Zip Sled Adventure Poem


Patricia Capansky submitted the following funny zip sled poem. Hope you have fun reading it.


On weekends back some years ago,
to the lake we would be gone,
and since my daughter was quite young
she always went along.

Some friends of ours had nieces
who were just about her age,
and at that time along with skis,
the zip sled was the rage.

They would ride that sled behind the boat
and have all kinds of fun,
so my husband thought he'd try his luck
to see how it was done.

And when he pulled back on that sled
as he was trying to stand,
that's when the trouble started
and when things got out of hand.

Although they were not going
at a very rapid pace,
when he stood up that sled broke loose
and smacked him on the face.

I think it stunned him pretty good,
it hit him pretty hard,
I know that when the rope broke loose
it sure caught him off guard.

He pulled himself up to the boat
and then he asked his friend,
if where he got hit in the face
it looked all right to him.

His friend told him he looked
as ugly as he always had,
so outwardly that zip sled
didn't hurt his face too bad.

It hurt his ego and his pride
and I'm sure his face was sore,
cause after that he never rode
that zip sled any more.

by Patricia Capansky