President Reagan Poem


Here's a poem that talks about the death or passing of president Reagan in 2004. It mentions Nancy's reaction, and it's obvious how much she loved him.


I did not see her shed a tear,
I did not see her cry,
even when his flag draped casket
slowly passed her by.

I only saw composure,
I saw dignity and grace,
but I could see her broken heart
when I looked into her face.

She lost her soul mate and her friend,
she lost her one true love,
on June the sixth, two thousand four,
when God called him above.

But she gave our Nation time to mourn
and say their sad goodbyes
and many paid their last respects,
with teardrops in their eyes.

So now this First Great Lady
of this Presidential Great,
must play out yet another hand
that was dealt to her by fate.

Now comes the final journey
of our fortieth President
to the place that he has dearly loved,
where so much time was spent.

At his Presidential Library
as the sun sets in the West,
the last goodbyes will now be said,
as he is laid to rest.

His time on earth is over,
he won't suffer any more,
for Angel wings have carried him
through Heaven's Open Door.

by Patricia Capansky