nice and hot.

He went into the cabin
for just a little while,
and knowing him I visualize
his little crooked smile.

He thinks, I better go and check
this Masterpiece I've done,
but when he opens up the grill,
the side show has begun.

His lovely chicken has caught fire
and he doesn't know what to do,
so he stabs the thing and pulls it off
the red hot barbecue.

He takes this burning chicken
and he waves it all about,
but no matter what he does
that flaming chicken won't go out.

So he slings that chicken through the air
and even on the ground,
the flames on that darn chicken
are still dancing all around.

Well in case you might be wondering,
there was one mistake he made,
when he used Italian Dressing
for his chicken's marinade.

But the Master Chef redeemed himself,
as near as I can tell,
cause when he grilled hamburgers
they all turned out quite well.

by Patricia Capansky