Paintball and Pranks Poem


Here's a funny poem that talks about a paintball incident that is instigated by some childish pranks.


One quiet summer evening
Mom was talking on the phone,
waiting for her oldest son,
called Smokey, to come home.

She heard some funny noises
that she just could not ignore,
so with her phone in hand she quickly
walks out her front door.

She yells, "You're going to clean that up,"
and "I know who you are,"
while chasing six boys down the street
right to their waiting car.

She goes back to her tp'd house
right where she was before, and
finds her son called Rambo
pacing up and down the floor.

About that time who should appear
but this Mom's oldest son,
so in the car jumps Rambo
with his trusty paint ball gun.

Now when these boys go by again,
as down the street they sail,
the race has now begun
because young Smokey's on their tail.

They turn down this one street
and just imagine their surprise,
when they come out and then see Rambo
right before their eyes.

While hanging out the window one boy yells,
"You wouldn't dare,"
then all at once, pow-pow, pow-pow
the paint balls fill the air.

Well thinking they would not be back
Smokey lets them go,
but Mom had called the Police,
which of course they didn't know.

The Policemen catch the six boys
and of course they all confess,
but then they rat poor Rambo out,
while they clean up their mess.

The Police now turn to Rambo
and they tell him what he's done,
can get him in big trouble
with his trusty paint ball gun.

They tell him it's illegal
in the limits of this town,
to use this gun in any way,
so he must put it down.

So although things did not turn out
exactly like they planned,
it's good to know they didn't
get too darn far out of hand;

And after all the ruckus
and the mess and all the noise,
the moral to this story
is that boys will be boys.

by Patricia Capansky