Poems About Tornadoes and Hurricanes


These poems talk about tornadoes and hurricanes. They talk about their destructive powers and the heartache they bring via mother nature.


In the year of 1999
and on the 3rd of May,
the morning started pretty much
like any other day.

Then later on towards evening
the weather starts to change,
tornadoes ravaged Oklahoma,
and then the Kansas plains.

With Mother Nature taking aim
on everything in site,
and warnings that continued
until the morning light;

South Wichita and Haysville
right in her stormy path,
like the Oklahoma Heartland
would also feel her wrath.

The storm front went through Tennessee
and then through Texas too,
destruction was abundant
as tornadoes rumbled through.

The Oklahoma Heartland
was by far the hardest hit,
more homes and lives were lost there
before this big storm quit.

And when it came through Kansas
with such a mighty roar,
it still was packing quite a punch
as through this State it tore.

Then people, food, clothes and money
started pouring in,
to help tornado victims
get back on their feet again.

But the work is still not over yet,
there's so much more to do,
and the victims from that awful storm,
still need more help from you.

by Patricia Capansky



The worst natural disaster
to hit the U.S.A.
caused so much pain and tragedy
on that fateful day.

It hit New Orleans, Mississippi,
and Alabama too
when Hurricane Katrina
with great fury rumbled through.

Many tried to ride it out
but once it had begun,
they quickly learned from so much wrath,
they had no place to run.

The aftermath Katrina left,
was worse than any war
and unlike any storm
to hit the U.S.A. before.

The wind and water tore
through homes and all in site,
catastrophes were great,
she struck with all her might.

People now no longer
have the comfort of their homes,
many sick and homeless
left in flooded streets to roam.

And for many people now,
who from their homes have fled,
they have no food, no water
and no place to rest their head.

As if the hurricane and floods
were not quite bad enough,
armed gangs and looters were now
making rescue efforts tough.

Help is now arriving
but for many it's too late,
their suffering is behind them,
cause they've entered Heaven's Gate.

by Patricia Capansky