A Funny Little Sister Poem


Here's a beautiful little poem that will remind many of us of our childhood.


When we were young and growing up
what we used as a sub,
for all us kids to bathe in,
was a galvanized wash tub.

We had no indoor plumbing
so we did the best we could,
and if you weren't too big,
that wash tub worked out pretty good.

To find some place to keep
those old tubs wasn't very hard,
when not in use we kept our tub
turned over in the yard,

And besides the uses for that tub
my Parents had inside,
my little sister used it
for her favorite place to hide.

She'd hide beneath that tub each time
we'd all play hide and seek,
and when we'd call her name,
from underneath that tub she'd peek.

And when we'd say, "Where are you,"
this small voice from afar,
while peeking out beneath that tub
would holler, "Here I are."

by Patricia Capansky